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Peachskinsheets: Cooler, Affordable & Better Than Bamboo Sheets

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PeachSkinSheets - better than bamboo sheets!

After working a long and hard day, there is nothing better than getting into bed and getting all snuggly in your sheets. It is a horrible feeling if those sheets are hot, sticky, and simply not comfortable. Peachskinsheets offers high-quality sheets that feel incredibly soft and luxuries. They are wrinkle-free, anti-microbial, perfect for the hot sleeper, and even breathable.  Get a better night’s sleep with Peachskinsheets!

I, Jeni, was sent a set of Peachskinsheets Beach Blue Sheets for review.  What an incredible, bright and vibrant color for the Summer!

PeachSkinSheets - better than bamboo sheets!

When I fall asleep, I have to have a fan directly on me. My sheets need to be cool to the touch, or I will wake up in a sweat. Being a hot sleeper can be tough. I heard about all the benefits that bamboo sheets are supposed to offer, and decided to take the challenge.  Sure, they were soft and comfortable, and kept me relatively cool at night.  But once I discovered Peachskinsheets, I was blown away at the difference!

Bamboo sheets vs Peachskinsheets

My bamboo sheets wrinkled, while Peachskinsheets are wrinkle-free.  For an attractive bed, wrinkles can’t exist! Another notable difference was that my bamboo sheets shrunk after the first wash and dry.  This made them fit my queen size bed extremely tight – which doesn’t offer much comfort.  Peachskinsheets don’t shrink, and are true to standard sizing.  Speaking of laundering sheets – after that first wash with my bamboo sheets, pilling started around the hems.  UGH!  That’s the first sign that the sheets are falling apart, and definitely interrupts the softness factor.  Peackskinsheets don’t get those annoying little balled up bundles of fabric, because of their material.

PeachSkinSheets Review

Their sheets are moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, and anti-microbial which is huge for me when I am picking out a set of sheets.  These sheets really offer so much more than any other sheets I’ve owned. After my first night of sleeping on my new set of Peachskinsheets, I never looked back. Not only do they feature all my needs, but they are also made out of a SmartFabric, making them softer, thermal control, antipilling, and even wrinkle free.

Peachskinsheets colors

I can’t believe the difference between bamboo sheets and PeachSkinSheets.  My bamboo sheets used to be the most comfortable set I would ever own.  Now, the only sheets I sleep on are PeachSkinSheets.  Bamboo sheets I have only seen in a few basic colors. Peachskinsheets offers Fifteen different beautiful and vibrant colors, perfect to match any bedroom set. Plus, these sheets have deep pockets, so no matter how much I move around they will not budge. I wish I could say the same thing about my Bamboo sheets.

PeachSkinSheets - better than bamboo sheets!

Peachskinsheets offers the latest in High Performance Sleep Technology Textiles, which means they have worked hard to bring you the latest and greatest sheets. Each sheet is made with 1500 thread count and is designed to not pill, fade in color, dries super fast and will not shrink! These magical sheets even have this cool thermal control that is designed to keep cool sleepers warmer and hot sleepers cooler.

PeachSkinSheets Color of The Month

Whether you are a hot sleeper or just want to sleep on the most comfortable sheets out there, I highly recommend these sheets. Peachskinsheets will make you feel like you are sleeping in a luxurious hotel room on the most expensive sheets that money can buy. Get your great night’s sleep for less than $70! If you decide to go with one of their Color of the Month sets, you can pick that one up for only $55.

PeachSkinSheets – BETTER Than Bamboo Sheets!

Head over HERE to check out the entire collection. And don’t forget to check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Pages, too! Sign up for their newsletter, and you’ll get pretty sweet offers, as well, like their monthly colors at discounted prices.

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