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Unicorn Gifts – for People Who LOVE Unicorns!

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Gifts for People Who Love Unicorns

Unicorns are magical, mystical, beautiful creatures filled with rainbows and hearts. Unicorn lovers believe that unicorns are not only real, but awesome. For those who wish they were a unicorn, or just need a few rainbows in their life, here are some awesome unicorn gifts for any unicorn fan!

#1 Sunny days spent lounging by the pool are filled with unicorns and rainbows with this pool float

#2 Gloomy workdays at the office are filled with rainbows with this tape dispenser complete with rainbow tape. 

#3 The only thing better than unicorn hunting is being a unicorn yourself with these unicorn horn headbands in a variety of colors.

#4 Bike riders in search of unicorns will love this bike helmet.  

#5 Those who know that a morning isn’t complete without coffee AND unicorns will love this coffee mug.

#6 Closet unicorn lovers who want the whole world to know about their love of unicorns will love wearing this t-shirt.

#7 Members of the Unicorn Squad who want to spread peace and love will enjoy this adorable love bracelet.

#8 Kids and kids at heart who dream of owning their own unicorn will love this giant plush unicorn

#9 Movie lovers wanting to see the greatest unicorn movie ever made will love The Last Unicorn.

#10 Unicorn lovers with a sense of humor will love this Unicorn Poop Scented Soap.

#11 For the creative unicorn fan, this Unicorn Coloring Book is sure to put a smile on their face.

#12  This 10 Piece Unicorn Makeup Brush Set is so much fun, and pays homage to unicorns with twisty horn handles and rainbow brush heads.

#13  Grab this battery operated Unicorn Desk Lamp shaped like a unicorn’s head, and let it light up your life!

#14 Let guests and visitors know just what will happen if you enter, with this awesome Unicorn Parking Only Sign.

#15 For the unicorn fan that loves wine, score this unique Unicorn Wine Holder for them. It’s functional, and displays their wine with their favorite animal!


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  1. elle who a author go and get unicorn a lot and then she give them way

  2. I want the tape dispenser complete with rainbow tape. Very cute

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