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Bullet Designs Wing & Prayer 22 Caliber Bullet Charm Necklace

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Bullet Designs Wing & Prayer 22 Caliber Bullet Charm Necklace

Update that Summer wardrobe with some stunning new jewelry or accessories from Bullet Designs!  This amazing company takes pride in their stellar customer service and quality recycled bullet pieces.   Find unique gift ideas from money clips to keychains, and rings to bracelets at Bullet Designs.  From Winchester .357 to .44 Mag, all of their products include an expended, repurposed round for a unique and fun twist on everyday accessories.


I, Jeni, was sent this amazing Wing & Prayer 22 Caliber Bullet Charm Necklace to review.

Bullet Designs Wing & Prayer 22 Caliber Bullet Charm Necklace Review

What an amazing piece of jewelry this is!  First of all, its charms are a great mix of delicate and intricate, with bold and chunky.  Each piece is made of different metals, which offers some eclectic charm.  There is a genuine unfired .22 bullet, antique silver plated wing, Chalcedony charm, and a simulated bead with bronze and silver components.

I especially love the wing charm on this necklace.  At 2 inches long, it certainly makes a statement, and for me, is the most noticeable charm on the piece.  It’s really beautifully designed, with amazing detail in the feathers.  When it catches the light, you can definitely see each etching!

Bullet Designs Wing & Prayer 22 Caliber Bullet Charm Necklace Review!

Balancing the large wing is another great component of this necklace – the bullet.  This .22 caliber bullet is unused and unfired.  At only about an inch, it brings color and depth to the necklace.  It is also quite the conversation starter, too!

I am in LOVE with the Chalcedony gem on this necklace!  The blue/green color is stunning, and really gives the necklace some vibrance.  It’s a brilliant little charm that really stands out amongst all of the metal pieces.

They dangle together on a long, 34″ stainless steel chain, which I really like.  A longer chain allows for the pieces to really strut their stuff and call attention to themselves. This necklace screams out for attention, but has a very dainty feel to it, as well.  That’s something you don’t find very often!

This is an extremely lightweight, multi-faceted and beautiful piece of jewelry.  All of the components are so completely different – yet together, they make an amazing necklace.   It’s eye-catching and a conversation starter, and would be a great new piece to show off this Summer and all year round.

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Visit the Bullet Designs site to shop around for your perfect new accessories and gifts, and don’t forget to visit them on Facebook and Twitter, as well!

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  1. Oh my word!!! I love these! My son shot at Nationals this year for Trap Shooting and I would have totally worn this necklace had I known they existed! How fun!!!

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