Happy Hour

Happy Hour (8/14) Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, Mermaid Skeleton, Babysitter’s Club Books, Starburst Vodka, Darth Vader Toaster + More!

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to brush off the stress, negativity and blah of your week.  Enjoy some mid-week mixers with us without leaving the comfort of your home.  Uncork your favorite wine, pop open a beer, mix your favorite cocktail…. and unwind with us this evening.  And, if you’re feeling extra perky in the mornings, or need some help getting a jump on your day, join us for Morning Coffee weekday mornings, too!

Yummy treats and random chit-chat starts our Happy Hour together!  

Ohhhh YES!  Buffalo chicken in egg roll form, folks.  This is brilliant and fun and unique…. and looks delicious!  The recipe is easy enough – it’s basically an egg roll stuffed with buffalo shredded chicken, cheese and more.  Easy peasy chicken squeezy! Get the recipe for Baked Mini Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls!

Have you ever tried different ingredients in egg rolls?

What’s the perfect kitchen appliance for the fall season?  It’s this little Pumpkin Waffle Maker, of course!  And you guys – it’s only $9.99, which makes it totally worth grabbing for a single season every year.  But waffles aren’t the only things you can make with a waffle maker… you can make pumpkin shaped sandwiches, hashbrowns, cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, frittatas … it’s endless!

What do you make in a waffle maker?

Have you noticed that Halloween and even Christmas stuff is popping up much more frequently, this year in the year?  We have, and we’re totally ok with it! 🙂  EMBRACE  IT!  Plus, there are tons of awesome and fun new things, like this Mermaid Skeleton! It’s “life-size” and over 6 feet long.  And it’s seriously creepy, but seriously perfect for Halloween this year.

Are you a “noooo, keep summer!” person, or a “bring on fall weather!” person?

If you’re a Krispy Kreme fan, AND live near Concord, North Carolina, you’re in luck.  The rest of us can just be jealous and drool.  Krispy Kreme is opening a new type of store! The menu will have doughnut-topped milkshakes, customizable doughnuts, and even ice cream scoop sandwiches. I (Sarah) mean, really – look at those products in the picture! But the rest of us can enjoy these stores next year, because they plan to open 45 new locations nationwide! 🙂

What’s your favorite type of doughnut?

Jeni is Dainty Bonbon and Sarah is Mystic Cotton Candy ????
What’s your unicorn name?

Ohhhhhh how I (Jeni) love Bath & Body Works… and I’m obsessed with their 3-wick candles!  They have some crazy yummy new scents this fall, and I was able to sniff around a few of them.  But some of them are offered online only, which seems silly. How do I know I want it if I can’t smell it!?  I guess we have to go by the name, right!?  Pictured are just some of the ones I think sound amazing – there  are a TON more on the site, though!

What’s your favorite Bath & Body Works fall scent?

French Toast Cookies

I (Jeni) have  made French Toast Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream, but I wanted to make something a little more portable – a cookie!  These French Toast Cookies offer all of the awesome flavors of  french  toast – cinnamon,  maple, and even that baked bread flavor!

What’s your favorite flavor cookie?

OMG!  The Babysitter’s Club books 1-6 in this retro pack is a real thing, AND it’s on sale right now, too.  I (Jeni) am getting this for my niece that’s about the same age I was when I read them!  My friends and I even tried to start our own Babysitter’s Club, but clearly that didn’t go anywhere 🙂

What was your favorite book series growing up?

Ok, friends.  If you aren’t a member of The Espresso Lounge Facebook Group yet, you’re totally missing out!  We have exclusive group-only giveaways, fun conversations, lots and lots of giggles and too much fun every day.  Come on over and join the group!

Try a fun, new adult beverage this week, or save the recipes for parties with friends!

Tonight, I (Sarah), have found a new favorite summer beverage. Chilled Starburst Vodka Coolers. Hello, how could I not know about this recipe before? The longer you chill them, the more slushy they become. It’s like a Slush Puppie slushy, only for grown ups! Chilling is optional, so you can have just Vodka infused with Starburst if you prefer. I liked the pink Starburst flavor the best! Get the recipe here

Would you try this recipe with another fruity candy? Which one?

What’s Happy Hour without getting all that negativity out of your system? Get it out and let it go!

This is the Darth Vader Toaster.  Pretty cool, right?  Yah, sorta. My (Jeni) boyfriend and I are huge Star Wars fans.  He’s a ridiculous geek when it comes to it and he refuses to have any non-Star Wars items in the kitchen. Although this Darth Vader Toaster looks really cool, I am not impressed.  It toasts one side really well – but the back sides… see for yourself.

They have a “Star Wars” stamp that is burned into them, but the rest of that side isn’t toasted.  Pardon me for wanting my toast, TOASTED. I have a regular toaster hidden away in a cabinet. Makes sense, right?  The really good one in a cabinet, and the crappy toaster on the counter. At least it looks cool.  Plus, we RARELY eat toast, so it’s even more ridiculous to own two toasters!

Do you have a kitchen appliance or gadget that doesn’t live up to your expectations?

I (Sarah) hate junk mail. It is a waste of paper and it’s a waste of time dealing with it. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, it seems like junk mail piles up until it touches the ceiling. I’ve called companies to get off mailing lists, I’ve sent e-mails, I’ve done everything I can to get off the junk mail lists, but it just keeps coming.

About a year ago, I started actually working towards getting rid of the junk mail and while it’s not completely eliminated it is a lot less thanks to a free service called Catalog Choice which allows you to easily opt out of junk mail without jumping through a million hoops. You can set up a profile and opt out your entire household in a few clicks. Attention companies that send out junk mail you are killing trees and no one actually reads that junk!

Is your house overrun with junk mail, too?

Your drink should be kicking in by now, so let’s have some giggles together!


Ok, friends, it’s time to shut down Happy Hour and get back to reality! But first, grab that last bargain drink, and check out some limited time deals and treat yourself this week to something special! You deserve it!

Treat  yo self! 🙂

I (Sarah) am loving this Pac Man heat change mug that reminds me of my Atari playing days for only $11.99!


Do you love I Love Lucy? Who doesn’t!? These Funko Pop figures are too cute! There’s also a Lucy, Ricky AND another Lucy in her chocolate factory uniform! Each is around $11.

This Star Wars Han Solo Card Game is only $10.99 right now on Amazon. I (Jeni) played this last night with the boyfriend, and it’s a pretty awesome little game!

Here’s another awesome add-on item … Wilton 101 Cookie Cutters for only $9.19!  That’s an incredible price! Plus, think of all of the fun things you can do with cookie cutters – they can become bath toys, used for tracing shapes, made into Christmas ornaments, and of course for cutting cookies! ????

Have a great rest of your week!  See you tomorrow for Morning Coffee!



  1. My unicorn name is sweetie cuddles. Yes, I just had a birthday. Now, I’m craving cookies and doughnuts.

  2. Oh my gosh, I want a donut milkshake. I do hope they open a store near us. Fingers crossed!

    I might need a Babysitter’s Club Retro Pack. I had nearly all the books as a teen!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Seriously I think a lot of people are crossing fingers!!!! 🙂
      I did, too!

  3. I wouldn’t mind trying out those unique egg rolls. It might be a nice appetizer idea for some of my dinners!

  4. I was such a huge Babysitter’s Club fan back in the day! I wonder if my daughter is old enough to appreciate the series yet. And seriously, the french toast cookies must happen at my house ASAP!

  5. Love the Darth Vadert toaster and pumpkin waffles so much fun with food. I am a summer person and would keep it as long as possible.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      HAHA! Yah the toaster is great… but doesn’t WORK!

  6. Ok, first thing out the gate, I WANT that Darth Vader toaster! Hey, a girl can geek out to Star Wars, can’t she? I have a friend who’d LOVE that mermaid skeleton!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      HHAAH! well, good luck with that toaster – because it’s my bitch for the week, you KNOW it’s not that great! lol

  7. I have tried ceab rangoon eggrolls at a local chinese place. The Bath and Body Works candles are so fun this time of year. Love the scents!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      mmmmm I do love crab rangoon – but never had it in an egg roll – that would be fun!

  8. OMG those french toast cookies are making my mouth water. And pac-mac always brings me back to my childhood.

  9. I keep seeing this pumpkin waffle maker and I am obsessed… is this a sign I need to finally buy it?!

  10. French toast cookies are calling my name and I have made starburst/jolly rancher vodka for years and it is so amazing! So easy going down! 🙂

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      OMG I do that – and now I shall call it a sniffing fest!!!! lol

  11. katrina Kroeplin Reply

    i need that waffle maker! that looks so cute it’s amazing!

  12. Those beautiful chicken egg rolls look amazing! I’d love to make a batch of those. Those colorful cookie cutters are a great idea to have on hand. They’re also perfect for gift giving.

  13. These are really great finds! Would love to have that waffle maker!

  14. Fall is my favorite season but I hate all things pumpkin. My unicorn name is Glitter Kisses!

  15. Annemarie LeBlanc Reply

    The vodka chillers. Yum. That was what caught my attention! The scented candles too! I also find it silly that some of them are only available online. Why? I don’t get it. But that pumpkin waffle maker? No. Hahaha

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I don’t get it, either – how can we smell them!?

  16. Cathy Mini Reply

    Buffalo chicken egg rolls look so delicious and tempting! I will absolutely give it a try, yum!

  17. I am neither a “noooo, keep summer!” person, or a “bring on fall weather!” person because I look forward to enjoying every season. I’m from a tropical country so it’s like summertime the whole year through in my country. For me it’s a blessing to be able to experience four different seasons here in the U.S.

  18. Those mini buffalo chicken eggrolls sound delicious! I think my entire family would enjoy something like that at a dinner gathering. Maybe served them as appetizers.

  19. mya kroeplin Reply

    those eggs rolls look amazing. I really need to make some this weekend as some friends are coming over. it would make for the perfect app.

  20. My husband loves anything buffalo chicken, so he would like those egg roll buffalo chicken I;m sure! Yes, I love summer but I love fall too so I will be ready when it comes!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      That’s great you love both summer and fall!

  21. I am not a big fan of Krispy Kreme. But that Ice cream donuts look\ so good! I definitely have to visit Krispy Kreme soon!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Same here – not a big fan of their donuts… but might try their other stuff! Just make sure it’s available in your state before you go looking!

  22. These are so fun! I love that mermaid skeleton.. seems like they sell every kind of skeleton you can think of.

    That pumpkin waffle maker is cute – it would be perfect for pumpkin spice waffles!

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