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Holiday Gift Guide: Bright Time Buddies – Cuddly, Glowing Night Light Friends #holidaygiftguide

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The Binder Ladies were given the mentioned product(s) and possibly compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.

Bright Time Buddies

Bright Time Buddies are lovable, squeezable, functional little pets that double as night lights when the sun goes down. Bright Time Buddies take the night out of night lights by bringing you a squeezable pet to play with during the day that becomes your favorite night light when it’s time to go to bed. Watch the pets glow in three dazzling colors, or set your pet to glow in your favorite color for a solid colored night light when you need it where you need it. With Bright Time Buddies there are no cords or chargers to worry about, because these glowing little cuties run on 3 AAA batteries each. With 6 adorable pets in the Bright Time Buddies product line, you are sure to fall in love with one (or more) of these precious little pets. Meet the pets: Dreamy Dog the white and blue puppy with eyes that beg you to “choose me”; Lumy Owl the white and blue owl that will be your new playful pal; Lucinda Ladybug the white, black, and red ladybug with a sweet smile that screams “squeeze me”; Shimmer Unicorn the white and yellow unicorn that wants to be your magical new best friend; Crescent Cat the white and yellow cat who’s face will melt your heart; or Domino the Penguin the white, black, and yellow penguin who’s always ready to play. Choose your favorite pet, or try to collect them all!
 Bright Time Buddies
I (Jeni), was sent the Bright Time Buddies Shimmer Unicorn to be my new little pet, and review to see if it’s a kids’ product worthy of suggesting to my Holiday Gift Guide!
My new little unicorn is adorable. The Shimmer Unicorn is primarily white in color and has an adorable, swirly yellow horn on top of it’s head. Made out of soft, flexible, rubber like material, this pet is so fun to squeeze, ultra soft, and super cuddly. I was able to cuddle my unicorn, just like I would cuddle with a stuffed animal. The flexible material makes this toy durable and it can withstand a lot of love, squeezing, and rough play. The unicorn is also super easy to clean with a damp wash cloth and a little dish soap making it look brand new whenever noticeable dirt appears on the toy. Squeezing and squishing my new little unicorn turned out to be great stress relief too, proving that Bright Time Buddies are not just for children! My unicorn was ready to play with straight out of the box, but to activate her night light function I needed to add 3 AAA batteries. The battery compartment is on the underside of the unicorn and requires a small star screwdriver to open.
Bright Time Buddies
The real fun with my unicorn began when the sun went down, the batteries were installed, and the lights were turned off. Pressing the button on my unicorn’s head made my unicorn start glowing in a rotating pattern of blue, yellow, and green lights. The light display was soft and the colors were muted as not to be overly stimulating to a child, still the light provides plenty of light in the room if used solely as a night light. If I pressed the button on my unicorn’s head a second time, I could make my unicorn glow a solid color and could choose any of the three colors as my favorite color.
Bright Time Buddies
The fun factor continues because while my little unicorn was glowing, I could actually cuddle with it. It didn’t get hot to the touch and since there are no cords or chargers I don’t have to worry about it catching fire or being potentially harmful. The coolest feature of all is that my unicorn knew when I fell asleep. When I didn’t touch her or squeeze her for one hour, she turned herself off, which helps to conserve battery life. I found the light given off by my unicorn to be soothing and easy to fall asleep to. I love the fact that my unicorn stayed awake until I went to sleep and then went to sleep herself. My unicorn actually slept while I slept, how cool is that?  If I (a kid at heart) can enjoy this so much, imagine how much your kiddos will love them!
Bright Time Buddies
The only difficult part about taking a Bright Time Buddies home is trying to choose which animal you want as your new best friend! I love my new little Shimmer Unicorn and any of the Bright Time Buddies pets would make a great gift for any child in your life.

Grab these cuties at  Kmart, ToysRUs, Target, Walmart and CVS!



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