Happy Hour

Happy Hour (8/28) Taco Pizza Squares, World’s Smallest Toys, Halloween Trees, Spiked Ombre Lemonade, Snickers Milk, Cruella + More!

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to brush off the stress, negativity and blah of your week.  Enjoy some mid-week mixers with us without leaving the comfort of your home.  Uncork your favorite wine, pop open a beer, mix your favorite cocktail…. and unwind with us this evening.  And, if you’re feeling extra perky in the mornings, or need some help getting a jump on your day, join us for Morning Coffee weekday mornings, too!

Yummy treats and random chit-chat starts our Happy Hour together!  

These Taco Pizza Squares are 5 ingredients and take less than 30 minutes to make.  I (Sarah) am attempting my hand again in the kitchen (pray I don’t burn anything down!) tonight and making these yummy treats!  We love tacos. We love pizza.  It just makes sense!

What are your favorite few-ingredient meals?

It’s pretty obvious – small things are cute.  We all love them, right?  I (Jeni) am all about that cuteness!  While shopping this weekend, I ran into a bunch of these adorable World’s Smallest products, and HAD to see if there were more.  Lucky me, there are!  I found a BUNCH on Amazon, and filled up my cart in a shopping-fueled frenzy 🙂  Too bad there’s no World’s Smallest Cabbage Patch Kid!

It’s basically classic toys that are shrunk down into miniature versions – but they work just the same as the original version! There are things like Etch-a-Sketch, Rubik’s Cube and Magic 8 Ball, Barbie, Silly Putty, Care Bears, GI Joe, Pound Puppy, Gumby and many, many more.  OMG I can’t with all this cuteness!  Plus, they also make the brand Tiny Arcade – classic arcade games you can fit in your hand.  I need the Pac-Man, Frogger, and Galaga games, please!

What classic toy or game would you like to see turned into World’s Smallest?

These tiny taco earrings are so cute and silly!  They are just a little bigger than the size of a dime.  Aren’t they intricate for being so small? Plus… uh… TACOS!!!   Oh, and there are bacon & eggs earrings from the same compahttps://www.bestproducts.com/lifestyle/a23877144/festive-halloween-trees/https://www.southernliving.com/recipes/watermelon-margaritas-rocks-recipe

Do you wear any unique pieces of jewelry?

Here’s another one of those fun quizzes that are great for wasting time 🙂  This one is all about fast food and your preferences.  Make your choices, and it should tell you where you live.  It was accurate for me (Jeni).  It’s just fun…although it did make me want junk food!  Play HERE!

Was it accurate for you?


What’s your favorite Dairy Queen dessert?

This Mr. Rogers Sticky Notes Booklet might just be the best thing EVER!  It’s so stinking cute!  Plus, it’s under $10 and would definitely dress up your office space, right?  There are other options like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Jesus and more, too!

What TV characters did you grow up watching?

Check out  what just hit the shelves at the grocery  store!  These are actually really tasty, and don’t have that grody to the max aftertaste of the liquid apple cider vinegar.  I (Jeni) grabbed a bag and  think they could have added even more flavor, but they are pretty yummy and unique!  Grab some if you see them!

What are your favorite chip flavors?

Some people live for Christmas (like me, Jeni).  Others LOVE Halloween.  Those that love Halloween, have been seriously taking it to another level!  Decorating TREES for Halloween has become a thing, and it’s growing in popularity.  There are even tons of Halloween ornaments and decorations to compliment your tree!  This looks like a lot of fun, doesn’t it!? Search #halloweentree on Instagram to see some awesome examples!

Do you decorate for Halloween?

HA! Need some coasters for your tables?  These Awkward Family Photo Coasters are definitely a conversation starter, aren’t they?  I (Sarah) am cracking up at all of them, and can’t stop smiling every time I see them. These would definitely be better than  coffee table books 🙂

Do you have any conversation starters on your coffee table?

Try a fun, new adult beverage this week, or save the recipes for parties with friends!

This Spiked Ombre Lemonade is so pretty, isn’t it?  Mango, strawberries and lemonade make the different flavors (and colors), and each is blended, then frozen until you’re ready to layer them.  So smart, and mmmmm mmmm!  I (Sarah) deserve a fruity, fluffy, frozen drink like this! 🙂

I (Jeni) love a gin & tonic with a slick’s of lime.  It’s so refreshing, simple and tastes like summer.  But this Blackberry Cucumber Gin & Tonic sounds like something I could definitely get on board with, while I wait patiently for summer to end. 😉   Plus, this is literally just putting blackberries in the glass, smashing them up, then adding gin, tonic and cucumber slices.  EASY PEASY CHICKEN PARCHEESI!!

What’s your favorite FRUITY adult  beverage?

What’s Happy Hour without getting all that negativity out of your system? Get it out and let it go!

So,  I (Jeni) have another fun blog – Snack Gator.  There,  Jason and I review and inform our followers about fun new junk food and snacks that are coming out. It’s super fun, and there’s even an expo every year in Chicago that we go to for it! Sometimes, I’m super excited to review something, and it’s a total DISASTER.

This is one of those things.  These Twix and Snickers Chocolate Milks were highly anticipated.  I found them, and took them right home from 7-Eleven so they wouldn’t get too hot in the car.  I tried the Snickers first… EW.  One sip and that was enough for me to dump the bottle (after the boyfriend tried and hated it, too).   Twix – same.  Boyfriend is a HUGE chocolate milk fan, but even HE hated them.  They were watery, not really chocolatey, and just plain NOT GOOD.  It was a huge disappointment.

What  new foods have disappointed you lately?

Emma Stone is Cruella for the upcoming live action movie.  Emma Stone.  She looks NOTHING  like Cruella, even with all that makeup and wig on.  Disney live actions have been so disappointing… and unfortunately, I (Sarah) have a feeling this one won’t impress me either.  Grrrrrr!

Who would you cast  as Cruella?

Your drink should be kicking in by now, so let’s have some giggles together!


Ok, friends, it’s time to shut down Happy Hour and get back to reality! But first, grab that last bargain drink, and check out some limited time deals and treat yourself this week to something special! You deserve it!

Treat  yo self! 🙂


This is a 5-pack of Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters and I (Sarah) am in love!  They show pictures of cut-out Rice Krispies Treats, which are really cute, but you could also use them for cookies or brownies or a ton of other fun things, too.  The pack is just $12, too!

Are you a classic Wonder Woman fan!?  The Wonder Woman Complete Series is just $40 right now!  Isn’t it strange that the show was only on TV for 3 seasons?!

These tiny compass friendship necklaces are absolutely precious – and such a sweet gift for your bestie!  Plus, the 2 pack is only $9.99!

These hilarious sarcasm t-shirts are only $16.99 + free shipping!  There are 18 styles and TONS of color choices, plus they come in xs – xxxl!

Have a great rest of your week!  See you tomorrow for Morning Coffee!



  1. The Snickers Milk looks amazing! Halloween has become a major holiday. I don’t think I’ll be decorating a Halloween tree but they are interesting.

  2. I need to know more about the World Smallest Toys. Are they for kids? Adults, to keep on their desk at work? I agree that there should be a cabbage patch. Love that they have care bears. What about Rainbow Brite? I guess it is the same as going to the after Christmas sales to pick up ornaments (I pretend they are for props for photoshoots but really I just use them as decoration.)

    I have a few friends that put up Halloween Trees. Nothing wrong with getting into the Halloween spirit. I am sure it makes them happy and keeps the seasonal blues away.

  3. I need to get some of those World’s Smallest Toys. I also need to try that taco pizza. Yum,

    And I am all for sarcasm, so I might need one of those shirts.

  4. My husband just started keto and I’m supposed to be joining him. I guess he doesn’t have to know that I am enjoying your Taco Pizza Squares on my lunch break. LOL

  5. Let’s see. I’ll start the night with taco pizza squares, and then, because fall is close enough, I’ll end the night with pumpkin squares. I feel like that is a perfectly balanced evening.

  6. That random question: what is your favorite DQ treat in the middle, that’s what I am answering! I love the Dreamsicle Dip AND the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Concrete. Do you think it is silly that they turn the concrete upside down?

  7. I tried it but it said I lived in Pennsylvania! I’m from South Carolina, but it was fun. That poor melted dog! Oh and the taco pizza looks AMAZING!

  8. Amy Desrosiers Reply

    The taco pizza recipe looks really delicious!! I would love to try it out!! That mac & cheese costume is like the cutest costume ever.

  9. I tried the food quiz and I got Pennsylvania. That’s pretty close since I live in Southern Ontario. Those miniature toys are cute. I can’t imagine my clumsy fingers trying to use the Rubix cube.

  10. Why have I never thought of making a taco pizza?! Two of my favourites combined – gotta try that next.

  11. Those taco pizza squares look amazing. I am definitely going to have to give that recipe a try. Also I have to say I love Emma Stone, but also disappointed she will be playing Cruella. I was really hoping for queen latifah.

  12. Pam Wattenbarger Reply

    I really do feel old realizing the karate kid is 57! My daughter would love those earrings. She is a taco fanatic.

  13. So many amazing finds! I really need to get those taco earrings, they’re so much fun. I usually put something cute or fun on my nails from time to time! But wearing those earrings would be awesome. Thanks for the yummy taco pizza recipe as well. Small things are indeed adorable!

  14. HaHa I love the mac n cheese costume. How cute! I would feel obligated to give that kid that came to my door with it on, a box of Kraft. haha We love it too, so we always have some in then cabinet.

  15. Cathy Mini Reply

    Those taco pizzas look super delish. I would definitely try this recipe, it’s awesome!

  16. What a shame that the Snickers milk. If I hadn’t read this post, I probably would have tried it. Thanks for saving me some money! That mac and cheese costume is so cute.

  17. I’ve seen pics of Halloween trees online, but never in real life. Sounds like a fun idea, but not sure I could get into it!

  18. I love your this edition of happy hour too. That taco pizza sounds yum, but taco earring is not that great. Halloween decoration always amaze me though.

  19. I need that spiked lemonade! Looks so refreshing and delicious! The Taco pizza sounds good too, my kids love taco and pizza, so it’s a good combination!

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