Best of 2023 – Gifts with Imagination

Toys, stuffed animals, dolls, and games. Every one of these helps to enlighten and engage kids. If they have a room full of “blah” toys, then grab them something new, fun, and unique this year.  Then, prepare for imaginations to spark!
          • The Lunar Dial:  This wickedly cool, out-of- this-world game is based on “Morbid”, the currently  top-ranking, True Crime podcast in North America. Cast and collect cards in celestial realms,  enchanting the stars themselves!  It’s such a unique game!
          • Green Team Wins: It’s not about how you are going to answer, but how you think the most people will answer. Answer questions, trying to guess what the others will say to gain points! If you’re right, you’re on the Green Team… be right again, and gain an extra point! 
          • Honey Buzz: The bees of Sweetwater Grove have discovered economics and it’s time to get  down to bee-ness! The queen demands that her drones sell their honey to find peace and  prosperity.  It’s your job to build the  hive, find nectar, and make honey to sell!
          • Fire Tower: Get ready to fight fire with fire in this fast-paced, fiercely competitive strategy  game! Safeguard your fire tower  while igniting rival  structures. Utilize cards to deploy smokejumpers and fire engines, extinguish the blaze & more!
          • Game Night In A Can: Are you searching for the ultimate boredom buster? Look no further! Game Night In A Can is the perfect interactive family activity. Supply your own pens, paper, and creativity to make your get-together hilariously memorable!
          • Unstable Games Casting Shadows: Casting Shadows is an immersive strategic board game from the creators of Unstable Unicorns and Here To Slay!  It is set in an enchanting world that’s been overtaken by dark energy.  It’s a supernatural showdown that’s SO much fun to play!
          • Bababoo & Friends: These toys are absolute beauty. They are a wooden toy line from Europe with an entirely new play concept: merging the power of storytelling with traditional playtime! It’s truly incredible & made for kids 12 month & up!

          • Plus-Plus: Plus-Plus is an open-ended, creative toy that with one simple shape, gives the user endless possibilities. It can be used to create puzzles, 2D and 3D mosaics and art, or used as a block to construct anything imaginable! It’s simple & genius!

          • Magformers: Considered the “gold standard” in the magnetic toy category! This unique toy line allows children to assemble structures, become familiar with various shapes & colors + much more. It’s STEM + play all in one, which is  awesome for kids!

          • My Island: After a long journey you have arrived on a mysterious island. You build the first houses, create fields and paths through the jungle, and advance further and further inland.  This legacy game is ever-changing and absolutely addicting!

          • Lord of The Rings: Adventure to Mount Doom: Frodo’s journey to Mount Doom is fraught with peril. Luckily, his loyal friends protect him on his way. With a clever choice of dice, players work together to move the figures across the gameboard!

          • The Cutest Animal Babies: This book is so much fun! It’s filled with animals and their babies – and so much more! You’ll learn facts about the animals AND even be able to use the cute meter on the side of the book to rate how cute they are!

          • Checkmate! The Wonderful World of Chess: The perfect introduction to chess, whether you’re a budding master or you’ve never played before. As well as a glossary of chess terms and profiles of some of the world’s greatest players, there’s also unusual trivia and unbelievable true chess stories from history!

          • CMY Cubes: These incredibly beautiful and interactive cubes are like nothing you’ve seen before! They are a colorful sensory toy for kids & adults, made of super high-quality materials. Every time you pick one up, you have a different experience.
          • Wild Republic Monsterkins: All 8 collectable monsters are made 100% from recycled water bottles.  They each live in a different habitat where they eat the discarded water bottles left by humans. Not only adorable, but educational, too!
          • Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: These non-toxic, twistable, kneadable, stretchable, tearable, popable, bouncable putties are absolutely amazing! Great for fidget toys or sensory items – also awesome as stocking stuffers for kids AND adults!
          • Don’t be Mean to 13: This fun new book on superstitions highlights the fear of the number 13 (Triskaidekaphobia)! It’s a beautifully illustrated book that introduces young readers to Thirteen, who is feared and disliked by some people for no good reason. 
          • M&J Games: These games are SUPER unique because YOU are a game piece! It’s a different game every single time you play, and it showcases you and your personality. It’s an awesome game for the entire family or for game night with friends!
          • Kellogg’s DIY Bracelet Kits: Love cereal? These crazy cute kits come with everything you make to 4 cereal-sly cute Kellogg’s Froot Loops™, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes™, or Kellogg’s  Rice Krispies™-themed bracelets! Such a fun stocking stuffer!
          • Mini Backpack with Stationary: These adorably tiny backpacks host a bag clip to take anywhere! Plus, they come with mini notebooks, mini gel pens, mini erasers, and mini stickers! Such a fun stocking stuffer for the teen or tween!
          • Land of Dough: Dig into a world of wonder! Land of Dough 7oz Luxe Cups are inspired by classic themes and magical places. Individually handcrafted with natural colors, compostable glitter and calming essential oils. These are so fun!
          • LEGO ® Harry Potter ™ Magical Year at HogwartsCalling all Potterheads! This fun, new activity box has over 70+ pieces including a diorama of Gryffindor’s Common Room & Christmas LEGO minis! Pop-ups, minibuilds & more await you!
          • The Great Reward Remote:  Basic chore charts are the past! Now, parents & kids can plan objectives together & track progress towards rewards! The remote even lights up & has voice recordings to make it even cooler – this is a must have for families!
          • BraveJusticeKidsCo: This is the company that created the first Snack Attack collapsible silicone snack cup! They also offer awesome ideas for meals, education, gardening, play, & tons more for your baby or toddler! The stacking cups are my favorite!
          • Pop Out!: These are too cool! Play, build, learn & explore with these thick, sturdy board pieces that pop out of each book! No glue or scissors needed – the facts are fun, the colors are bright – these are truly unique!