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Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide – Unique Gifts for Coffee Addicts!

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Coffee. I call it my “magic bean juice.” It makes me smile, makes me happy, makes me relax and makes me feel whole. For the real coffee lover, there isn’t much about it that they aren’t enamored by when it comes to java. Espresso, lattes, drip, cold brew, iced…. no matter what form it comes in, it truly is the Nectar of the Gods.

These gifts are wonderful suggestions for the coffee lover, or for special “spoil me” gifts for yourself!  It’s the only coffee lover’s gift guide you’ll need, because you’ll probably find everything you could need or want!

Wine or coffee, wine or coffee…. I have this debate nearly every evening after dinner.  This Merlot Infused Coffee is something special, because it helps me not have to decide!

It doesn’t take much.  Just some coffee first thing in the morning.  These adorable (and super cozy) But First Coffee Slippers can speak for you.

Every possible thing you could ever know about coffee is in this book.  That’s a slight exaggeration… but there’s a LOT of really cool info in here about the behind the scenes of coffee production!

Hardcore coffee fanatics live for espresso.  Keep them filled up on it, any time, anywhere, with this amazing Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker!

Wanna do something REALLY special for the coffee fanatic in your life?  Bake something coffee inspired for them, and they’ll love you forever!  Here are a couple of great suggestions – Coffee Cupcakes with Espresso Buttercream Frosting, 5-Minute Donuts with Coffee Icing, and Mocha Cream Puffs!

This Swan Creek Roasted Espresso Candle smells like Heaven… because Heaven smells like espresso. And your house can now smell like Heaven.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Cold brew coffee is all the rage (because it’s freaking amazing).  Check out this awesome Cold Brew Coffee Maker that not only looks cool… but gives you cool coffee.  ….. get it?  😉

Coffee ice cubes aren’t new. But cleaning out the ice cube tray to rid it of coffee flavor when you just want ice… pain in the butt!  This is Fred Cool Beans – an ice cube tray especially for coffee ice cubes, in the shape of coffee beans!

Coffee maple syrup?  YEP!  Wipe the drool from your mouth.  This Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup is handmade in Brooklyn, New York.  This needs to be on my pancakes.  NOW.

A Pink Octopus Coffee Mug.  It’s awesome.  ’nuff said.

This Collapsible Coffee Press is great for those living in tiny homes… or with small spaces available. Plus, it has a reusable built-in filter!

Any man wearing these Molecular Formula Coffee Cuff Links gets my respect. It’s a great way for men to be sassy, too!

This is Ember. It’s the technology coffee lover’s have been waiting for…. and it’s finally here. Your coffee will never get cold (unless you want it to!) because you control the temperature from your phone!

A Steampunk Coffee Grinder.  It exists, and it’s amazing.  Plus, it won’t make that migraine-inducing grinding noise first thing in the morning!

This awesomely cool and artistic Espresso Chart shows espresso options and ratios for espresso drinks.  It’s the only image a coffee lover would need in their kitchen.

What’s THAT, you ask? It’s a cup holder for your luggage!  That’s right – you have enough to carry when you’re traveling. This cup holder can hold standard sizes of coffees, so you don’t have to!

One of the most caffeinated coffees on the market right now… Death Wish Coffee. If it’s caffeine the coffee lover needs, this is the gift to give!

I own 3 of these Contigo Autoseal Travel Mugs.  And I love them all equally. They literally keep your hot coffee HOT for HOURS.  It blows my mind, but it somehow works!

This amazing little Coffee Bean Necklace is sterling silver and absolutely precious! It’s the perfect “I love you” gift to give the girl that says, “I love you” to her coffee every morning!

Sometimes, drinking coffee isn’t always possible. For the severe coffee addict that truly appreciates the bean, there’s this Bali’s Best Espresso Candy! They are made with real Sumatran coffee… mmmm….

Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide!

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  1. Sharon Rooney Reply

    I too love coffee and everything coffee flavored. I can’t wake up unless I have my coffee in the morning.

  2. So many cute and novel ideas, it would be easy and fun to use some of these options to put together a great gift basket!

  3. Mary Gardner Reply

    These are some great gift ideas. I especially like the pink octopus coffee mug.

  4. I have that same Contigo container, even in green! Great taste!

  5. Great gift ideas! I like coffee once in a while, but not as much as some of my friends.
    Does the Contigo travel mug keep drinks cold, too?

  6. My sister needs the First Coffee slippers. She loves her coffee and having warm feet.

  7. Whoa… I love these! The pink octopus mug does creep me out a little, though. :p Overall, though, a sweet roundup!

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