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This giveaway hop is hosted by our friend, MamatheFox

Here’s what’s making me HAPPY lately! I hope it puts a smile on your face, too!
Coffee Gnomes! I absolutely love the Scandinavian gnome trend that’s been going on the last few years – but never did I expect to see COFFEE gnomes made just for a coffee addict like ME! Aren’t they adorable!?

If you didn’t already know, my bestie, Jason, and I run an Instagram account for snacks and junk food – Snack Gator! These are four of the latest products that are out now or coming out soon…. come on. You know you smiled at at least ONE of those!

Netflix has some awesome new seasons of popular shows in the lineup for 2022, you guys!  Here’s a full list with some dates!  I’m especially looking forward to Cobra Kai season 5 (Johnny forever has my heart!), Dead to Me season 3, Ozark finale, Stranger Things season 4…. OH MY GOSH!  So much goodness!


Start by entering my giveaway below. Once you have entered this giveaway, scroll to the bottom of this post and start hopping to each of the blogs in our hop. You can enter as many of the giveaways as you would like.  That’s all it takes!

Have a great time hopping, and GOOD LUCK!

One lucky winner will score a $10 Amazon Gift Card!


Now, hop on over to all of the other giveaways and start entering to win more great prizes!

MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.


  1. Polly Hall Reply

    It’s snowing but what makes me happy is that it’s not sticking to the ground.

  2. My son coming home from school today for the weekend makes me very happy.

  3. I was able to get a bit more sleep than I have in a few days.

  4. Maria Malaveci Reply

    It is making me happy that the weather will soon be warmer!

  5. Wendy Jensen Reply

    I am happy today because the sun is shining brightly.

  6. Being able to see my family throughout the day while I work.

  7. One of my closest friends just moved back from the west coast. She’s really happy to be back home, which makes me happy, too.

  8. I just finished a book I’ve been reading, and it always makes me happy that I had that journey with a book.

  9. I was so happy today when a Wren visited and sang a lovely spring tune.

  10. My pets make me so happy today they are so lovely in every single way

  11. Soozle (suzie b) Reply

    An upcoming weekend trip away is making me happy!

  12. Ann Fantom Reply

    Having the day off and my daughter home from college made me happy today

  13. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    My hubby was off work today so I had extra help getting some projects done around the house!

  14. My child did well on their test at school and was so happy and proud

  15. I won a giveaway today on another blog and that makes me so happy today.

  16. I was able to relax without interruption today so I’m happy.

  17. Been kind of a rough day so at this moment, I’m happy to have a few minutes to enter this, learn that SnickerDoodle Pop tarts are a thing! YAY! Then head to bed lol

  18. Karen DeVaney Reply

    It is the start of spring break and I’m heading for a vacation!

  19. Soozle (suzie b) Reply

    This being my last day of work for the week is making me happy

  20. I’m happy that it’s literally not raining or snowing today.

  21. Thomas Gibson Reply

    Spending time with my daughter always makes me happy.

  22. I am so happy today because my mom just returned from her 2 month vacation and I get to see her finally!

  23. Spending time with my best friend having breakfast and then sitting by the lake is what made me happy today.

  24. Deb Pelletier Reply

    Today my hubby makes me happy. He likes to joke and have fun . 🙂

  25. beth shepherd Reply

    My family makes me happy and smile everyday. thank you

  26. I don’t feel like Old Mother Hubbard, anymore. Shopping Day!

  27. Renee Summerhays Reply

    I had a good time picking projects to knit and sell!

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