Happy Hour

Happy Hour (9/18) Pull Apart Pizza Bread, Library Scented Candle, Bob Ross Waffles, The Office Podcast, Pumpkin Beer Float, Cowlicks + More!

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to brush off the stress, negativity and blah of your week.  Enjoy some mid-week mixers with us without leaving the comfort of your home.  Uncork your favorite wine, pop open a beer, mix your favorite cocktail…. and unwind with us this evening.  And, if you’re feeling extra perky in the mornings, or need some help getting a jump on your day, join us for Morning Coffee weekday mornings, too!

Yummy treats and random chit-chat starts our Happy Hour together!  

How about some pizza… in the form of a monkey bread!?  This Pull Apart Pizza Bread looks and sounds freaking amazing, doesn’t it!? The recipe calls for lots of fresh herbs, and refrigerated biscuit dough.  mmmmm!

What’s your favorite type of money or pull apart bread?

Talk about the PERFECT candles!  Have you ever smelled Homesick Candles? These bring the scents of your life to candle form… like Pumpkin Patch, Grandma’s Kitchen, Library, Friday Night Football and MANY others! These are just so clever! Curious about what “Single, Not Sorry” smells like? Head over HERE for a description of each scent!

What’s your favorite candle scent?

Love Bob Ross?  He’s certainly made a comeback in the last few years, and there are tons of great Bob Ross products out there now. But this Bob Ross Waffle Maker might be the BEST! Plus, with that Chaffles craze for Keto dieters, this is the perfect timing for a great waffle maker!

What’s in or on your favorite waffle?

Maybe you can’t be Wonder Woman in real life… but you can in the kitchen!  This is too cute – a Wonder Woman apron!  It’s under $10 and is officially licensed, too.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to look like Wonder Woman in the kitchen… or anywhere else! 😉

Who is your favorite super hero?

OHHHHHH YAH!  Golden Girls fans!  Score a 4-pack of Golden Girls Hot Sauce from AlwaysFits! Desert Rose and Bea Spicy are jalapeño hot sauces. Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut are habanero.  But all of them honor the 4 greatest besties ever! 🙂

Who is your favorite Golden Girl?

Had enough pumpkin spice yet? If not, get ready for the next big thing – pumpkin spice deodorant!  HA! Your armpits will smell just like your latte with this non-toxic and natural deodorant. It has a 4.7/5 star rating from 11,000 reviews, which makes me (Sarah) think it must be pretty legit!

Would you wear pumpkin spice deodorant?

If you’re a fan of The Office, you’re definitely a friend of mine (Jeni)!  Did you know Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Pam and Angela on the show) are starting their own The Office podcast!? Apparently, they will break down every episode of the series. Sounds fun!

Jenna Fischer said, “Each week will will watch an episode of ‘The Office’ and tell you all the behind-the-scenes scoop and trivia,” she posted. “The kind of stuff only two people who were there can now. There might be some tangents about our lives, our friendship, our cats and our Target runs.”

It’s called “Office Ladies” and starts Oct. 15 on Stitcher, Apple, Spotify and anywhere podcasts are available.

What Podcasts do you listen to?

These Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars are the BEST THING EVER!  They combine creamy peanut butter, salty pretzels and creamy milk chocolate.  HELLO! 🙂

What’s your favorite peanut butter dessert?

Try a fun, new adult beverage this week, or save the recipes for parties with friends!

I (Sarah) am in Halloween mode.  It just helps keep my spirits high and excitement for cooler weather.  This is called, Witch, Please.  And it looks AMAZING!


  • 1.5 oz. KEEL Vodka
  • 1/2 tsp. matcha
  • 2 oz. pineapple juice
  • .5 oz. lime juice
  • .5 oz. agave syrup


Combine all ingredients, shake and serve over ice.

I (Jeni) had never heard of a Pumpkin Beer Float  before this.  But somehow, I stumbled upon the recipe on the Betty Crocker site.  Who knew Betty could get so sassy with beer?!

2 scoops vanilla ice cream
2 scoops chocolate ice cream
1 bottle (12 oz) pumpkin beer (1 1/2 cups)
In each of 2 drinking glasses, place 1 scoop vanilla and 1 scoop chocolate ice cream. Pour pumpkin beer over ice cream.
What seasonal drinks do you like?

What’s Happy Hour without getting all that negativity out of your system? Get it out and let it go!

Can we just let people be happy, please?  I (Sarah) hate the hot summer.  I look forward to cool weather.  But any time I express that excitement, I get slapped down because someone ELSE doesn’t want cold weather.  Why not just ignore my comment, or just let me have that moment??  Why do people feel the need to throw out that “too soon!”  or “NO! I WANT SUMMER!”?  Let people have their little joys.  GEEZ!

Are you excited for something people try to spoil for you?

Well, there you go, my lovelies! That’s me (Jeni). And that’s my lame hair. This was my part of a conversation on Facebook Messenger with my friend…about my stupid hair.  It’s funny, and I laugh, but DANG!  I spent nearly as much time trying to FIX the cowlicks, as I would have just straightening my hair!  HA!  So frustrating.  And the hairs are so small and flighty, there’s really nothing I can do to fix it, when it decides to be a jerk on my head! Grrrrrrr…

What are your hair bitches and moans?

Your drink should be kicking in by now, so let’s have some giggles together!


Ok, friends, it’s time to shut down Happy Hour and get back to reality! But first, grab that last bargain drink, and check out some limited time deals and treat yourself this week to something special! You deserve it!

Treat  yo self! 🙂

These ridiculously cute Halloween T-Shirts come in sizes xs-2xl, 8 seasonal colors, and 6 different designs! They are $18 shipped. 🙂

$8.99 for this ADORABLE lit unicorn.  LOVE!

These camping mugs are freaking awesome!!  Plus, there are several different designs and they are each around 10 bucks!

Have a great rest of your week!  See you tomorrow for Morning Coffee!



  1. That pull apart pizza bread looks amazing. The Office podcast sounds like fun I wonder how they will do it. Golden Girls hot sauce would be a great gift to a fan.

  2. That pull-apart pizza bread looks so yummy! I can’t stop looking and craving and wanting to make it right this minute.

  3. Love the pull-apart bread, really love those Halloween T-shirts! I want the Baddest Witch on the block!

  4. Pull apart pizza bread? Yes! I will be making this.

    Also, I am so excited for The Office podcast. I just love the show.

  5. The pizza bread and the peanut butter pretzel bars look amazing! The Golden Girls Hot Sauce is awesome! It would make a great gift for a Golden Girls fan. I’m thinking I may pick up a few sets for Christmas gifts.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I am a Golden Girls fan and I’ll tell you that I would LOVE to receive that!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      OMG the unicorn and the ice cream I posted a while ago!!!

  6. You had me at Bob Ross WAFFLES! Too funny! Love the list and so loving those Halloween t-shirts. They’d be perfect for work

  7. Lena Burkut Reply

    I think the Internet ate my comment – BOO. However, I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with a pull-apart pizza – where have you been all my life? It sounds absolutely irresistible. And the memes are just hilarious – like all of them

  8. Whoa, that pull apart pizza bread looks amazing! I know my family would love this recipe!

  9. I’m loving those peanut butter pretzel bars! I would love to make them! We’ve made the pizza pull apart bread before and it was very popular.

  10. How have I never heard of Pizza bread? I need to try this. And the Native Deodorant is my new obsessions, it’s the only one I will buy for my daughter.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Right1? I’m ALL ABOUT THE BREAD!
      I want to get that deodorant!

  11. That pull apart pizza bread looms amazing! We make something similar. The WW apron is too funny too.

  12. Two of my favorite things… beer and bread! That pull apart pizza bread sounds so yummy and a great appetizer to have for a party!

    The pumpkin beer float also looks AH-Mazing! I want to try to make that.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      RIGHT!? Both at the same time would be awesome!!!! haha!

  13. What a great idea for dinner! My family will love this pizza in a monkey bread form.

  14. My goodness that Pull Apart Pizza Bread looks like EVERYTHING I love in life – in terms of food, that is. I totally want to try out and once I show hubby, he’ll feel the same!

  15. I wish I had everything on hand to make the pull apart pizza bread. It would be perfect to have this evening for Thursday night football.

  16. Tiffany La Forge-Grau Reply

    Oh my kids would love it if I made some of this. It looks really delicious and pretty easy too!

  17. Kimberly Storms Reply

    Well now I need the Beach Cottage and Library candles! I mean…. my house doesn’t need more candles but it does! LOL Also, making the peanut butter bar things too!

  18. I love eating waffles for breakfast occasionally. But I tend to eat them plain or add whip cream/honey sometimes. I get the Eggo waffles though and don’t make them from scratch.

  19. Pull part monkey pizza bread looks delicious. I love that apron too. May be I can get that one for me.

  20. I can have pumpkin beer and the pulled pizza bread right now! The apron looks so cute too!

  21. I love candles. And I would love to try those Homesick Candles.

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