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10 Unique Gifts For Kindergarteners

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gifts for kindergartners

Finding gifts for kindergarteners is tough! They are too old for preschool toys and in many cases too young for elementary school toys. They want to be independent, don’t want to be thought of as babies, and want to distance themselves from their younger siblings. Here are some great gift ideas for any child starting kindergarten!

Gifts for Kindergarteners

gifts for kindergartners

#1 When your child grows up and looks back on their childhood, this school memories album covering preschool through 12th grade will become a beloved keepsake. 

gifts for kindergartners

#2 When your child is interested in STEM toys but you think they are too young, there’s this mouse maze coding toy that even adults will want to play with.

gifts for kindergartners

#3 When your child begs for a tablet, and you want to get one that is educational and fun, there’s the Leap Frog Epic Android Tablet.

gifts for kindergartners

#4 When you’re trying to teach your child to spell, there’s this Scrabble Jr game to turn family game night into an educational experience.

gifts for kindergartners

#5 When your kindergartener starts their first day of school, they’ll need an adorable backpack and lunch pack set. These adorable animal Skip Hop Backpacks fit the bill and include water bottles. Bumble Bee, Butterfly, Cat, Dinosaur, Dog, Giraffe, Ladybug, Monkey, and Owl are available!

gifts for kindergartners

#6 When your child is excited about starting kindergarten, there’s this t-shirt that lets everyone know they are leaping with excitement.

#7 When your child is learning sight words and needs more practice, there’s this set of books that features 50 sight words, 25 books, and a workbook.

gifts for kindergartners

#8 When your child can’t get enough of drawing and coloring, there’s this Crayola art set that comes in a handy carrying case.

gifts for kindergartners

#9 When your child wants to read a book, but you are busy doing the dishes, there’s this Leap Frog Interactive Reader that teaches kids to read.  Purple and Green.

gifts for kindergartners

#10 When you’re trying to prepare your child for kindergarten, but there is so much to learn there’s this Kindergarten Readiness Kit.

Finding gifts for kindergartners doesn’t have to be a chore!  Appease their picky side, and let them feel independent with these awesome gift ideas!


  1. denise low Reply

    These are very nice for a kindergarteners. I like the kindergarten readiness kit. I think that it really helps for the child just starting.

  2. My goddaughter is starting Kindergarten soon and I’m wondering if it will start getting harder to know what she likes…

  3. Darcy Koch Reply

    All great gifts for the little person starting school. Educational toys are great for kids in addition to having fun.

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