Dashing December Giveaway Hop: $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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This giveaway hop is hosted by our friend, MamatheFox

The holidays are HEREEEEE!!!!!! I’m over the moon, because I’m all about the lights, trees, gifts, and goodies! Of course there’s much more about the holidays that I adore, but let’s talk sweet treats! Here are some of my favorite creations with the holiday vibe:

Now, onto the giveaway!


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  1. My favorite holiday treat are peanut butter balls, milk and white chocolate covered pretzels, and my moms sweet potato casserole! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Happy Holidays!

  2. I like sugar cookies, nanaimo bars and cranberry cheesecake bars

  3. i love sweet holiday treats. my favs are cheesecake, pie and sugar cookies.

  4. Jennifer L Blank Reply

    Every year at Christmas I buy as many Pecan Logs as I can get my hands on!! I always share so it ends up never being enough no matter how many I get!!

  5. My moms snowball fudge. It’s chocolate on bottom, then mini marshmallows and pecans, with buttescotch fuge on top.

  6. One thing I end up buying is holly berries. I use these little jellies in Christmas themed glassware as ornaments, and they keep disappearing.

  7. I love cherry cheese pie, rocky road fudge and gingerbread cookies.

  8. Ashley Parks Reply

    I love all the sugar cookies we make and decorate this time of year. They are delicious!

  9. My favorite holiday treat is my mother’s divinity.
    Thanks for the contest.

  10. Athena Graeme Reply

    There are so many good ones, it’s hard to pick. I think I like buckeye balls best!

  11. My favorite treat is Pecan Snowballs. I make them every Christmas!

  12. I love to eat frosted sugar cookies and white chocolate covered pretzels during the holidays!

  13. Karen DeVaney Reply

    My favorite holiday treat is probably fudge, but I also love cinnamon cookies.

  14. My favourite Christmas treats are Christmas cookies, especially Chocolate Shortbread.

  15. Laurie Nykaza Reply

    Our favorite holiday goodies, sweets are decorated cookies and fudge its so good to have at the holidays.

  16. Barb popescu Reply

    My fave is *bohemian chocolate balls*. I haven’t had them in years because my mother HATED making them. They used shortening instead of butter or margarine, finely grated chocolate and nuts. They would rest in a barely warm oven for hours. They were so delicate that they would practically crumble just by touching them.

  17. Lisa Williams Reply

    I love frosted sugar cookies and pumpkin pie and chocolate pie,so yummy!

  18. I love the cutout sugar cookies. I made them last week and my daughter and 2 grandsons came over to decorate them. Always fun!!

  19. My favorite holiday foods involve anything with pecans, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and/or cheesecake (or any combination of those things!). Love things like sweet potato casserole, praline sweet potato pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie…..oh yum!

  20. I love my sister’s cooking during the holidays. Turkey, honey baked ham, and sweet potatoes with little marshmallows are my favorite treats.

  21. Jeanna Massman Reply

    I love Christmas cookies, especially, peanut butter blossoms cookies.

  22. Darlene Carbajal Reply

    My favorite holiday treats are brownies, cookies, and cheesecake!

  23. Leslie Price Reply

    I look forward to homemade gingerbread cookies every year.

  24. Merysa Rios Reply

    We make a dessert/snack called “Christmas Crack” with caramel, chocolate, crackers and sprinkles! It’s very yummy! 🙂

  25. My mother in law makes amazing greens! Its one of my top favorites!

  26. There is this dark chocolate drizzle caramel corn I like to get from Target every year. I cannot remember the exact name of it but it comes in this fairly good-sized canister.

  27. Erin Madigan Reply

    My aunt always makes Chex Mix for Christmas, and I look forward to it every year.

  28. pre-gf: peanut butter blossoms.. now I just want fruit. Being gf has ruined anything.

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