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Geomag’s Magnetic Systems Inspire STEM Skills & Imagination!

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When play time can also be learning time, it’s a win-win for parents and kids. Geomag completely understands just what makes a toy super fun, but also educational. They start at the core… building blocks! That’s right! Geomag products are building toys that ignite some serious creativity in children. They also embody STEM skills, but when you add the power of magnetism into the mix – you have something truly magical!

Geomag Classic, Kor, Magicube, Mechanics and Pro-L, that base play activities on the invisible and magical power of magnetism. They want kids to be kids, and play, create and explore.  They also want kids to be inspired by science.  By combining the effects and magic of magnetism, with colorful and engaging toys, they’ve truly brought something unique into the toy industry. In fact, all of the Geomag’s goal is to foster creativity and learning through the science of the magnetic construction.

One of the newest products that I am most excited about is the Geomag Mechanics Challenge!  This is SO COOL!  It’s a magnetic target shooting kit with 95 pieces.  And the best part is, it’s appropriate for kids as young as only 7 years old.  This STEM toy relies on magnets for the construction system. Put it together, aim, and shoot! It’s simple, super fun, and a great learning and exploring experience for kids, too.  In fact, all of the Geomag Mechanics kits are pretty amazing! 

Imagine the pride your kids will have when they build this awesome magnetic cannon. The instructions are easy to understand, and simple enough for kids to figure out. Plus, the different shapes and dishes of the pieces will help encourage a love of engineering and construction, too!  And when they can play with the toy that they built themselves… now THAT is magic!

Magicube, one of Geomag’s latest and greatest inventions, is the brand new construction system that will reinvent the classic cube by making it magical! The cubes were created for kids that love to create, discover and learn.  Each cube will stick to the others at any side, because they are magnetic!

These are absolutely incredible products for your baby, toddler and young kids. The colors and pictures are fun, vibrant and silly.  Quite honestly, I spent a good bit of time playing with the Geomag Magicube Free Building 27-Piece Set!  The magnets are strong – but slide and pull apart easy enough for a child to manipulate them.  Plus, they are made with a great plastic that is tactile and easy to hold in small hands.  I especially like that the corners are slightly rounded, making building fun without risk of injury.

And then, there’s one of my absolute FAVORITES – the Magicube Magnetic Theatre!  Kids can play out a classic tale – The Three Little Pigs on a magnetic stage with magnetic blocks and magnetic character and prop pieces! There’s even a book with each “act” that they can stage and play out. The characters are so cute, too.  This is a wonderful way to let kids’ imagination run wild!

Head over to check out all of the amazing Geomag products, and gift your kids something that’s non-tech, but just as fun to play with this year.  Combining STEM skills, imagination and a little bit of magnetic magic makes Geomag products amazing gifts for creative and inquisitive kids!

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  1. Geomag Mechanics Challenge looks perfect for my son. We have that 27 piece block set, my son loved playing with them and explore his creativity with it.

  2. These look so fun! My middle daughter would have loved something like this when she was little.

  3. Mary Gardner Reply

    These are some great toys that would spark lots of imagination. I think my granddaughters would especially like the Geomag Magicube Free Building Set.

  4. Oh my gosh, these look awesome! I think my boys need these for Christmas so I can play with them, I mean they can play with them! Haha!

  5. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    I really like the wide range of toys they have. They all look like fun.

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