Happy Hour

Happy Hour (8/21) Jalapeño Popper Pockets, Star Wars Barbie, Pumpkin Spice Spam, Twinkies Hot Cocoa, Frozen Strawberry Mojitos + More!

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to brush off the stress, negativity and blah of your week.  Enjoy some mid-week mixers with us without leaving the comfort of your home.  Uncork your favorite wine, pop open a beer, mix your favorite cocktail…. and unwind with us this evening.  And, if you’re feeling extra perky in the mornings, or need some help getting a jump on your day, join us for Morning Coffee weekday mornings, too!

Yummy treats and random chit-chat starts our Happy Hour together!  

Happy Happy Hour, friends!

Let’s kick off our time together with these yummy Jalapeño Popper Pockets!  YUUUM!  These are only 6 ingredients, which  makes them even more appetizing.  Simple, delicious and totally unique.  We’re down for these!

What are your favorite ingredients in pockets?

How fun are these!? Brand new Barbie line – it’s the  Star Wars x Barbie!  There are three fashion dolls in it, each inspired by  Star Wars: A New Hope. There’s the Barbie x Darth Vader, Barbie x Princess Leia, and Barbie x R2-D2.  They will be available for shipping in November, but you can preorder now for $100 each.

Which Star Wars character do you think would be a cool addition to this collection?

This is not a  joke… September 23rd, SPAM is taking that years-long joke about Pumpkin Spice SPAM, and making it a reality!  You’ll be able to get it online at Walmart.com or SPAM.com – but quantities are limited, so if you really want it – get to the site fast!

How would you use Pumpkin Spice SPAM?

I (Sarah) just about fell over from oohing and awwing over these adorable pictures. This photography company, But Natural Photography, created this romantic photo shoot for elderly couples.  And I just melted, because not only are the pictures beautiful… but can you say #relationshipgoals?  See more HERE!

What relationship goals do you have with your partner?

If you’re a Cookie Monster fan, you’ll really love this!  Hasbro is making the largest Sesame Street doll EVER. It’s a life-size (on the show) replica of Cookie Monster! He’s posable and even has google eyes. He’s 38 x 20 x 19 inches standing, and he even has a hinged mouth. They are crowdfunding it through August 25th and hoping to presell 3,000 of them for $300 each. PHEW! See more HERE.

What is your favorite Sesame Street character?

Feeling lucky?  Enter the awesome giveaways we have going on right now!

What’s the last thing you won?

CALLING ALL HOSTESS FANS!!!  Score some Twinkies Cappuccino and Ding Dongs Hot Cocoa from Victor Allen now, or wait until they  hit the shelves later this year.  Here is the full flavor breakdown of the new items:

  • Twinkies Cappuccino: A classic golden sponge cake flavor combined with notes of creamy vanilla filling
  • CupCakes Cappuccino: A medley of smooth vanilla tones with a kick of rich chocolate
  • Sno Balls Cappuccino: Chocolate cake united with a touch of sweet coconut and vanilla
  • Ding Dongs Hot Cocoa: Full-bodied chocolate cake flavor finished with soft hints of vanilla

Which flavor sounds the most delicious to you?

For all of our fellow Golden Girls fans – you cannot pass up on this BRAND NEW ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas Golden Girls book!  It’s $12.99, and a smaller book that you can put on your coffee table during the holidays, or gift to someone!  I (Jeni) LOVE mine that I grabbed last year! 🙂

Which Golden Girl are you?

Ohhhh man.  Dunkin Donuts is really kicking it up a notch! Did you know they sell lip balm? Donut-flavored lip balm!  It’s in-store, but not every store has the latest Dunkin Munchkins, so you have to go to eBay for those.  They are SO cute and look yummy! PLUS, they are releasing a Pumpkin Munchkins Lip Balm and oh man, it’s cute!

What’s your favorite type of donut?

Try a fun, new adult beverage this week, or save the recipes for parties with friends!

This Blue Crush Margarita is right up my (Jeni) ally!  I love Blue Curacao, and triple sec together!  Plus, it sounds super refreshing and perfect for the summer, doesn’t it?  Look at it – couldn’t you dive into that!? 🙂

I  (Sarah) love mojitos, but I’ve never had one that was flavored like this, OR frozen!  This Frozen Strawberry Mojito has my name all over it. Plus, it looks SUPER easy to make, and I already have the ingredients right here at home!

What’s your favorite flavor margarita or mojito?

What’s Happy Hour without getting all that negativity out of your system? Get it out and let it go!

I (Jeni) swear.  The bugs. The BUGS here in Texas!!  My tiki torches are great, but dang – it’s HOT outside – like 100+ degree heat index at 9pm, so lighting a fire on my patio (or “lanai” as a true Golden Girl calls it) isn’t really comfortable. 

This DynaTrap thing lures them in with a weird, blue light, then sucks them down into a tray at the bottom. And they can’t get out. I’m not a cruel person – but I’m taunting the mosquitos. I see them and yell, “go toward the light!”  And when they get trapped, I’m looking deviantly at them through the grates, calmly saying, “just let it happen, little guy. Just let it happen.” Man, I can’t wait for summer to be over with here!

Do you have bug issues where you live?

This right here is my (Sarah) former favorite brand of facial tissues Great Value from Walmart. Do you see the little orange balloon in the upper left hand corner that says “NEW LOOK”? Well I hate that little orange balloon. That means that the company has changed a product. It doesn’t matter what color the balloon is, the company made some changes.

And now I’m allergic to my former favorite product and have to find an alternative. And Great Value isn’t the only company that does this, nearly EVERY company on the planet does it, all the time. Why can’t they leave stuff alone? I hate it when they change products I love. 

Has a product that you love ever changed for the worst?

Your drink should be kicking in by now, so let’s have some giggles together!






Ok, friends, it’s time to shut down Happy Hour and get back to reality! But first, grab that last bargain drink, and check out some limited time deals and treat yourself this week to something special! You deserve it!

Treat  yo self! 🙂

These are too funny!  Score a Lion Head Pet Costume for just $9.99 + free shipping for your little pup or cat!

Grab this 12-pack of sugar cereal and Nestle candy bar lip balms for only $13.98!  How FUN (and delicious)!

This Coral Coast Kona Tabletop Fire Bowl is wicked cool, isn’t it?  It’s only $36.18 when you use the code LABORDAY at checkout!!

Have a great rest of your week!  See you tomorrow for Morning Coffee!



  1. As I was reading your post, I was like this is alot of great information. I am enjoying the food pieces. It looks great.

  2. Oh my! Those Star Wars Barbies are so cool! Not sure about the Pumpkin Spice Spam but I’m sure many people will like it!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I LOVE the Star Wars Barbies! And I don’t even like Barbie!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Thanks SO much, Jennifer!! 🙂 YES – it’s WAY too far, isn’t it?

  3. ok these posts are seriously such a hit for me to read ha- i need to grab those lip palms and hide them ha they are too cute

  4. There are so many goodies in this post! I would soooooo go for that Cookie Monster doll. My kids would want to play with it all the time. The cat meme was also awesome! I laughed so loud! Thank you for my daily giggle moment.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      HAHA! I could totally play with that Cookie Monster!

  5. Oh man, if I were rich, I’d so buy that Cookie Monster. I just love him. We both get super excited over cookies.

    I wish my cats would wear a lion head costume. They’d claw up our hands if we dared to try put that on them.

  6. Amy Desrosiers Reply

    Today’s post is not meant to be read when hangry! YIKES Those popper pockets look out of this world good! I love to add cheese anything to my pockets!

  7. I had to scroll three times to check out Cookie Monster! I had so many cookie monster collectibles, stuffies and such when I was a teen. I love cookie monster!

  8. Those Star Wars Barbies are so cool. They need one for each of the main characters I think. I love pumpkin spice but I don’t think I even want to try the Spam.

  9. Bugs are terrible in Missouri, too. That looks like a godsend. I am looking at those hot chocolates, though! I think the Ding Dong would be my fave.

  10. Love the style of those star wars barbies – like can those clothes come in adult sizing?! lol

  11. Those jalapeno popper pockets look amazing. I need to give those a try. The blue crush margarita sounds amazing as well. Two things I definitely need to try.

  12. Dunkin Donuts lip balm is something I could get behind. I need to get myself some.

  13. I wish you had seen my face when I saw the pumpkin spiced spam. I cannot imagine how nasty that would taste.

  14. Hmm yum! This Jalapeño Popper Pockets is really mouth watering. I can’t believe I was about to drool. Wish I could have this now.

  15. Love those couples photos. My husband and I celebrated 28 years yesterday and we’re still as much in love as we were on the first day. We met on a Friday, moved in together the very next day and we’ve NEVER spent a day apart in all of those years!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Seriously, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That i s AMAZING!

  16. Pumpkin spice spam? This is the first time I’ve heard of that. I love pumpkin spice everything so I’m def going to try that.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Right on, girl! Sense of adventure!

  17. Jacqui Odell Reply

    I would love to try those poppers they sound great!!! And those lip balms sound great too. I always have tons of them on hand.

  18. I love those romantic portraits! I hope some of the couples included their pets in the photo session. Those jalapeno popper pockets look delicious!

  19. Those Dunkin donuts lip balms look cute! I love spicy food, those jalapeno poppers look delish.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      HAHA!!! I’m totally the opposite with spicy food!

  20. I didn’t know they have twinkies cocoa. Love the flavor options and a little something for everyone.

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