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Unique Gifts For Wine Enthusiasts!

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Work is done, kids are in bed and it’s time for a glass of your favorite Merlot! It’s your bestie’s birthday and you’re stuck for a fun gift idea. Girl’s Night has become a tradition and you want some fun party favors for your friends. The love for wine has risen every year, and now is no exception. In fact, it’s become the #1 favorite adult beverage of “millennials” this year. With so much respect for this classic drink, there’s no doubt you’ll be needing a gift for a friend or family member at some point. No matter why you need them, here are some unique gifts for the wine enthusiasts!

1. Can’t stand tasting bits of cork in your glass when you have trouble opening the bottle? Here is an amazing electronic wine opener tool that will eliminate the work so all you get is pure vino! 

2. Wine condoms? Here’s a funny alternative to bottle stoppers-  Wine Condoms!  These slide over the top of your wine, and keep it fresh, instead of re-corking or using stoppers.


3. Speaking of on the go…need that wine to be a little more mobile? Just make sure someone else is driving when you use your ultimate adult sippy cup!  

4. Think you can’t lose weight while drinking? Think again and have  a great time while you read it and sip away!

5. Split a bottle of wine, with these fun stemless wine glasses! Each holds 1/2 of a bottle and are certainly unique! They might not look romantic, but they will be sure to enhance romance 😉  This is also a great way to know just how much you and your friend or partner are drinking, and there’s no need to re-cork the bottle!

6.Love the vino so much you could bathe in it?  Try this wine soap, which also makes a great stocking or gift basket stuffer! Right now, it only comes in Merlot, but just a note-  you can also get them in beer and whiskey.


7. Wine night in with the girls? Bachelorette party? Here is the perfect drinking game! Chardonnay Go is a sassy drinking board game for adults with a ton of silly cards and more. You can also score Wine-Opoly for a classically fun game!

8. If you don’t mind the struggle, here is another wine bottle opener for de-corking your favorite flavor, and it looks like a bottle! Just make sure when you are on the go with this, to remember to take an actual bottle of wine. 😉

9. What woman wouldn’t love to have wine catered to her?  These fun “If you can read this, bring me wine” socks come in tons of cute styles and alternative wordings!

10.  What’s a relaxing night without wine and a coloring book? Combine the two and you get this  #winelife Snarky Adult Coloring Book!  Another fun idea is to play Wine Mad Libs!


Gifts for wine lovers can be more than just a new bottle of their favorite blend. Get them something fun, sassy, snarky or sexy!

Cheers and drink responsibly!

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