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Unique Gifts for Pampered Cats

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Unique gifts for pampered cats

Gifts for pampered Cats

Cats can be very picky and persistent animals. If you have the patience for them, they can also bring you a lot of joy. But what do you give a cat who already has complete rule over your house? These gifts for cats will satisfy even the most pampered kitty.

#1 When your cat wants to join you on morning walks, there’s this stroller in a multitude of colors. 

#2 When you want to regain control of your living room but your cat thinks it belongs to them, there’s this cat condo.  

#3 When your cat needs their own playground and you turn your living room into a tunnel park.  

#4 For the cat who loves to go wild when they get a whiff of catnip, there are these toys.

#5 When your cat wants to play and you want to sit and have a beer and watch Netflix, there’s this automatic laser toy to play with your cat.  

#6 When your cat likes to claw everything including your new couch, there’s this scratching post.

#7 When your cat acts like a monkey and is always climbing the walls, there’s this climbing tree.

#8 When you are too busy rubbing your cat’s belly to clean it’s litter box there’s this self cleaning automatic litter box.

#9 When your cat likes to chase birds, there’s this electronic feather chasing toy that the birds will thank you for buying.

#10 When your cat plays in the toilet there’s this flower water fountain to save your sanity.

#11 When your cat needs more than just a litter box or laser toy, grab a Pet Giftbox filled with treats, toys, hygiene items and much more!

#12 When kitty can’t get comfy and needs some extra heat beneath him, score this Heated Cat Pad/Bed to keep him warm and cozy!

#12 When laying around on the window sill or lazing on the couch isn’t relaxing enough, give your furry friend a Cat Hammock to chill on!

#13 When your cat requires entertainment during the day, use this Cat Dreams DVD for them to enjoy. It’s basically a DVD filled with things cats love that they can watch, all shot from a cat’s perspective.

#14 When your cat acts like a child and gets excited about bubbles – grab these catnip bubbles for them!

#15 When kitty’s paws are exhausted and overworked from laying around and playing with the catnip, pamper them with this Moisturizing Paw Rub!

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