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What’s making you happy lately?  Is it something simple like a quiet ten minutes with your morning coffee?  Or maybe you have a vacation planned. Here are a few things that have been making me happy lately:

It’s pumpkin spice season again! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Coffee freaks (that’s me)!!!!  I made an Espresso Banana Bread that will blow you away… and it’s SUPER easy and fast to make, too!

YESSSSS!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show Dead to Me (Netflix), and have been waiting for the new season to come out. Season 3 is set to be released in November… making this fall even BETTER!


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Stop by my Instagram snack account to see one of my new favorite treats!  This new talent Caramel Gingerbread Gelato is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Seriously. I had no idea these flavors would pair so well…. I’m in HEAVEN!



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  1. Elizabeth Tierce-Miller Reply

    What is making me happy right now is watching colleges come back and accept my teen and offering scholarships so she is now truly seeing that all her hard work has paid off.

  2. Shelly Peterson Reply

    My grandkids make me happy. I have one more on the way. Yay!

  3. Bea LaRocca Reply

    My eldest granddaughter called me from college yesterday just to check in on her grandma, that made me so happy!

    • Its almost fall! My most favorite season! I’m happy to start holiday decorating!

  4. Marisela Zuniga Reply

    My baby girl who is 4 months! She’s at an age where she loves to smile and babble a lot

  5. Amanda Hendricks-Selby Reply

    I’m happy that my partner took me to see one of my favourite bands in concert the other night.

  6. Susan Smith Reply

    The cooler weather and my nephew getting married next week.

  7. The weather is making me so happy right now nice and much cooler than it has been.

  8. Cleaning my house out is making me happy right now. I like a nice, clean, tidy space.

  9. I saw my niece and nephew today. Haven’t seen them in a couple of months

  10. I am happy because we discovered a wonderful new restaurant today that has affordable lunch specials and very generous portions! One lunch entree was enough for both my lunch and my dinner!

  11. Getting to spend time with my mom, my sisters and nieces makes me super happy.

  12. I am happy for a wonderful Friday night. I’m enjoying football games.

  13. Darlene Owen Reply

    What makes me happy was visiting my 6 grandchildren yesterday, ages 2-14

  14. Molli Taylor Reply

    Ive had COVID so im not super full of joy, but I’ve been watching some good shows like Lucifer that make me happy

  15. My adult beverage is making me so happy right now it’s been one loooooong day.

  16. Alexa Nernberg Reply

    Making me happy right now: being comphy in bed with a good book.

  17. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    I’m happy right now just being with my family and spending time together.

  18. Today being my last day of a 7 day straight work stretch is making me happy

  19. What’s making me happy right now is sitting on the back deck with my husband for an early dinner after we watch some football.

  20. It is raining in Northern California which is making me so HAPPY!!!!!! We need the rain!!!!

  21. Julie Donahue Reply

    My high school senior/drum major/show choir/worship leader/Revelation Band member and his beautiful girlfriend.

  22. birgette oster Reply

    i am happy that i decided to cut people from my life that was only causing problems

  23. What is making me really happy right now is the fact that I can see well again. I had cataract surgery on my right eye recently and I did’t realize all the colors and detail I was missing out on.

  24. Hie Jeni. Neither one of the Word of the Day(s) works more than one time.

  25. beth shepherd Reply

    I am going to my sons wedding in 2 days. I am very excited!

  26. Lyndsey Rullman Reply

    I am down 87lbs. I am hoping to meet my goal weight loss of 100lbs gone by my 40th birthday in October!

  27. I’m drinking a really good mocha with maple whipped cream!

  28. I’m happy that there is a very low chance of getting covid right now.

  29. Cindy Merrill Reply

    My two cats, Fred and Sophie, I feel blessed to have them!

  30. Wendy Jensen Reply

    What is making me happy is that we were able to get away for a week and see our little grandson.

  31. Listening to my favorite podcast is making me super happy right now.

  32. Cindy Merrill Reply

    My sugar free muffins turned out better than I expected.

  33. Ashley Chassereau Parks Reply

    My kids are in bed and I’m relaxing on the couch right now. That is what is making me happy right now…. just getting to relax a little bit.

  34. Really not very much makes me happy right now. I have been sad every day missing my son who is living away to go to university.

  35. wendy hutton Reply

    right now washing walls is making me happy I hate a dirty house

  36. Amber Lee Kolb Reply

    Any alone time I can get lol. My 3 nieces came to live with my husband and I in the beginning of September and they are 11, 8 and 3 with full dance and after school schedules.

  37. My sister coming into town to visit soon makes me happy right now

  38. Going to try the new brick-and-mortar of a taco truck I like!

  39. Some good reading material is making me happy today. it’s a cold day, nice to be inside and warm. Reading. Drinking hot tea.

  40. Marisela Zuniga Reply

    introducing my 7 year old to the Harry Potter movies and him enjoying it is making me happy

  41. Finding out that my friends are safe after Hurricane Ian made landfall.

  42. Marisela Zuniga Reply

    I’m happy with this cool weather and us enjoying the outdoors

  43. I’m happy right now because the weather has finally cooled down.

  44. Beginning a new crocheted blanket is making me happy today. I love choosing the colours.

  45. Summer like temperatures at the end of September are making me happy!

  46. I am enjoying being back home after traveling for the last few weeks. That is making me happy right now.

  47. Happy that it is Fall here in the desert southwest i.e. weather is getting cooler…slowly !!!

  48. A lovely day a the botanic gardens makes me happy.
    Thanks for the contest.

  49. Cassandra D Reply

    Spending more time with my family and watching my garden grow outside.

  50. I am listening to a great podcast right now that is making me happy also I iced tea.

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