Borden Crisps ‘n Cubes for the Healthier Lifestyle WIN!

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Transitioning from a fast food eating, couch potato-ing, always in sweats because jeans are too uncomfortable lifestyle is rough. I know this first hand!  My healthier habits started a couple of years ago.  The first thing I did -introduce myself to new, low carb snacks.  I absolutely would NOT give up cheese with this new lifestyle, and now, FINALLY, because of Borden® Cheese, I don’t have to! Their new Crisps ‘n Cubes are the perfect example of keeping the things you love, without giving up your healthier habits.

These snacks are awesome!  They are low carb (less than 1 gram for each pack!), have 9 grams of protein, only 150 calories each, and have no added hormones.  Plus, it’s Borden cheese cubes with 100% oven baked cheese crisps and 100% cheese cubes. YUM!

They have three flavor combinations: Jalapeño Cheese Crisps & Mild Cheddar Cheese Cubes, Sharp Cheddar Cheese Crisps & Colby Jack Cheese Cubes, and Cheddar Cheese Crisps & White Cheddar Cheese Cubes.  And quite honestly, I eat a few of these a week as a quick snack.  They fill me up, give me energy, and fit my healthier lifestyle perfectly – without having to sacrifice my love of CHEESE!

I work out every morning.  It’s part of my routine to get my sweat on and keep my body moving. I reach for the Jalapeño Cheese Crisps & Mild Cheddar Cheese Cubes after I’ve rehydrated and showered.  It seriously helps to fuel me for the rest of the morning, because of those 9 full grams of protein.  I definitely look forward to the mornings when I grab one of these in lieu of breakfast after a long workout.

Once a week, I like to get out and walk around the trail around the lake by my house. It’s a great way to get some fresh air, step away from technology, and keep moving.  I’ll pack a water bottle, a pack of the Sharp Cheddar Cheese Crisps & Colby Jack Cheese Cubes and a towel.  It’s a few miles worth of trail, so about half way around, I sit down, and enjoy this little on-the-go snack. It’s perfect, compact, and tasty!

Am I always moving?  No way!  I need my time to binge my favorite TV shows, too! 🙂  Once a week, the boyfriend and I cuddle up with our blanket, and each enjoy our favorite 150 calorie snack!  Forget high calorie popcorn or candy.  Our go-to is the Cheddar Cheese Crisps & White Cheddar Cheese Cubes.  Mmmmmmm!  It’s a great, low carb evening snack, and bursting with cheesy flavors.  

150 calories, 9 grams of protein, less than a gram of carbs, compact packaging great for on-the-go…. and you guys – it’s CHEESE!  Borden knocked it out of the park with these.  I fell in love with the crisps, because they offer a really fun textural change up from the creamy cubes of cheese.  I don’t need much to keep me going with my healthier lifestyle – but I DO need cheese.  And Borden Crisps ‘n Cubes is a game changer for me! 

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  1. Antoinette M Reply

    These look delicious! My favorite is the Cheddar Cheese Crisps & White Cheddar Cheese Cubes.

  2. These sound like a great snack to bring to work. Can’t wait to give them a try.

  3. shelly peterson Reply

    These look like some great snacks. I will have to look for these.

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