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Unique Game of Thrones Gifts

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The final season is coming!  Or, it might be here or long gone, depending on when you read this. One thing that that won’t change is a die hard fans love for Game of Thrones.  Hardcore GOT fans know their love for the characters and storylines will never die.  So why not gift them some fun, unique Game of Thrones gifts that they can hang onto, even after the show dies off?

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion were definitely a game changer in the show.  These Wall Charmers pay tribute to the amazing, mystical dragons of the show! In fact, this one is called, “The Drogon.”  Hang it on your wall, and intimidate visitors!

“I drink and I know things.”  That’s what he does, and you can too!  This his and hers beer and wine glass set is the perfect way to tip the glass to Tyrion Lannister.

“Shhhh I’m watching Game of Thrones” socks are perfect for anyone that kicks their feet up, and expects pure silence and concentration while they watch.

When the show comes to an end and you have nothing else worthy of living for… grab a fun Game of Thrones board game to stoke your fandom again. When you miss Westeros, head to your game closet. Check these out:

Sip your morning coffee with pride.  Drink with dignity.  Wake up and pour yourself a cup of awesome with this kickass  Game of Thrones Coffee Mug!

You’ll have the theme song in your head for the rest of your life, no doubt.  But just in case you need a little reminder, this Game of Thrones music box has your back.

This Game of Thrones “Dinner is Coming” Bamboo Cutting Board is one amazingly unique item that your kitchen needs.  

For the romantic Game of Thrones fan, grab these “Moon of my life” and “My sun and stars” wine glasses.  Drowning  in wine is better than realizing that Khal Drogo is gone, forcing Khaleesi to move on.

Babies love Game of Thrones almost as much as they love to poop!  This “Poop is coming” onesie is perfect for the little king or queen in the making.

Let your visitors know exactly what they can expect before you open the door. With this “Bend the Knee” personalized doormat, you’ll leave no doubt in their minds.

Because your throne is your throne.

A Game of Thrones adult coloring book is just what you need to relax when the series gets too intense.  Or something bad happens….or something shocking happens…  you’ll be coloring a lot!

Paint yourself pretty with some Game of Thrones makeup brushes!  These come in rose gold, silver or bronze, and have GOT symbols on the ends – fancy!

It’s not The North Face, it’s The North Remembers. Everything can be cleverly changed to honor GOT when you put “remembers” or “is coming” at the end!

Dragon eggs might not exist anymore, but you can still build some of your own with a 3D Dragon Egg Puzzle!

Awwwwww *gag*  You and your love can be just about as sappy as Drogo and Daenerys with these couples bracelets! Oh, and you can up it a notch with these matching rings, with the inscription in Dothraki.

You’re obviously not a fan, if you don’t own the Game of Thrones Tarot Deck!  You may not learn about the characters’ futures…but you might be able to find out about yours.

This book (which I own) is seriously badass.  It has really interesting facts and geography information about Westeros.  Each page folds out to reveal the area, and when you unfold the entire book, you have all of Westeros in 3D!


With so many Game of Thrones products on the market now, it’s hard to find the perfect gift for fans or treat for yourself.  Hopefully you found something fun and unique in this list!

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  1. I may be one of the few that has never seen the show. I do like dragons.

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