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Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women & Baby Showers

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Pregnancy and giving birth to a baby is one of life’s biggest miracles and happiest times. Choosing a gift for a pregnant mom can be extremely difficult, because everyone is buying the typical baby stuff like cribs, blankets, and sleepers. This list of items has gifts that any pregnant woman is sure to love.

#1 This adorable three trimester photo frame will help you display your sonogram photos for the entire world to see.

#2 This memory book will help you capture every precious moment of your little one’s first five years. It even includes an ink pad for handprints and footprints.

#3 Instagram and Facebook lovers will enjoy these baby bump stickers and photo prop cards for each week of pregnancy.

#4 A day of rest, relaxation, and serious pampering is just what any mom to be needs. This Spa Finder gift card will allow her to choose a spa in her area. As a bonus, it comes with an emery board. $50! (Available in other styles in denominations of $25-$100)

#5 Commemorate your baby belly forever with this deluxe belly casting kit and belly cast painting kit.

#6 Look stylish when you head out to lunch with friends with this adorable Momo Maternity dress.

#7 A good night’s sleep is definitely possible with this best-selling body snuggle pillow.

#8 Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up coffee. Mommee Coffee makes a line of naturally decaffeinated, low acid coffee just for moms to be.

#9 The Belly Bottle reminds you to drink plenty of water with actual time interval markings on the bottle. You will always know just how much water you’ve had, and still need to drink.

#10 New moms to be will find plenty of advice and sanity with the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.

#11 My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is the perfect teddy bear for a mom to be, or a newborn. It holds a sonogram photo and includes a heart shaped voice recorder to record the sound of your baby’s heartbeat.

#12 This beautiful Tree of Life necklace can be filled with a soothing essential oil like lavender to calm you down, or an invigorating oil like citrus to give you a boost.

#13 Belly Buds let you share your favorite music with your baby in the womb. Lullabies at the end of the day to quiet down, classical music for intelligence, it’s all up to you.

#14 Keep your baby bump soft and smooth with Burt’s Bees Belly Butter.

#15 Let your friends and family know the gender of your baby to be with these awesome scratch off gender reveal cards. $9.99 for 25 cards!


  1. I like the scratch off gender reveal cards. Much better than starting a forest fire.

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