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Holiday Gift Guide: iBbeautiful Teen & Tween Girl Subscription Box #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

ibbeautifulTeen and tween girls can be hard to shop for; they are transitioning from a little girl to a young woman, and as their minds and bodies change, so does their taste in gifts. Don’t frustrate yourself this holiday season looking for the perfect gift, celebrate the tween or teen girl in your life with an inspirational subscription box from iBbeautiful! With uplifting messages and age-appropriate lifestyle items that are unique and fun, iBbeautiful delivers an empowering message that girls can be themselves while being kind to, and respectful of others. Girls will be inspired to love themselves how they are, and feel less compelled to compare themselves their peers.


I, Sarina, was given a tween box to review. This was the perfect thing for my niece, Kyra, who is 11 – right at that “in between” age. Kyra is sweet and shy, but has a theatrical side that shows a passion for singing and choreographing dances. She also makes YouTube videos with friends, often incorporating her little brother and sister, and sometimes her mom. She’s such an awesome kid! So I wanted to give her a gift for Christmas this year that really reflected that.

Like many children her age, Kyra was the subject of some bullying earlier this school year, after she saw some girls throwing rocks at cars while they were outside. Knowing this was wrong and could damage someone else’s property, she did the right thing and let an adult know. The backlash on her was nothing short of at least a week’s worth of misery: girls that were supposed to be her “friends” told her she wasn’t pretty, attacked her character, and one of the girls (who was also in Kyra’s private theatre class) told her she had a horrible voice and was a terrible singer. What a blow all of this was to her self-esteem! When I saw her that weekend she was completely withdrawn. I felt terrible that we were all together celebrating my birthday, when clearly her little world had been shattered. She actually became fearful of going to her theatre class, knowing that torture was imminent. The whole family tried to help her through this, but it wasn’t until the bullying stopped that she finally started to feel better.


After this event, I was on a mission to find something GREAT for Kyra. I wanted to give her a gift that let her know she was the beautiful, creative, fun girl that I see her as. I was so glad I was given the opportunity to work with iBbeautiful! They sent me a Tween Graphic Tee Box, which is said to feature 4-6 items, and a tee-shirt. All the items correspond with a common theme, and this month’s box was “Follow Your Inner Compass.” This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Kyra went against what was easy, and made a choice she knew in her heart was right. She followed her inner compass, which led her to tell the truth about something she saw, and knew was wrong.  I know that the other girls’ reactions hurt her at first; ultimately, I, along with the rest of the family, was extremely proud of her for making a good choice.


This incredible box included all of the following: a postcard sized card that notes the theme(front) and describes it in detail (back,)a graphic tee that reads “follow your inner compass,” a notepad (the front reads: be the person you would like to meet,) a mini backpack compass, an adorable “mop top” pen, temporary tattoos of arrows, matching earrings and necklace that are compasses, and a wrist wallet. It all came packed in bright orange confetti, wrapped in a cute pink box. It is one of the most adorable setups I have ever seen.

When we review products at The Binder Ladies, we strive to work with companies that we know make outstanding products that your loved ones will cherish. Adding iBbeautiful to that lineup was nothing short of magnificent. Their business of combining sweet trinkets and an empowering message is clearly a wonderful success. This is a gift that your girl will truly enjoy.


As an added bonus, new subscribers will be able to receive their first box before Christmas!



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