10 Bubble Recipes For Summer Fun

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Blowing bubbles is a favorite summer pastime for young children. But what if you could blow amazing bubbles like you’ve never seen before? These 10 bubble recipes will help you give your kids have more fun with bubbles this summer!

#1 Glow in the Dark Bubblesat first this looks like your average bubble recipe, until you add Glycerin and Glow in the Dark paint for bubbles that glow!

#2 Colored Bubblesthis recipe lets you make bubbles that are any color of the rainbow using food coloring and dish soap.

#3 Reusable Bubblesthis recipe makes awesome bubbles that have a slimy appearance and can be used over and over again using liquid starch and clear school glue.

#4 Really Big Bubblesthis recipe makes the biggest bubbles you’ve ever seen, and tells you how to make really large bubbles.

Bubble Recipes For Summer Fun!

#5 Bubble Paint this fun recipe lets you paint using bubbles thanks to liquid tempera paint.

#6 Scented Bubblesthese bubbles not only look cool but they smell great thanks to essential oils.

#7 Hand Bubblesthis recipe lets you make bubbles in the palm of your hand using glycerin.

#8 Bubbles Your Child Can Fit Insidethis recipe makes gigantic bubbles that your child can get inside using gelatin, a kiddie pool, and a hula hoop.

#9 Unpoppable Bubblesthis recipe makes special bubbles that you can play with while wearing microfiber gloves that won’t pop!

#10 Bubble Snakesthis fun recipe makes bubble snakes using a sock and an empty water bottle.

With so many fun options for creating your own unique bubbles, why not head outside with the kids today!?  These recipes are simple and easy enough for anyone to create.  Kids will love playing with magical bubbles they helped make themselves!



  1. Tami Vollenweider Reply

    Love your different recipes for BUBBLES!! I’m going to try the glow in the dark,perfect for my grand son! He’s moving here and I know he would love it!!

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