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Kick off Summer with a Borden BBQ!

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It’s officially SUMMER! WOOHOO! Here in Texas, summer means lazy days on the lake, excitement at the rodeo, and my favorite – backyard BBQs.   Nothing says, “it’s summer,” better than smelling burgers on the grill, filling our glasses with strawberry lemonade or sweet tea, tons of family & friends around, and country music on the radio. These are the staples of a great BBQ, and I never forget the Borden© Cheese!

There are go-to brands for every grill weekend that I use. These are my favorite, trusted products that make their appearance for a few months in the middle of every year. Borden American Singles is just one of those. Sure, there are lots of great brands for American Singles – but Borden definitely beats them all. Plus, they have fun, summery patriotic packaging for a limited time!

First, Borden Cheese Singles are made with real milk and are an excellent source of calcium. They are with milk from 100% family-owned American dairy farms. I absolutely LOVE that Borden supports US farmers! Plus, their cheese is crafted with quality, care, and hard work. You can definitely tell these are made with quality, because they are by far, the creamiest, most meltable Singles!

Here in Texas, we don’t shy away from cheese when we BBQ. In fact, it will go on just about everything we can put it on. The Borden American Singles melt perfectly and evenly – blanketing your food in creamy, cheesy goodness. I toss a slice or two on my burgers when they are just about done – it doesn’t take these Singles too long to melt, and that’s because they are great quality! I also put them on my hot dogs, because who doesn’t love an excuse for more cheese?

This year, I tried something new with Borden. Texans love tater tots – and I’m no exception. I tossed a few slices of the Borden American Singles on top of my tots for the last few minutes of cooking, then sprinkled bacon on top. Holy moly, friends…. these were definitely the best tots I’ve ever had, and a popular side dish now at my BBQ get togethers!

Summer is finally here! I’m stocked up on my grilling essentials, are you!? Don’t forget to grab your Borden Cheese – which comes in tons of great flavors!  Pick up your favorites and start experimenting with adding more cheese to your BBQ and life 🙂

Click here to download/print a Bold Honey Barbecue Burger with Borden Cheese American Singles recipe. 

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  1. Bordon does make good cheese. I need to pick some up. Thanks.

  2. Good cheese for sure. Just keep it away from my hot dogs. They just get mustard….

  3. These look so good and perfect for summer thanks for sharing this one.

  4. Christina Gould Reply

    I haven’t bought Borden’s cheese in a long time. I’m going to start buying it. Thanks for posting!

  5. Happy first day of Summer! We had a cold front come through and the high was just 72. Tomorrow back up to 97.

  6. Why spoil a good hot dog with cheese? I like cheese on most everything else.

  7. I like grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheese on salads. But keep the cheese off my hot dogs.

  8. Maryann D. Reply

    My son enjoys Borden American Singles. These are all super ideas and I do enjoy making grilled cheese sandwiches with a piece of tomato on them!

  9. As much as I know there are better cheese products out there when it comes to making burgers sometimes, I still opt for the classic Kraft Singles. Sometimes they just taste like memories and hit different! They actually work perfect for Grilled Cheese too!

  10. I enjoy cheese on lots of things. My son really likes these cheese slices!

  11. Peggy Nunn Reply

    I love cookouts. We even grill in the winter but eat inside.

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