Happy Hour

Happy Hour (2/12) Banana Pudding Cupcakes, Goonies Monopoly, In-n-Out Shoes, Jason Momoa Coloring Book, Cold Brew Cocktail + More!

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to brush off the stress, negativity and blah of your week.  Enjoy some mid-week mixers with us without leaving the comfort of your home.  Uncork your favorite wine, pop open a beer, mix your favorite cocktail…. and unwind with us this evening.  And, if you’re feeling extra perky in the mornings, or need some help getting a jump on your day, join us for Morning Coffee weekday mornings, too!

Yummy treats and random chit-chat starts our Happy Hour together!  

Something savory to kick off the day… let’s go with these Fried Jalapeños!  It’s not just the jalapeño that gives these a kick, it’s the spices in the batter, too!

What’s your go-to deep fried food?

Banana Pudding Cupcakes were a creation of mine (Jeni) that were inspired by my boyfriend’s obsession with banana pudding. He would eat a trough of it… out of a trough, if he could! 🙂  I put pudding powder and crushed Nilla Wafers in the actual cupcake, and then stuff it with banana pudding!  It’s topped with a very special whipped cream frosting that you have to try!  This cupcake is one of my favorites.

What’s your favorite dessert?

YESSSSS! I (Jeni) am SUPER excited to tell you guys about this news!  Usaopoly is releasing a Goonies version!!!!! It should be out this spring, so be on the lookout! Players will vie for control of One-Eyed Willie’s Cabin, the Pirate Ship Cavern, Sloth’s Room, the Pit of Spikes, and 18 other memorable locations as they try to own it all and bankrupt their opponents. The six collectible movers include a gold doubloon, the statue of David, skull and crossbones, and more. Read more HERE!

Are you a Goonies!?!

Yah, those are In-n-Out shoes.  Sarah and I (Jeni) are both from California (even though I left and call Texas my home), so we LOVE In-n-Out Burger!  It’s one of those cult-Californian things, I guess. Anyway, they have SHOES, you guys!  Well, not right now – they sold out because of their awesomeness, but should be back in stock in May! Woohoo!!

What’s your favorite burger joint?

But seriously… are you melting, too?   This is Casey Fields, and his daughter, Lyla. He’s a single dad and she’s a one-year-old little princess.  They did a tutu photo shoot together so that Casey could let the world know “it’s okay for a manly-man to put on a tutu and play with his daughter.”   UGH.  My (Sarah) heart.

Have you ever had a creative photo shoot?

Uhhhhhhhh, ok. I (Jeni) admit, I’m basic. I LOVE ME SOME JASON MOMOA.  Did you know there’s a Jason Momoa coloring book!?  Uh, yes.  There is.  And it’s awesome! Oh, and in June, there will be a Keanu Reeves coloring book, and an Idris Elba coloring book, too 🙂 You can preorder those now HERE.

Ok.  This is a big deal, you guys. Netflix friends – pay attention!  You know that annoying autoplay preview feature on Netflix? When you slightly scroll over something, it automatically starts playing. And it’s REALLY obnoxious.  Guess what – You can turn that OFF NOW!!!! Netflix got enough complaints that they offer a solution now! Just go HERE to learn how to turn that feature off  (it’s super easy)

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

Try a fun, new adult beverage this week, or save the recipes for parties with friends!

OMG – a cold brew martini.  Yes, it exists, and YES, I (Jeni) will be partaking of said beverage!!! It’s on the Kahlùa website, but here’s the quick recipe:

1 oz Absolut vodka
2 oz Kahlúa
3 oz cold brew

Fill shaker with ice. Add all ingredients and shake hard for at least 10 seconds to create a nice foam. Strain into a cocktail glass to get rid of all of the small ice chips. Garnish with coffee beans.

I (Sarah) LOVE coconut.  I also love the snow, but living in southern California, I don’t get any of the latter.  This Winter Wonderland Cocktail should help me pretend in my head, at least… right?  It only requires 3 ingredients, and I’m totally down with that.  🙂 

What fun cocktails or adult beverages have you been sipping on lately?

What’s Happy Hour without getting all that negativity out of your system? Get it out and let it go!

Valentine’s Day is lame.  To February 14th, I (Jeni) say, “Bah humbug!!” I’m not lonely or bitter or anything like that. I just don’t like lovey, mushy, romantic stuff.  In fact, I’m about the least romantic girl ever!  Good thing my boyfriend feels the same way about Valentine’s Day, because…. ICK!  I like seeing people all happy and in love and sharing special moments and don’t begrudge anyone of that.  

By the way, I’m not a “it’s a marketing scheme to sell more candy and flowers” person.  I think it’s great that companies can profit off this day, and there’s nothing wrong with buy something special for your loved one!  But for me, I can pass right over that day of the year and not even blink an eye. 

I also don’t like when single people get negative and try to poo poo all over the love and mushy stuff they see on social media.  Let the romantics have their fun, right?  I’ll pass, but I certainly won’t trash you for loving it!

Are you a big romantic?

I (Sarah) love Netflix, and watch it a lot.  I like having background noise all day, so there’s always something playing.  But I get so frustrated when I can’t find something great to watch!  I like movies and tv shows, but I spend SO much time searching, it gets irritating, and I just end up rewatching something.  I wish their suggestions were doubled – because then I might have a fighting chance!

Do you search a lot on Netflix? What are you watching? 

Your drink should be kicking in by now, so let’s have some giggles together!


Ok, friends, it’s time to shut down Happy Hour and get back to reality! But first, grab that last bargain drink, and check out some limited time deals and treat yourself this week to something special! You deserve it!

Treat  yo self! 🙂

This Trudeau Silicone Muffin Pan is my (Jeni) go-to!  It cleans up SO easily and everything bakes evenly. I absolutely love it, and it’s on sale for under $15 right now!

You can’t get more classic than Bunny Slippers!!  These adorably comfy slippers are only $9.99, too, and they come in a few color options!

Wow!!!  Score 29 pairs of earrings (multiple types) for just $11.99!  Plus, there are 11 different sets with tons of great earrings in each collection!  

Have a great rest of your week!  See you tomorrow for Morning Coffee!



  1. Shannon Holmes Reply

    I am loving the Jason Momoa coloring book! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want those cupcakes. Yum! And fried jalapeños? Yes please. I love spicy foods. My daughter would want the In and Out shoes. She loves that place. I think the burgers are just okay.

  3. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    Jason Momoa coloring book is too funny. Those cupcakes look amazing!

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra Reply

    The photo of the dad in a tutu is so heartwarming. He is such a wonderful father and his daughter is blessed to have a him. The Jason Momoa coloring book would be a perfect gift for my friend. She’d go nuts when she sees this.

  5. Amy Desrosiers Reply

    Monopoly Goonies looks like it is so fun! These daddy daughter photo shoot pics are too cute!

  6. Those fried jalapenos look so good. I may need to try those soon. Those photos of Casey and his daughter are so adorable too. I love them.

  7. OMG so many great things today! I love the Daddy/Daughter tutu session and those banana pudding cupcakes?! OMG!

  8. The Goonies is one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid. I need to get this version of Monopoly. I am so happy that Netflix finally gave us a way to stop the preview autoplays. It’s so annoying.

  9. those coloring books are cracking me up! You have selected, as usual, a bunch of delicious goodies and fun treats

  10. Katrina kroeplin Reply

    Those in and out shoes are amazing lol. I have to show my daughter.

  11. Banana pudding cupcakes? This is the first time that I’ve seen and heard of ’em. I guess my husband would love them because banana pudding is one of his faves. 🙂

  12. I wear earrings all the time, but the only one I’d wear out of 29 is the leaf ones.

  13. I am such a big goonies fan, I need that monopoly for sure, I can see myself playing and playing with the fmaily

  14. Jalapeno fritters, banana bread pudding and those cute bunny slippers are the perfect treat for meself! hahaha!

    I love the list.

  15. I want to try that fried jalapnos . Banana pudding looks delicious. I will make it. I like that bunny slippers , that father-daughter photo shoot is amazing.

  16. Mary Gardner Reply

    A cold brew martini sounds great and I love the Jason Momoa coloring book!

  17. I can’t wait to try that banana dessert! It sounds delicious because I love pudding 🙂

  18. Maryann D. Reply

    The Bunny Slippers are absolutely adorable. They would be a wonderful gift for my daughter and myself also!

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