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Inspire, Empower & Enlighten Your Kids with Girls Know How Books!

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Little girls are made of sugar and spice and all that’s nice.  But empowered, enlightened and energized little girls are made up of so much more! Add a dash of daring, a sprinkle of sassiness, a pinch of pride, and a cup of creativity, and you have the recipe for the girl of the 21st century!  The new Girls Know How book series embodies all that is feminine and fantastic, while pushing them to drive themselves and their futures. This brilliant series inspires kids to explore and pursue the career of their dreams through engaging characters and amazing storylines!

The author, Ellen Langas, is a passionate youth career education advocate that brought her love of writing into the mix to create this incredible series.  It targets girls ages 7-12, so the emphasis is on fun reading with characters girls can relate to easily. These chapter books are fictional, however, they introduce characters that are based on real-life successful role models.  You can actually read about those real-life empowered women and kids at Girls Know How!

There are four books in the series as of now that target different careers: 

  • JournalismWill Stephanie Get The Story?
  • ConstructionRaising The Roof
  • TeachingSmart Alex
  • Science: Super Science Girls!

Beyond the really fun reading in the books (they totally brought me back to my childhood days and love of reading when I was a kid!), Ellen goes even further with her passion. Online at Girls Know How, she offers free activities and study guides for parents, teachers, librarians and Girl Scout leaders love! Anyone that helps to impact and influence your little girls’ lives can use these free resources!   My favorite is the Career Exploration Worksheet – I would have LOVED to think about and fill this out when I was a little one!

At Girls Know How, they offer support to parents, teachers, and children to help them discover new career opportunities. With relatable, fun characters, there’s no doubt your little girl will bond with them and begin to emulate their drive and dedication, too!   Want even more? Check out the Girls Know How Blog – which is FILLED with empowered women, amazing stories, and great information about women in the workplace!

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    • i love books tht reach kids moral. lessons that they can also apply in real life. it is good to introduce to youngsters the fun of reading espexially when the books are influential to their character building.

  1. janell Poulette Reply

    I had never heard of these. But I really think my daughter would love them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I never had this opportunity growing up but I am so inspired to take my kid for this!

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      Kids have so many wonderful opportunities now!

  3. I love that these books are based on real-life women and expand the universe for young girls.

  4. Dalene Ekirapa Reply

    WOW! Girls Know How is definitely the girl’s hub! Girls taking art in the program must not only turn out as more daring and visionary but also, very confident right from a tender age. I love that parents and teachers are also supported to ensure they remind their girls to stay focused.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      I love every aspect of it, too! And incorporating teachers and parents is brilliant!

  5. I was not aware of the series. Maybe if my sister or sister in law gives birth to a girl, I will definitely suggest them. Any such series on Boys would be happy to buy for my son.

  6. These Girls Know How books sound absolutely wonderful! They’re definitely something that every young girl should be having the opportunity to read.

  7. As a mom of girls I absolutely love these. I hadn’t heard of them before

  8. I wish I had some great resources like these while growing up! This series is a great holiday gift too!

  9. Wow! This books is so pretty amazing. And I know young girls would really love this. Every young girls will relate to this so much.

  10. This is something my baby sister would love for sure! Definitely going to grab a few if these to start out with.

  11. Marjie Mare Reply

    This is a great list. My younger one is 13, and it’s not too late to empower her. I will get them for her.

  12. Catherine Santiago Jose Reply

    First time to hear about it and it sounds like a good book to read by kids, will definitely check this out!

  13. These books look amazing! I would definitely order them for my daughter when she reaches that reading age.

  14. Twinspirational Reply

    Wow, these books looks so great..! Girls will definitely love these, I would definitely share this blog to my friends who have daughters.

  15. gloria patterson Reply

    WOW these are what young girls have needed for years. My great niece is to young for these but I am going to add these to my future to do list.

  16. These would have been so great when my three daughters were little. One grew up to be a Pharmacist. One a Computer Science Engineer and the youngest (at 22 yrs old) is in Fashion Merchandising! They didn’t have a lot of fun, female type things when they were little…..I would have bought these!

  17. Mary Gardner Reply

    I had not heard of this series before but am so excited about it. The idea of empowering girls and encouraging them to become strong women is one of the most important things we can do for the next generation.

  18. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    This sounds like a great series. We need to help girls build confidence.

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