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What’s making you happy lately?   Are you exhausted by the Coronavirus and tired of negativity?  Every day, I try to find things to make me HAPPY… and today, I’ll share a few of those with you guys! 

FUN FUN FUN FUN!  Halloween is coming!!!  There’s this brand new, fun The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Cookbook & Entertaining Guide out, and it looks AMAZING!

And finally, something making me happy is one of my newest recipes… Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes! SO GOOD and simple to make, with a surprise ingredient in the cake! 😉



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Have a great time hopping, and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. My one year old nephew is making me happy right now! Seeing him smile brightens my spirit.

  2. Nancy E Loring Reply

    Right now having the day off from work is making me very happy. I am a waitress and we have been very busy for the last 4 or 5 months. I am also very happy about that.

  3. The start of Fall is making me happy right now. Looking forward to cooler weather, hot apple cider, and falling leaves.

    • Getting ready to decorate for Halloween is making me happy right now!

  4. Ashley Irby Reply

    This is my first year homeschooling my son & I’m absolutely loving it! ❤️

  5. Elaine Gauthie Reply

    That my parents are healthy and that I can see family again.

  6. Elizabeth H. Reply

    What makes me happy right now is knowing Fall is right around the corner! I cannot WAIT for it to get cooler outside, for the leaves to start changing and for all the awesome smells that come along with Fall!

  7. Wendy Jensen Reply

    What is making me happy right now is that our grandson who was born July07 with 2 bad kidneys, but they are functioning, is at home after spending 3 weeks in hospitals in ICU (even had 2 helicopter rides) and gaining weight! Go our little fighter!

  8. The cooler weather is making me so happy right now just wish it was raining.

  9. I am happy right now because my family is healthy and the weather has finally cooler off.

  10. Dan Dykstra Reply

    I retired two weeks ago. I’m catching up on all the projects around the house. It feels great and I’m happy happy happy!

  11. Darlene Carbajal Reply

    Not gonna lie, but winning giveaways is making me happy right now. 🙂

  12. Right now it’s my new phone. Dropped and killed my old one. Finally got the new one up and running.
    Thanks for the contest.

  13. Ashley Parks Reply

    My little boy sleeping beside me on the couch makes me happy. I need to go put him in his bed soon, but I love watching his sweet little face sleeping so peacefully.

  14. My family and a hopeful trip to Disney World with out little niece

  15. Melissa Storms Reply

    itting on the shelf.I just processed 20 quart of tomatoes that I started from seed in February. It makes me so happy to see them s

    • Rebecca Mason Reply

      My youngest daughter is learning how to use crayons. Every time she finishes a drawing, she says, “Ta daaaa!” and hands it to me.

  16. Nancy E Loring Reply

    I spent the day with my daughter today and we went to a new restaurant and the food was delicious.

  17. Being able to grow and eat food from our garden has made me so very happy.

  18. Susan Smith Reply

    Cooler weather and watching football with my hubby is making me happy!

  19. Thomas Gibson Reply

    What is making me happy right now is a toss up between my daughter and chihuahua.

  20. Elizabeth Miller Reply

    What is making me happy is seeing how happy my teen is being back with her friends at school and how excited my granddaughter is to be able to start back in second grade on the 8th.

  21. Shirley Emitt Reply

    What makes me happy is just getting a very good report from the school.

  22. The cooler temps are making me very happy right now. I love autumn!

  23. The cooler weather is making me very happy right now. Humidity kills my energy.

  24. Christina Gould Reply

    What’s making me happy right now is that I don’t have to work for a living.

  25. Nicole Krutz Reply

    I’m happy that I’m about to graduate college with honors at 40 year old!

  26. I just found Delicata squash at the store for the first time in about 5 years. Yum!!!!

  27. The thing that is making me happy right now is I am about to enjoy a big cup of Starbucks pumpkin spice from my Keurig cozy at home!

  28. I am really happy that Manifest ic coming back too. My daughter and I love it and really want to know how it is going to turn out! I am always really happy that Broadway is coming back and we are going to our first show in a year and a half this Sunday!

  29. The sunny days and nice and cool nights is making me happy. I love autumn!

  30. Vikki L Billings Reply

    My 4 grandchildren make me happy and I have #5 on the way.

  31. Jerry Marquardt Reply

    I love to go to take photos and enjoy an afternoon to make my fall day the perfect one.

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