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Holiday Gift Guide: Kiss Naturals DIY Kits for Kids #2016HGG

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What’s more fun than beauty products? Beauty products that you can make yourself! Kiss Naturals is a brand that understands that beauty products can be just as much fun to create as they can be to use and wear, especially for little girls that want to be like Mommy!  Made in Canada, Kiss Naturals provides a variety of fun, do-it-yourself kits for kids to make their own bath and beauty items!

Kiss Naturals - Natural DIY Kits for kids!

Using only the purest ingredients, Kiss Naturals promises to always leave out the fillers, synthetics, dyes and additives, so you can be sure of their safety. And, they never test their products on animals, either. Their kits come in two sizes, mini kits which are perfect for a single person and big kits that are perfect for multiple children or even small groups. Their craft kits are extremely kid friendly with illustrated instructions so that children can instantly create their own beauty products with professional results.

Kiss Naturals - DIY Kits with natural ingredients!

I (Sarina) received several kits from Kiss Naturals to review. I always have a fantastic time reviewing these products with my daughter and her friends. When we get together to play with these sets, we have loads of fun making our own soaps, bubble baths and lip glosses. They’re great products that entertain the girls, and they come with everything you need, which make them super convenient for me! Here are some of the highlights of these beautiful DIY kits:

1The Lava Lip Gloss Kit is a fun gift for tween girls looking for their very own makeup. They can make their own unique lip gloss, and you can rest assured there’s no added chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrances. Each kit contains safflower oil, castor oil, 4 colored glycerines, 2 essential oils, and 8 roll-on containers. The different oils will swirl around in the container, creating a lava lamp look. The kit box is designed to be re-purposed as a shadow box-another interesting and creative craft idea!


1Bath fizzies have become super popular, and now you can make your own! This kit contains 3 jars of “secret formula” (baking soda and citric acid,) 2 bottles of essential oils, safflower oil, witch hazel, and a soap mold. Combine these simple, natural ingredients to create tickly bubbles and loads of bathtime fun!



Let your kid’s artistic side run wild with the DIY Face Paint Kit. Mix up 5 fun colors and store them all in their own face paint containers (included.) The paint and all its ingredients are 100% safe for skin, so paint away! The paints wash off easily with soap and water.


Hair Chalk1 is a great way to add flair to your hair! With the provided witch hazel and Mica mineral color your child can create their very own hair chalk and paint their hair in fabulous, glittery colors! It’s not only a great gift for the holidays, but also a fun way to show school spirit or dress up a Halloween costume.

1The Lip Balm Kit includes 6 containers:  3 twist-up tubes and 3 jars.  There are 4 ingredients in these natural lip balms:  beeswax, shea butter, safflower oil and flavor. Your little one can mix them up for a super unique flavor, or use them one at a time.  There are even little labels designed for each container, so she can remember what flavor they are, when she created them, and put her name on them!  These natural ingredients will help her protect her lips, and she’ll feel great about using them because she made them herself!
1The DIY vegetable based Glycerine Soaps are really cool!  Your little girl will be able to create 16 of her own awesome smelling soaps in really fun shapes – bear, heart, butterfly and flower. In just a few minutes, she’ll have created her own, natural soap.
1Making the Bubble Bath was a breeze thanks to the illustrated instructions. Everything you need is included, so you don’t have to search around your kitchen for the right size cups, mixing bowls, or spoons. Combining the ingredients together to make my own bubble bath was quick and easy. The result was a floral scented bubble bath with a hint of apple that smelled like an expensive scent you would find in a mall bath store.

My daughter, Lili, is very spirited and inventive, and more often than not her bedroom is filled with drawings, doodles, blanket forts and all sorts of creations. I often wonder how she ends up with more glitter and paper scraps on the floor of her room than you would expect to find in a preschool…and where did all those pine cones come from?! Needless to say, this kid likes to use her imagination, and her creativity knows no limits. I knew right from the start that these DIY kits were right up her alley!

Kiss Naturals - Natural DIY Kits for kids!

With Lili’s history of sensitive skin, this is the first time we’ve been able to use a fun kit like this; most of the kids’ soaps and bath playsets out on the market today are filled with toxic ingredients that she cannot use, and are cheaply made in order to keep the cost down. It’s a bummer to have to tell your child that they can’t have any of the brightly colored bath products, adorned with their favorite cartoon characters, that they see on the store shelves. Kiss Naturals put my mind at ease by making products that Lili can actually use!

Check out how easy Kiss Naturals is for kids!

.With over half a dozen different types of kits to choose from, you and your little girl won’t run out of these great crafts for a while! They’re all reasonably priced, so no need to worry about breaking the bank for hours of creative playtime! Kiss Naturals has their products in small children’s stores across the US and Canada, and you can also purchase them online. For good, clean, do-it-yourself fun, count on Kiss Naturals!

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