Educational Play 20 Minutes a Day with Teach My!

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Moms are brilliantly resourceful, fiercely protective, and powerfully influential where their children are involved.  Take Christy Cook, for example.  When her son was 18 months, she couldn’t find appropriate teaching materials to help her son learn the alphabet, counting, and reading… so she “mom’d” it and made her own! Christy’s passion for educating her child grew into Teach My – an award winning learning kit system for babies, toddler, preschoolers, and kindergarteners!

Basic math, writing, reading, spelling, ABCs and 123s, even bath toys and educational yoga mats for kids … Teach My has a program to give parents the tools for teaching, screen-free! It’s just parent and child interaction for 20 minutes a day. And the results are nothing short of absolutely amazing.  Seriously – go read some of the testimonials from moms that gave Teach My a shot for their children’s early learning skills!

Teach My Baby

  • 50+ pieces to teach baby first words, first numbers, sounds, touch and self awareness
  • Kit includes finger puppets, books, puzzles, blocks, mirrors
  • Promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, self esteem and parent-child interaction
  • Step by step teaching guide to ensure successful learning and development

Teach My Toddler

  • 60+ pieces to teach your toddler the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors
  • Kit includes 4 board books, 4 posters, 7 puzzles and 55 flashcards
  • Promotes literacy, numeracy, spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Step by step teaching guide to ensure successful learning and development

Teach My Preschooler

Teach My Kindergartener

  • Over 200 Pieces to teach spelling, money, telling time and the year
  • Kit includes fun teaching tools like a wipe-off analog teaching clock, play money and a magnetic spelling board
  • Step by step teaching guide to ensure successful learning and development

Plus, as your kiddos get older, each age group has more available items! Toddlers can start learning continents and animals. Preschoolers can explore the solar system and yoga. And Kindergarteners are able to discover money and calendars! Plus, the highly rated Flashcards boast a 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon, and are suitable for kids 18 months and older.

Parent and child bonding is one of the best tools that Christy could have included in this Teach My system of learning. Just 20 minutes a day is needed to get your babies and kids ahead of the game before they start organized schooling! Be sure to checkout some more of the Teach My videos to see  some pretty adorable little ones showing off their newly learned skills! It’s pretty cute, and super impressive, too!

Clearly, Christy’s Mom Brain helped to create an absolutely amazing product for parents everywhere. If you have little ones in your friend circle or your family, be sure to check out Teach My. These would make amazing gifts for frustrated moms (like Christy was) that just want the best for their children!

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  1. I wish there were items like this when my son was little. He wanted to learn so badly and was always wanting more. This looks like a great tool.

  2. These look like a great way to teach your kids while still making play fun for them. I wish these had been available when my kids were little.

  3. Amber Myers Reply

    How cool! This looks great for small kids. I like all the different options.

  4. Monica Simpson Reply

    Such fun little sets to help teach the littles at home! I love the Kinder set the most.

  5. It’s so easy to get in some educational play with little kids! I miss those days so much, but it is cool to see so many new items for educational playtime now compared to what we had before when my kids were younger.

  6. Love this educational set. I think it’s important to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to your kid!

  7. Nikki Wayne Reply

    I love that it’s screen free. I’m gonna share this information with my mommy friends.

  8. Nathalie Vorche Reply

    These are really activities where kids can enjoy and will also learn! Thank you so much for these ideas

  9. Gervin Khan Reply

    This is so perfect for my 4 year old son, he is starting learning everything today and I am pretty sure that this one could help him a lot.

  10. Dorothy Boucher Reply

    I think I won one of these a few years ago for one of my granddaughters but I fell ill, never got the chance to use it. I think its all downloadable not sure. Either way , I think these are fantastic.

  11. These are really cool educational play game I love this I wish if I had this while my kids are young.

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