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Holiday Gift Guide: Wild Planet Environmentally Safe Fish Products #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Wild Planet Sustainable Seafood Review

A lot of companies make fish products that are available in cans and pouches, but not a lot of companies consider the impact that their companies products have on the environment. Wild Planet is a company that not only makes tasty fish products but also cares about the environment. They practice responsible fishing methods that include everything from making sure not to damage a habitat while fishing to not over fishing a specific type of fish. They extend their healthy practices as a company to not only the fishing but also their work towards a better planet. There are not too many companies that you can say that about this day and age.

All of the products that Wild Planet sells meet their sustainability criteria: 1) A fish’s biomass is healthy and not over fished; 2) a fish’s habitat is not damaged by Wild Planet’s fishing methods; and 3) Wild Planet’s catch method’s are free from excessively catching juvenile fish and other species that they are not fishing for. These sustainability criteria make up the Wild Planet mission for products that not only taste good but are environmentally responsible.

Wild Planet Sustainable Seafood

I, Jeni was sent a number of Wild Planet fish products to try including Wild Pacific Sardines in a can, Wild Albacore Tuna in both a can and pouch; and Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon in a can

The first product that I tried was the Wild Pacific Sardines in water. These are packaged like ordinary sardines in the flat little can package. I love sardines from a can because there is no scaling or cleaning involved, two things that I’ll leave to the professionals whenever possible. These sardines are great to go straight out of the can. The sardines are very tasty and firm. They don’t suffer from that gooey squishy syndrome that other brands of sardines suffer from. They are ready to go and easy to toss into a variety of dishes. They were some of the best sardines I have ever eaten.

In addition to being tasty, the Wild Pacific Sardines in water are also gluten free and non GMO. Wild Planet does not use BPA in their can lining, and the only ingredients in these sardines are sardines, water, and sea salt. Fewer ingredients is also better when it comes to packaged fish products. The best part about these sardines is that they don’t taste like they came out of a can. They taste fresh and unlike other canned sardines I have tasted in the past.

The next product that I tried was the Wild Albacore Tuna. I had a chance to try both the canned and pouched variety of this tuna and it’s extremely tasty. Unlike other brands of tuna that require you to drain the tuna before consuming it, the Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna is ready to eat straight out of the can or pouch. The juices add to the flavor of the tuna making it moist, juicy, and the most tender tuna I have ever tasted. What’s more is that Wild Planet does not put oil, water, or fillers into their tunas and the only ingredients are Albacore tuna and sea salt.

Wild Planet Sustainable SeafoodThe sea salt in the tuna actually helps lock in the moisture and juices. It makes for some of the tastiest tuna that I have ever gotten out of a can or pouch. It’s easy to add into recipes, especially since you don’t need to drain it, and the can is packed full of tuna, and there is more tuna in a can than other brands because Wild Planet didn’t use fillers. This tuna makes incredible tuna salad and tuna fish sandwiches that are quick and easy but taste delicious.

The final product that I tried was Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon in a can. This was my first time trying sockeye salmon in a can and I thought no way can canned salmon capture the tasty flavor of salmon. I was surprised that this salmon’s texture was very soft but not crumbly, tender, and juicy. The flavor is rich and incredible. It tastes delicious on top of crackers and makes a great way to add protein to my daily routine. The salmon is also gluten free and non GMO, two things that are becoming more and more important in today’s society.

My overall opinion of Wild Planet fish products is that they are tastier than the grocery store alternatives I have been buying for years and they are better for the environment.
Wild Planet Sustainable SeafoodWild Planet fish products are available in stores you are probably already shopping at including Vons, Target, Ralphs, Fresh and Easy, Kroger, Meijer, and a variety of grocery stores and natural grocery stores nation wide. The Wild Planet website is definitely worth visiting. There you will find a tool that allows you to locate Wild Planet products at a store near you, tons of tasty recipes, and more information about their contribution to making responsible fish products.



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