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Groove Belts: The Most Stylish, Sleek, & Sexy Belts for Him!

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Forget the classic tie and sweater.  Skip the Beer of the Month subscription and pass on the book that he might read, but probably won’t anyway idea. Style, comfortably, simplicity, and function – what more could dad need in the perfect gift? This year, gift dad a Groove Belt!  It’s all of what he needs, and a lot of what he really wants.

These belts are pretty genius.  First of all, they come with a “No BS Warranty.”  That’s a 94 year warranty that fully covers every belt. Scratch it? Lose it? Cut it? They replace it with no questions asked. How cool is that?  Men can be extra rough on their clothes, like they are with their toys. This warranty comes in VERY handy for the man that jumps before thinking, and might be a little more destructive that you like.

These belts use a special webbing that’s specifically engineered with the right amount of stretch. This is why Groove Belts never have to be adjusted! It also means that they won’t stretch out and become too saggy and loose over time. These belts are CREATED to stay in your belt collection for life!  Plus, check out those buckles. They snap using magnets set in aluminum alloy… which really just means they are strong and lightweight!

Can we talk style for a second? Scroll through the options, and I guarantee you’ll find a great belt for not only dad, but everyone else in your life! They have licensed designs like Avengers or Dallas Cowboys so your man can proudly show his allegiance every day without being too conspicuous.  Score a wood grain buckle, or keep it simple with a beautiful gun metal. The options are there for every personality and every activity!

The belts themselves come in several options, too. How about Realtree for the hunter, and a white belt for the golfer? He can get stylish with the Walnut buckle and Kryptek Highlander belt, or classic with the Black on Black.   There are over 85 different designs… so you should have no problem picking out the perfect belts for him. Plus, they are only  around $60. Seriously – around $60 for these belts that are made to last a lifetime.  That’s crazy awesome!

I scored one, and I have to admit, I was pretty blown away and surprised by the quality. The webbed material is so neat, because although it’s super durable, it’s also stretchy when it needs to be. And of course, the buckles are just as amazing as they look on the website! So sleek! Plus, I have to point out that they make it SO EASY for sizing – just match his pant size, and you’ll find the right sized belt. I love that.

If you’re looking for a unique, fun, and affordable gift for the men in your life this year – consider these awesome Groove Belts. You can’t go wrong with the quality, styles, and amazing fit they offer. Grab one for his stocking, or let the kids wrap one up as their gift this year. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Game changer! Definitely checking out their site now, thanks for posting about these!

  2. My husband needs some new belts. I’ll have to check these out. Thanks!

  3. I’m going to bookmark this site so I don’t forget to grab them for my husband and sons at Christmas. I love belts like this. Especially when working in the car industry!

  4. Chloe Brown Reply

    Okay.. Andrew works 13 hour days. He needs this!! Buying now. Love the army green color

  5. Edith Aguirre Reply

    Oh, this is great information, will totally take a look at their website.

  6. Nadalie Bardo Reply

    These are super cool! They really remind me of the belts that were around in the early 20s.

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