Comfort Revolution Cerulean Bubbles Hydraluxe Gel Cooling Pillow Review! Get A Better, Cooler Sleep!

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The Binder Ladies was sent a Standard Comfort Revolution Cerulean Bubbles Hydraluxe Gel Cooling Pillow to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own, honest and genuine.

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Cooling Pillow Review

Getting a restful, solid night’s sleep is so much more important to our daily lives then we give it credit.  Sleep helps our bodies heal, brains rest, gets us ready to tackle everyday problems that arise, and allows us to celebrate the great moments in life. But what happens when the Summer heat has you tossing and turning?  What do you do when a fan or the air conditioner isn’t cooling you off?  Our body temperatures rise when we sleep – making it difficult for some of us to get a restful night, without waking up uncomfortable and sometimes sweating.  We have a solution for that!  Introducing the Cerulean Bubbles Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow from Comfort Revolution!

I (Jeni), am a very hot sleeper.  I’d prefer my body and face to be slightly chilled when I sleep, and get over-heated pretty quickly.  When the wonderful people at Comfort Revolution sent me this Cerulean Bubbles Hydraluxe Cooling Gel PillowI was ready to put it to the test.  Could it REALLY keep me cool all night, and allow me to sleep without waking up and having to turn my everyday pillow to the “cool side” several times a night?

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Cooling Pillow Review

Comfort Revolution made genius decision when they combined a cool layer of Hydraluxe gel with Memory Foam.  Talk about ultimate comfort!  Featured and praised on Good Morning America, Dr. Oz and The Doctors,  I knew this pillow had to be something pretty special.  For my first night with the pillow, I thought I would leave all of my other nightly routines in place – fan on my face, window cracked open and feet sticking out of the bed.  The first thing I noticed about it was how incredibly comfortable the pillow is.  With or without the Hydraluxe gel layer, it’s perfectly cradling to my neck and head, and made it easy to get situated in bed quickly.  I didn’t have to fluff or adjust a pillow 5 times before finding a comfortable spot – I just laid my head on it and I was set.  These pillows come with a mesh-like cover that’s really nice to sleep on, as well.  I loved how the gel layer gave the pillow a little added dimension, because it felt great to lay on!  My first night with the pillow was amazing.  My head, face and neck stayed cool all night! I was immediately impressed.

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Cooling Pillow Review My second night of using the Hydraluxe Cooling Get Pillow was a little different.  I had a pretty bad sunburn and was afraid that I wouldn’t sleep well, knowing that I’m already hot when I sleep.  I placed the pillow between my legs and laid on my side, so it could be used as a body pillow.  It made a world of difference!!  My arms held the pillow all night, and stayed very comfortable and cool the entire night.  I now use the pillow for either my head or body – depending on my mood for the night. It’s pretty incredible!  When Comfort Revolution says this pillow stays cooler, longer – they aren’t exaggerating.  I now refuse to sleep with out my Cerulean Bubbles Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillowand am genuinely grateful to Comfort Revolution for creating something so innovative and comfortable, because I can FINALLY sleep!

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Cooling Pillow Review

These pillows are an investment.  You’re giving yourself something you, if you’re like me, have struggled with for years – a restful sleep.  Whether you’re a hot sleeper or just want something different to rest your head on, I highly recommend the Cerulean Bubbles Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow!  Standard pillows are just $79.99 ($99.99 for Queen and $129.99 for King) – a steal compared to other brands that claim (and fail) to deliver what these pillows actually do.  Head over to check out the Cerulean Bubbles Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillowand don’t forget to see all of the amazing products that Comfort Revolution has to offer!  You can also follow Comfort Revolution on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.






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  1. I love that you dont have to adjustthe pillow! I need to get a couple new pillows…i am going to look for these!! TY!!

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