2015 TBL Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Bulu Box Health & Nutrition Monthly Subscription Box #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

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There are millions of health products out on the market today. Nutrition shakes, vitamins, health food, energy supplements, exercise routines; so many products, with one thing in common: they’re all expensive! Attempting to try new things, without the guarantee that you’ll love them, can turn into a costly venture. You can blow through dozens of products before you find the right one for you, since you have to buy a full sized item. Well, you used to; now there’s Bulu Box, a monthly subscription box that features trial sizes of all things health related! Bulu box opens up the world of wellness to you though a bright orange box, covered with uplifting messages, that’s delivered right to your door.

I, Sarina, was given a Bulu Box to review. Each month is a little different, so I wasn’t sure what I would receive. When I opened my Bulu Box, I was met with a nice selection of all-natural energy supplements! I was excited to give these a try, since energy supplements usually aren’t my thing. As I know fairly little about them, I would never be compelled to go out and buy a whole package of something, and possibly find out that I don’t like it. Now, I don’t have to! In my box was an SK Energy Shot, 360 Cut Performance Supplement, a Pocket Protein and a SPORTea teabag. Each was one or two servings, the perfect sample size to try out some new (to me) products that are available.


The SK Energy Shot came in Strawberry Lemonade (yum!) and is packaged similarly to other energy shots in a 60 mL bottle. The 360Cut Performance 360Stim Intense Focus & Energy Formula is a fast acting capsule that gives you immediate energy, spreads it out during the day with its time-released formula, and won’t make your body crash and burn afterward; it’s also said to suppress appetite and promote fat burning, as well as improve long term memory. The Protein Pocket came in Strawberry, and is a single serving pouch with a whopping 15 grams of protein per pouch. And finally, the SPORTea teabag is a green tea, vitamin c and electrolyte blend designed to help fight stress and provide energy.


Although I was excited to try them all, some of these products I liked better than others; the SPORTea was great for me because I am a huge fan of tea and that fits in easily with my lifestyle. The 360Stim Intense Focus & Energy capsule was an interesting experience, because it’s not something I am usually into, however I was surprised that it fully delivered on its promise to amp up my focus for the day, and didn’t have me crashing at the end. The SK Energy Shot and the Protein Pocket had decent flavor, but it wouldn’t be something I’d be interested in buying; they’re both sweetened with sucralose, the chemical name for Splenda, and that’s not something I normally put in my body. Overall, this box was the perfect example of trying out new products! Two I liked, and two I wasn’t interested in. Now I know for the future which direction I would take when considering energy supplements.


Bulu Box was also gracious enough to add in an Enfusia Muscle Bomb, which is a lovely fizzy Bath Bomb that combines baking soda with a delightful blend of essential oils to help aching muscles relax. It was a great way to end a long day of standing on my feet, I felt very refreshed after using my Enfusia Muscle Bomb bath bomb! Also included in my box were links directing me to where I could buy the products I received as samples, as well as coupons, incentives to invest in more boxes from the company, and a coupon code to Fabletics (60% off your first outfit plus free shipping!)

I was really glad to be trying out these items. Head on over to Bulu Box and search through category after category health related items, you’ll find endless options for the products you’ve been seeking; you may even find yourself interested in products you never even knew existed! This subscription service is great for any kind of wellness enthusiast, from beginner to expert, and is only$10/month.

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It is important to add that the energy supplements mentioned in this post, like most energy supplements, come with a warning to not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Any of the health statements mentioned in this post may or may not have been evaluated by the FDA, please check with each individual company for verification. It is important to speak to your doctor about any changes in your diet or health.




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