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Holiday Gift Guide: Organize Your Phone & Tablets With Power Perch

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.


It’s the age of technology.  Everyone has a cell phone, laptop, tablets…. electronics that we use every day, for every purpose.  As much as we love these necessities, charging them can become a hassle.  Finding an accessible outlet, where the cord can easily reach your device is probably the most frustrating thing about having electronics!  Introducing Power Perch!  The Power Perch is a charging shelf that sits over a single outlet.  It becomes a charging station for your devices-  smart phones, tablets, small laptops, MP3 Players and even beard trimmers and other small electronics!


I, Michelle, received Power Perch to review. I am bad about leaving devices on the floor when they are charging, and with two kids and a rottweiler that do not pay attention when playing, I have broken and cracked more devices than most. The Power Perch is actually pretty simple but it has a major impact in the household. It is very easy to install. Simply take your outlet cover off, place the Power Perch, then screw the outlet cover back on and it is ready to go. The device sits right on top of the perch, and the cord can come up through a small notch making it easier for you to charge your devices. Pinterest is my heart and soul. Every recipe I make comes straight off of Pinterest. It’s hard to have my phone propped up, cooking dinner, and reading the recipe off. With Power Perch, I have one set up right beside the stove. I can charge my phone, have it perched so I can easily read my recipe and it isn’t taking up valuable counter space. Power Perch is not only perfect for busy moms, dads can take advantage of them, and even kids can use them with their electronics. Power Perch is perfect for the entire family.



With the Power Perch, I don’t have cell phones sitting on the floor, or having the cords reaching to the counter, being stretched out.  I use it in the kitchen for easy charging of my tablet while I’m reading recipes and cooking.  I put one in my bathroom to charge the hubby’s beard trimmer and my electric razor.  There’s even one in the garage so the electric drill is conveniently found and always charged.  And, I put a Power Perch by my front door light switch, so that I can grab my phone on the way out the door.  With Power Perch, my house is less cluttered with cords, and my devices are always conveniently charged for me!


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