iMagnet Magnetic Phone Mount Review!

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The Binder Ladies was sent an iMagnet Mount for free to facilitate this review.  All opinions are genuine and our own.

iMagnet Mount Phone Mount Review

Summer is the time for road trips and travel, weather it be the beach, or to grandma’s house in the next state. Traveling is awesome but what do you do with your phone while you’re driving? Do you put it in your lap, or in the cup-holder? The easiest thing by far, is to use a phone mount. A phone mount lets you easily place a phone on your dash, or windshield, so that you can see the screen easily, especially if you use your phone as a GPS. But with so many phone mount options on the market, which one is the right one?  iMagnet Mount is the solution!

iMagnet Magnetic Phone Mount Review

iMagnet Mount sent me (Kyle) their revolutionary version of the phone mount to review. The iMagnet Mount has a very quick and easy set up that anyone can do, and it utilizes magnets, rather than awkward cradles, to hold your phone in place. They also use a patented sticky suction cup that can easily grip your windshield or textured dash board without falling off. The sticky suction cup holds stronger than a normal suction cup, without leaving any residue. Once you’ve gotten the mount in your car, all you have to do is place the magnet between your phone and phone case. If you don’t have, or want to use, a case, there is a sticker that you can use to attach the magnet to your phone. The magnet is strong, but does not interfere with the electronic components of the phone itself. Simply place your phone up to the mount and the magnets will pull together. It’s locked tight so there is no need to worry about the bumps in the road. The mount is easily adjusted by loosening up the back and positioning the mount in the direction you need. Removing the mount it as simple as the installation; just pull the tab at the back of the sticky suction cup and it lifts right off.

The iMagnetMount – Just lift your phone to the mount and it locks into place - Easy as 1-2-3! Go to!

iMagnet Mounts work with almost every smartphone, and can adjust to any case.  That makes it so easy to change your phone, but not have to find another mount for your car.  Check out this video I made, while mounting my new iMagnet.  It took about 20 seconds to install it:

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iMagnet Magnetic Phone Mount Review!


  1. LaDonna Buis Reply

    This looks awesome! I am going to have to show my husband this! He would love it! Thanks so much!

  2. Stephanie Keeping Reply

    I was just thinking about trying to get a mount for my car for our vacation. This would come in handy!

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