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Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.


Optoma is a company on the cutting edge of projection and audio equipment. Their high quality products produce the finest quality picture and sound. Styled for superior function, Optoma’s home and business lines have won awards and garnered rave reviews from everything from incredible operation capabilities to sleek and stunning appearance.


Optoma makes every effort to keep their products eco-friendly. Their merchandise is designed to be long lasting, creating less waste in replacements. They work with manufacturing partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Lightweight packaging means less pallets to ship, and less trash for the consumer. Most importantly, Optoma’s products are at the forefront of energy efficiency.


I (Jeni) find that headphone wires often get in the way while I’m at the gym. This causes the earbuds to pop out of my ears, and I’m constantly having to adjust them. Looking for a solution, I started researching wireless headphones. After reading dozens of reviews, I realized that many users had issues with interference and short battery life. Other users loved their headphones, but left remarks about them being really pricey. Despite the concerns, I was still determined to find awesome wireless headphones for an affordable price! Imagine my delight when I learned about Optoma.


I received the Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones to review, and was immediately excited to try them out. The BE Sport3 in-ear headphones include one set of SpinFit TwinBlade® ear tips, which keep the headphones comfortably in place. You get six pairs of standard silicone tips, to keep out dirt and sweat. The six pairs of ear wings come in three colors and two sizes, to add a customized look and lock in that perfect fit. Cool accessories are a wrap-around neck clip, and a neoprene carrying pouch, they also come with the headphones!


After a good workout, I realized that I didn’t need to adjust my BE Sport3 headphones once! I almost forgot they were there, because of the great fit. I wasn’t fumbling with any wires, and they are so lightweight, too! One of the chief complaints about other headphones was the battery didn’t last – not the case with these headphones! Since the battery lasts up to 10 hours, I didn’t have to charge mine until the end of the week. I also had no problems with interference, either. I placed my phone on a bench and was able to walk around a good amount of the gym, through all the equipment, and maintained super quality sound!


There’s only one thing left to think about – the price! With such an exceptional pair of headphones, you’d think the price tag would be sky high…but it’s not! At only $79, these headphones are an excellent deal. The BE Sport3 headphones would be the perfect gift for the active gym-goer, bike rider, weight lifter or runner in your life, especially if they have a new smartphone without an audio jack.


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