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Children’s Personalized Story Books – I See Me Review #2016Products

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Some of the most meaningful things you could give to a child or a new parent is a personalized gift that will last a lifetime. I See Me has a long list of beautiful children’s books with bright illustrations and fun, easy-to-read stories. The pages are made from nice thick paper, so it’ll hold up for years to come. The best part: the child is featured in the story! His or her name, and a character that’s designed in their likeness, appears on nearly every page in several of their books. With books in every category you can imagine, there’s something for every child. From goodnight stories to becoming a big brother or sister to celebrating the holidays, I See Me has the perfect storybook for your child. I See Me makes personalizing their books is a super convenient process; for each product they sell there is a simple, easy-to-use personalization form that prompts you for all the details they need to make the child’s book exclusively their own. They even offer a list of inscriptions that they know will look amazing in any of their books!


I, Sarina, was delighted to receive another outstanding book from I See Me to review. Last Christmas, my husband and I gave our daughter, Liliana, an I See Me storybook and teddy bear set. She absolutely loved it! You can read my review for that book HERE. This time, they sent me a book called “Who Loves Liliana.” This book will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, although it’s so sweet, it could easily be a great gift for any time of year.


“Who Loves Liliana” was completely customized for my daughter. The first page features a personalized dedication from Mom and Dad, with the year she was gifted the storybook. I was also able to add a picture – what a great way to remember exactly when she lost her front teeth! Each page lists a different family member, and describes how much they love her. Included with the book was a fun sticker sheet, which also had the names of all the people listed in the book that love Lili. From the first page to the very end, Lili will know that this book was designed especially for her!


One of the suggested gift ideas for this book is for a new baby, to help reinforce all the people in their lives who love them “so much,” as the book describes; I feel that this story is also great for children who may, for whatever reason, be separated from their loved ones (military deployment, a move, etc.) Even though Lili is 6 years old, this is still a great book for her, as most of our family lives on the other side of the country. It serves as a wonderful reminder of all the people who are thinking about her, and love her dearly. Lili is such a great reader, and I know she will have no problem reading this book on her own. I look forward to hearing her reading it to her grandparents and uncles over Skype this Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure they will love to hear it too!


This book is shown in this review with a pink cover, as Lili is a girl, but can also be made with a blue cover, making an ideal gift for a little boy. It can be written for one child, two siblings or twins; there’s also the option to purchase this in a gift set with an cuddly blanket. The blanket comes in pink or blue, and has the child’s name embroidered on the satin border (personalization takes longer when purchasing a blanket.) There are also several companion gifts that match the book, such as Lunchboxes, PuzzlesColoring Books, Placemats Stickers  and Growth Charts.

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Children’s Personalized Story Books – I See Me Review

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