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Best Self Organization Products: Think Bigger & Achieve More!

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Are you a self-starter? Do you wake up motivated and ready to tackle the day?  Is your planner always in order, and your day always productive? If you’re like most people – you might want to say, “yes,” but can’t honestly claim to always be on the right track.  That’s ok, because that just means you have some room for improvement and growth! And Best Self is here to help you do just that.

At Best Self, they want you to think bigger, and achieve more.  They create amazing productivity tools that aid you, step-by-step, in achieving your goals-  big or small, short or long term.  They simply want you to succeed! In fact, at Best Self, their mission is to connect and inspire humanity to think bigger and achieve more, while enjoying today. Sounds pretty awesome to me! If you have any goals in life, Best Self is here to help!

They offer things like the incredible SELF Journal to keep track of your goals.  The Discovery Decks are truly unique and inspiring. Grab some Action Pads to highlight and lay out your plans. Their Calendars & Posters will keep you motivated and entertained.  And they even offer Courses & Challenges to help you with self discovery!

Here are some of the amazing products that Best Self offers to keep you on track, maintain your motivation, inspire creativity, and get you to the finish line.  These are my personal favorites.  I’ve already grabbed a few products to gift this year, and make 2020 the best year EVER for my friends and family:

  • Self Planner: A six-month life planner designed to help you manage your time and plan your life. Undated. Start anytime.  It’s basically a 6-month bucket list book, and I LOVE this for tackling short-term goals! Most planners cover every area of your life in one book. This one is focused.
  • Self Journal: A 13-week planning, productivity, and positivity system for inevitable goal success. Undated. Start anytime.  This incredible book helps you make, plan out, then track the progress of the 3 biggest goals you are shooting towards. It’s truly a remarkable book that makes me feel like my goals ARE achievable.

  • Scribe: The everyday notebook for people with big goals, an inquiring mind, and an endless stream of ideas. How cool is it that this book is designed to open and lay flat, so you can make the most out of every single page?
  • Weekly Action Pad: A one-page weekly planning tool designed to optimize your week and maximize your output. 52 tear-off sheets. Lasts an entire year.  The idea behind this Action Pad is to free up memory, so your brain can focus on the task – not remembering to remember it! Plus, every week, you know what you need to accomplish.
  • Project Action Pad: A powerful project management tool that helps you strategize complex goals and enjoy project success.  I LOVE this, because I work in marketing – which means I am always working on a new project. Projects fail when you deliberate over your next steps or doubt the tasks you’re tackling. The Project Action Pad gives you the confidence to make decisive choices and keep moving forward.

The new BestSelf Co. Discovery Decks include:

  • Courage Over Comfort Deck: Invites players to explore personal growth in areas of health, learning, personal development, relationships, and experiences, and become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.
  • Intimacy Deck: Fosters open communication to help you and your partner connect deeper and rekindle your romantic relationship.
  • Icebreaker Deck: Skip the small talk and dive into meaningful conversations with anyone – new acquaintances or longtime partners, friends or colleagues. 

  • WordSmith Deck: Puts the player in control of their creativity via 150 WordSmith prompts that can bust down writers’ block or provide an easy way to start journaling.
  • Edison Deck: Stimulates the brain and helps people brainstorm and turn raw thoughts into actionable ideas.  This is my favorite of the decks – it really keeps my mind going and gives me unique perspective (from myself!) for inspiration!
  • Decision Deck: Provides clarity on which direction to take when facing a decision, asking the player to consider rationale, question bias, and test reasoning so to make the best decision possible.

I can’t help but feel a little more inspired, better motivated, and even deeper in my dedication with my goals now that I discovered Best Self.  Seriously – it’s like having a cheerleader that knows all of the right things to say, all of the right prompts to kick my butt into gear, and shouting all of the best affirmations at me every single day. 

If you need a jumpstart with your goals, or if you’re an organization fanatic (like me) and love tracking the steps you make – Best Self is for you. It’s really for ANYONE that has goals in life.  And we all have goals, right?  Not only do these products make wonderful gifts this holiday season, they are perfect for the start of a new year! 2020 can be the best year EVER when you gift someone a way to keep their goals within sight. And that’s exactly what Best Self does. 🙂

Stay in touch with Best Self, and stay informed on productivity tips, educational videos, product launch pre-orders, and much more:

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  1. I love a paper planner and this is a reminder that I need to purchase a new one for next year. I will be checking the one you suggest here.

    • Jeni Hawkins Reply

      They truly are unique from anything else on the market! They force you to FOCUS on your goals – which I LOVE!

  2. gloria patterson Reply

    WOW if I was still working I would be getting this stuff. I always wanted to be organized and this would have helped

  3. It is so important to stay organized and keeping aplanner and a journal are great ideas. I tend to not keep a planner but it is a smart thing to do.

  4. What some great sounding ideas, I love the look of the decks, I always used to be a writer but my hands don’t allow it now so I am always just trying to find new ways to get behind things like this and decks I could definitely check out.

  5. I was really organized back when I worked. Now that I’m retired, not so much! There are some good ideas here though!

  6. I do need to get better organized, so I will have to look into these. They do look pretty fabulous. I do like to track my goals as well!

  7. Great info! These definitely look like useful products! I know I could use some help in the organization department LOL.

  8. I saw some journals at 5 below that had prompts to write about. I’ve really thought about going back and buying one. Over the last several months, I have been through some very tough stuff and writing about it would likely be super beneficial in many ways.

  9. I love this! I’m one of those people who wakes up without an alarm every morning between 3:30 and 4am ready to start my day and get to work. I live and die by my planner, but I’m always looking for tools that will make me better and more productive!

  10. These products sound great. With 6 kids and homeschool my world is super crazy. I bet these would be super helpful and make my life so much easier!

  11. I need to get more organized, and these are great tools. I feel so disorganized and this would be a great way to get back on track.

  12. No need to be disorganized with such an array of great tools. Get a jump start on planning for the new year!

  13. I really like these all. I think it’s great to keep organized. I have to stay organized or it drives me crazy.

  14. I need these in my life especially the action pad. I have so much that I need to remember that I tend to forget things. I could take the weekly list on my bulletin board to look at each week.

  15. I love the idea of the Self Journal! I think I need one. It will help me a lot!

  16. Agnes Dela Cruz Reply

    I miss my old self when I can organize everything from the kitchen to the office. RIght, now I lack in time in doing it. Thanks for the list!

  17. I am someone who loves all things paper so this post really got me giddy! I love the idea of a weekly planner – never thought of using one but now I totally want one!

  18. I have been working so hard at many of these things! Mornings are not my fave, but a must! lol These look like great tools to inspire!

  19. I love using my Rocketbook which is a reusable planner. I can send my notes to the cloud and then erase my writing. I use one version for my blogging calendar. The only way I can stay organized.

  20. I use Google Calendar and spreadsheets for planning. But would love to try these!

  21. Love the weekly organization idea! I am one who loves to stay organized so all of these suggestions are right up my alley. I haven’t heard of a couple of these!

  22. Marisela Zuniga Reply

    These are great items, this would make a great gift for my sister

  23. All the items you shared look really helpful. I think I would like the Discovery Decks the most since I always want to know what people are thinking.

  24. Cathy Mini Reply

    This would be so good and perfect products in our office or even in our own study room. I’ll check it out .

  25. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Paper planners are awesome! This would be great for me. There are some fantastic ideas here

  26. I love the idea of focus and productivity, and these planners are gorgeous. As I plan for 2020, I’m going look into getting one of these to help me 🙂

  27. I think these are great ways to make sure you’re organized. I can never work properly unless I follow a system especially when I have a busy week ahead!

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