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Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Necessities

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There are a lot of traditions every holiday season that we can depend on.  There are always families picking out the perfect tree. You’ll hear Christmas music nonstop. Santa can be spotted pretty much everywhere you go. That crazy aunt drinks way too much during your family gathering.  And Hallmark Christmas movies are your getaway. Grab these Hallmark Christmas movie watching necessities for those times when you need to curl up and fall into a perfect world, where a kiss and believing in Santa solves every problem!

Check out the Hallmark Christmas Movie schedule!

You’ll definitely need something sweet and sassy to wear – to advertise to your entire household your intent. You’ll be getting comfy, settling in, and binging some Hallmark Christmas movies! When they see you wearing your Hallmark Christmas movies sweatshirt or hoodie – they’ll know to turn around and leave you to it!

Get Hallmark Christmas movie watching sweatshirts & hoodies HERE, and HERE!

Speaking of getting comfy, you’ll need a cozy blanket to throw over you!  Why not really go all the way, and get a Hallmark Christmas movie watching blanket… AND pillow? You could even get one that matches your new Hallmark hoodie or sweatshirt 🙂

Grab Hallmark Christmas move watching blankets and pillows HERE.

Now, you know you have to have a fun Hallmark Christmas movie watching t-shirt that you can show off, even when you aren’t watching.  There are a TON of great options for these, including long sleeve and baseball sleeve, so be sure you browse for the best color, fit, and style for you!

Check out Hallmark Christmas move watching t-shirts and shirts HERE, and HERE.

What goes hand in hand with a Hallmark Christmas movie?  A holiday beverage, of course!  Whether you love to sip on a cup of hot coffee, cocoa or tea…  or prefer to class it up with a glass of wine, now you can have a designated mug or glass!  Of course, you don’t have to pack  these away with the tinsel  and stockings when the  season comes to an end.  Keep using  them  year-round to keep your excitement up!

This Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Mug is customizable – which makes it an amazing gift! Add the name at the top, plus customize the cute avatar lady!

Score more  Hallmark Christmas movie watching mugs and glasses!


Grab these other awesome accessories to really complete your Hallmark Movie watching collection:

Want more? Be sure to browse RedBubble, Etsy and Amazon – because they have some  FUN items!

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  1. I love the Hallmark extras that have started popping up. My family and I look forward to the Christmas movies all year long and have enjoyed the ones they have shown thru the year.

  2. Very cool that you can customize the mugs. Nice xmas themed stuff, Christmas is around the corner.

  3. Pinning your post because this is perfect for my sister-in-law! I can’t decide which one I want to give her most!

  4. gloria patterson Reply

    My mother is almost 90 and she LOVES Christmas movies! She will watch all of these plus any others that she can find. Hallmark is her favorite of all the Christmas movies

  5. Wow. The shirts and mugs and everything are so beautiful! I want to get the apron!

  6. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Hallmark movies are awesome! Great Christmas items here. Hallmark is my favorite for Christmas movies

  7. What fun Christmas items! I love watching those happy Hallmark movies!

  8. I am such a fan of these so predictable movies. I love that Hallmark looks for the right settings for their films. I have a shirt, but I surely need a mug.

  9. I always look forward to this time of year, when Hallmark starts showing their Christmas movies. I’m saving this list for viewing times! A more seasoned Hallmark viewer would appreciate any of these items listed on your post.

  10. This is a great list and would make some nice gifts. I do like the popcorn bowl and candle. I don’t watch all the Hallmark movies but I do love watching my favorite Christmas themed movies.

  11. You put the c in cozy with all those great mugs, blankets and shirts. I am not ready for the holidays yet but they will be coming fast.

  12. LOVE IT! The only thing better than binging the Golden Girls (I know we both share a love of those ladies) is Hallmark Christmas on TV! I need a big sweater, a big mug, and a LOT of Christmas movies!

  13. These are such great gift ideas! I know many people who watch Hallmark movies and would love them. There are a few I like to watch!

  14. I didn’t realize that there was so much interest in watching Christmas movies. Especially so early. Some of these gift ideas are really cute.

  15. Oh I love settling in and watching some Christmas movies. It’s one of the best parts of winter for us.

  16. I love Hallmark Christmas movies but never have the chance to just lounge and binge them! I need to make some time this year!

  17. OK I love this and need it ALL what some incredible ideas, I am all for a comfy jumper and good cushion to settle down in while drink some coco! Perfect.

  18. Oh my gosh I need to show all these shirts to my daughter. She is obsessed with Hallmark Christmas movies.

  19. I Love all of these. Hallmark Christmas movies are my favorite. I always watch them every year.

  20. I really need to have some friends and family that support my Hallmark Christmas movie obsession. They should be giving me these gifts.

  21. I feel the Christmas in the air! I need one of these t-shirts for sure!

  22. Wow! I am really loving those Hallmark Christmas movies sweatshirt. They all look sooo perfect for Christmas. And I must get one of those Hallmark Christmas Movie Watching Mugs.

  23. OMG! I love these! They are all so cute! Our Christmas isn’t complete without Hallmark Christmas movies!!

  24. I am seriously obsessed with Hallmark Christmas movies. My husband just threatened to cancel our cable for the months of November and December because he said he’s afraid I’ll spend all my time watching Hallmark Christmas movies…and he’s not totally wrong! ????

  25. Julie Waldron Reply

    I love the mugs! I think my husband enjoys Hallmark movies more than I do. LOL The drinking game would be fun!

  26. I think I must be the only woman in the world who doesn’t get into the Hallmark Christmas movies! I’ll be over here watching Homicide Hunter or something like it haha!

  27. I am so looking forward to watching the Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel. And I think I found an adorable sweatshirt from the link you shared. Yes!

  28. Karen Propes Reply

    I’m ordering a few now and pinning for later. Hopefully, this will help my family stop bothering me while I’m watching the movies. These are great products, thanks so much for sharing.

  29. That time is coming and I am so excited! These are necessities and I love it! Can not wait for the holiday movie marathons!

  30. Rika Livingston Reply

    I love Hallmark movies. I can wait to watch them again during the holiday break! Those hoodies look so comfy!

  31. I love to watch Hallmark movies during christmas season as it has lot christmas lighting, and dressing.These accessories looks really cute.

  32. Antoinette M Reply

    My favorites are the socks and hoodies! Great gifts and at an affordable price, too!

  33. Hallmark Christmas movie season is my favorite time of the year, so I think I need all of these to watch the movies in perfect style.

    • It warms my heart watching Hallmark Christmas movies. We get so busy running around that we need to get back to the reasons why Christmas is special and Hallmark Christmas movies captures it.

  34. gloria patterson Reply

    I did not know there was all of this Hallmark stuff. My mother (90) loves her Christmas movies and she watches ever one of them. She has lots of channels but really only watches 2 of them. These would make a great Christmas gift

  35. Great list. I like to get out the blankets, cocoa and some snacks for hallmark movie time at my house

  36. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    So many great ideas! I really love the sweatshirts and hoodies!

  37. Great gift ideas for one of my mom’s friends. I’ll have to share with my mom!

  38. Love the Hallmark extras. Makes watching Christmas movies even more cozy and enjoyable!

  39. Love these. I am a big Hallmark movie fan especially around Christmas.

  40. My sister loves watching these movies so I know she’d like some of these.

  41. I don’t like to watch Hallmark movies (bah humbug, I know) but my husband loves them. Love your roundup — pinning for future gifting ideas!

  42. Hallmark makes such lovely movies for Christmas. I look forward to them every year.

  43. Sandra Dufoe Reply

    This year I have had the time to watch more of these movies and they are great to get you into the holiday spirit. I love the socks and mugs.

  44. Mary Gardner Reply

    These are all great but I definitely need a mug and the do not disturb socks!

  45. Elizabeth H. Reply

    This is amazing! I love all the merchandise paired with the Hallmark movies! Thanks for sharing the goodies and purchase links!

  46. This is such perfect timing– it’s almost laughing! I’ve actually been doing some online shopping today, looking for a small gift to send to my boyfriend. I’ve never seen a Hallmark Christmas movie, but he LOVES them. I’d like to send him a pair of socks and/or a blanket (“This is my Hallmark Christmas Movie- Watching Blanket”). There are so many other great ideas on this post… Thank you!

  47. Maryann D. Reply

    Before we know it, Christmas will be here again to see these movies. The year is going by quickly even with the lockdown in my state.

  48. Jessica Edwards Reply

    These ideas are so fun, I cant wait for Christmas now!

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