2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Rubba Ducks – A Unique Twist on the Classic Rubber Duck! #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Rubba Ducks

When you think of nostalgic, timeless and classic bath toys, what comes to mind?  Probably a rubber duck!  These time-honored toys have been around for decades, entertaining bathing children, distracting crying babies, and even keeping the adults imaginations active!  Introducing Rubba Ducks!  Rubba Ducks are a fun, exciting spin on the classic rubber duck – each with a personality, a unique tattoo, hatch date and even a bio and trading card to detail your new friend!  This is a new age for baths – and Rubba Ducks is taking that to a whole new level!

I, Jeni, was sent 2 Rubba Ducks to review: Keep it up Bobber, and Relax & Unwind Duckuzzi.

Rubba Ducks

These are so much fun!  First of all, I love the packaging.  Surrounded by bubbles, they look like they are definitely at home.  These ducks aren’t your average rubber ducks, for sure.  Bobber is a white duck with dark orange on his bill, a little blue hat atop his head, and the bottom of him is rounded to help him bob.  He’s adorned with an ocean plant that looks sort of like seaweed, around his neck, and although he’s squishy like you might expect, he’s also made of a harder plastic for durability.  He was hatched on January 12th, and has a tattoo on his tail feathers of a fishing hook.

The Duckuzzi is so adorable – a yellow duck with blue-tinted eye glasses on, he’s sitting in his own little “wooden” jacuzzi with bubble and a blue rubber duck of his own!  He was hatched on April 2nd, and has a tattoo on the side of the jacuzzi, of a jets knob.  Unlike the Bobber, Duckuzzi’s base is flat, so he just floats on the surface of the bath water, instead of bobbing.  It’s much more of a relaxing duck!

Rubba Ducks

There are Rubba Ducks for every occasion, holiday, sports fan, animal lover, lifestyle, career, celebration, and much more!  It’s pretty mind-blowing to see the creative characters that have been turned into rubber ducks on Rubba Ducks!  You can even use the Duck Finder to search for the perfect duck that fits your personality and needs!  This makes it really easy to find the duck of your dreams, and the perfect toy as individual as you.

Head over to Rubba Ducks to check them out, and follow them on social media:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!



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