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I Gotta Go With… & I Gotta Go With… Junior: The Ultimate Pop Culture Games!

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Pop culture rules this technological age. We see it in sports, movies, music, ads, viral memes, fashion and makeup trends, and people that seem to be famous, just for the sake of being famous.  It’s flooding our social media, our TVs and podcasts. Pop culture is everywhere and affect everyone, including kids. Unplug for a bit, and test your knowledge of pop culture with your friends with the exciting fast-paced, competitive game, I Gotta Go With… or I Gotta Go With…Junior, for the younger generation!

This is the ultimate pop culture party game. Whether you’re throwing an adult holiday party, hosting a BBQ during the summer, or need something different and engaging  for the kids,  you’ll want to pull out I Gotta Go With… or I Gotta Go With… Junior.  You can make the game as competitive as you want, or use it as a great ice breaker game.

I scored I Gotta Go With… last year, and it became our favorite party game. We can’t get enough, and always know that when friends and family come over, we can definitely entertain them. Now that kids have their own junior version, we’ll be able to set the littles up with their own party game! It really is entertainment for the entire family, or any groups of guests you have to entertain.  But, fair warning – be prepared to laugh a LOT! 🙂


There are 200 pop culture questions in the game.  The answers are up to you – and there are plenty!  Come up with as many answers as you can, and if you get the most, your team wins!  Just spin the spinner for your team.  There are 4 categories on the spinner:

Listening: After reading the card aloud, turn the hourglass upside down. Each team will write down as many answers to the I Gotta Go With…card as they can. Matching answers are voided, and 1 point is given to every answer that the other team does not have on their list.

Head 2 Head: Each team picks one of their members to answer the card. That means you want to pick your best player – although you can’t pick them twice in a row!).

We Go You Go: Teams alternate giving answers aloud to the cards chosen. Keep going, because there’s no limit to the number of answers per player!

I Go You Go Challenge: Nominate someone from your team to answer the card. You’ll also pick someone from the opposing team(s) to challenge!

I’m really excited about the brand new I Gotta Go With… Junior! The description said that it’s where pop culture wit meets book smarts.  And that couldn’t be more accurate!  Kids will use the information and facts they learn in school, plus the “fun stuff” like popular celebrities, superheroes, fun food topics, song lyrics, sports teams and much more.  There are 200 cards that switch randomly between school smarts (geared toward 2nd-5th grades) and pop culture knowledge.

Even though the questions will be familiar for 2nd-5th graders, any kid can play and have a great time! Plus, the rules are ridiculously simple. Win a round, win the card. When you collect 5 cards, you win the game!  EASY PEASY chicken squeezy, right?  It’s super easy to explain, which means kids don’t have to get tied down with details and rules, and can focus on the FUN!

If you have holiday parties, need a great gift for a co-worker, or want a fun way to entertain the kids while the adults have their fun – this is the game for you!  The Junior edition is also really compact, which makes it the perfect tool to entertain the kids on road trips. Create a monthly get together with friends, and make I Gotta Go With… the star of the show!  Grab it for yourself, gift it to friends and family, and your holiday parties will never be the same again 🙂

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    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Hey Marisela! It seriously is a BLAST! We laugh so hard, and end up playing for hours! Plus, now that there is a version for kids… they can get just as much entertainment!

  1. What great games to play with the kids. Their pop culture knowledge is so much better than mine.

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