2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Vintage Straight Razor Men’s Shaving Products #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Vintage Straight Razor Review

If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect gift for the men in your life, consider Vintage Straight Razor!  This unique company offers amazing products for the men that shave, or like to keep their facial hair under control a bit more, with some class! A straight razor will bring his back to his shaving roots, and offers a super close, clean shave that ordinary razors can’t achieve. Whether you want shaving soap, aftershave oils or a new straight razor kit – Vintage Straight Razor is your one stop shop.

Vintage Straight Razor’s website states “Highest Quality, Best Prices, Guaranteed.”  They don’t have your typical big box store shaving products, instead they offer unique brands that are high quality and the best products for taking care of all of your shaving needs. They have products for the beginning shaver all the way up to the advanced shaver. They even have products for special occasion shaving needs. Whether you are in the market for a new razor, shaving soap, shaving cream, or a safety razor, Vintage Straight Razor has everything you need in one place. The best part about Vintage Straight Razor is that all of their products are affordable and while they are luxurious and look and act like they are expensive, the average Joe on the street can afford them.

Vintage Straight Razor Review
I, Kyle, was sent 4 fantastic products by Vintage Straight Razor including Smolder Aftershave Oil, Smolder Gold Luxury Shave Soap, Smolder Pre-Shave Oil, and a Satin Tip Shave Brush to review.

Three of the products that I received are The Blades Grim brand. This is a seriously cool brand of made in the USA products that has the Grim Reaper right on their bottle…the Grim Reaper! All of the products that I received that were The Blades Grim brand are Smolder scented. Their definition of Smolder is a little sophisticated for me- “warm and toasty accord of creamy camphorous notes, subtle hints of citrus, and a masculine gourmand base.” My translation of that is that the scent is awesome, peppery, somewhat citrus like smell to it that is invigorating from the minute you take a whiff of their products. Although sophisticated, I now know my go-to scent!

Vintage Straight Razor Review

The aftershave oil comes in a one ounce bottle that has a plastic little top on it that helps you pour out as much or as little aftershave as you need. Trust me, a little goes a long way, three drops is all it took to moisturize my entire face. I love the cooling sensation that this aftershave provided after applying it, due to the aloe vera juice that is in the aftershave. Make sure you give it a quick shake before using it, the harder you shake, the smoother and thinner the aftershave goes on.

Unlike other aftershaves I’ve used, the Blade Grim aftershave doesn’t contain alcohol so there is no aftershave burn or Home Alone screaming moment when you apply it. It’s a very cooling sensation all over your face with no burn whatsoever. The lack of alcohol in this aftershave prevents your skin from drying out and the ingredient glycerin helps lock in the moisture that’s already in your skin. My skin felt soft and smooth after shaving and applying the Blade Grim aftershave oil. I’m not big on the burning aftershaves that sting your skin, but this aftershave made using aftershave a much more pleasant experience.

Vintage Straight Razor Review

I also received The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap in Smolder scent. The shaving soap also has the Grim Reaper on it and comes in a cool little gold tin with an easy screw on/screw off lid. I love the little tin that the shave soap comes in, it’s a great way to keep your shave soap from crumbling while traveling and it makes the perfect gift presentation as well. The soap has the Smolder scent that I’ve grown so fond of, and the citrus smell is a hint stronger than it is in the aftershave, while still remaining completely masculine.

Using this shaving soap was quick and easy. It creates a really thick, creamy lather that feels indulgent and makes your skin feel like it’s being pampered from every angle. The soap lathers quickly, so there is no waiting around for it to lather like you have to with other brands of shaving soap. The creamy texture helps prevent you from scratching yourself while shaving, something that I can definitely benefit from, as shaving nicks definitely happen. I found the soap to have just the right amount of lather without making me look like Santa Claus. It also really helped the razor glide over my skin and prevented me from ending up looking like I shaved blindfolded in the mirror.

I also received the Blades Grim Pre-Shave Oil in the same scent…Smolder. I have never really been one to use pre-shave oil, as I’ve always felt like it was just an extra step in the shaving process, but I love what this stuff does to my skin!  Like the aftershave oil, a little pre-shave oil goes a long way and all it took was 4 drops to cover the entire area that I was wanting to shave. The pre-shave oil goes on like oil, but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or your pores clogged. Those four little drops of oil made a huge difference as I shaved, the hair was softer and it actually sped up my shaving routine by making the razor glide right over my facial hair.

Vintage Straight Razor Review

Good shaving soaps and oils are important for a great shave, but to get a good lather with any shaving soap, you have to have a high quality shaving brush. The Satin Tip The Purest shaving brush is just that. It comes in a cool little container that’s black with gold writing. The container is definitely Christmas stocking ready. This bristles on this shaving brush are much softer than any other shaving brush I have used. The bristles don’t crush in like they do on other soft bristled shave brushes that I have used. Shave after shave the bristles of this brush just glide over my skin without pulling at the sensitive hairs on my face.

The handle on the brush has a nice rubberized grip that keeps you from dropping the shave brush while applying shave soap. I don’t drop the brush because of accidental slips anymore while using The Purest shave brush. It’s super easy to rinse and clean, and doesn’t accumulate gunk like other shave brushes that I have tried. It rinses clean every time I use it and it doesn’t get the odor of the shave soap stuck in the bristles like other shave brushes do.

Vintage Straight Razor Review

All of these products help me get a closer, nicer shave that lasts longer and leaves my skin smoother. These products and dozens more are available at Vintage Straight Razor. When you visit their website, be sure to check out their sale page which offers great prices on some of their awesome products. They carry all of the popular brands and many brands that I have never even heard of, all of the brands make high quality products that help you get a closer, nicer shave at home without expensive trips to the barber. I definitely recommend grabbing a few of their items for gifts this year!



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