Best of 2023 – Gifts with Heart

Sometimes, the best gifts come from the heart.  But  that doesn’t mean you need to YouTube DIY tutorials for special gifts! These companies have the perfect present for your loved ones, and they all are filled with a ton of HEART!

  • Gnome in Your Home: Heartley the gnome will inspire families to establish a tradition of daily acts of kindness! He comes with 30 Kindness Cards, and a rhyming book! This ADORABLE little guy is a great addition to every family – and he’s so cuddly, too!
  • The Resilience Workbook for Women: Harness the power of your inner resilience and boost your self-esteem and self-confidence through the activities and journaling prompts in this workbook for women. I’m LOVING this book to help empower my friends!
  • Unplug Soy Candles: These incredible & gorgeous candles are absolute magic! They burn for SO long & smell ridiculously delicious! Their Midnight Collection is my favorite & SO giftable. It’s definitely worth checking out to add to your own wishlist, too!
  • Wildberry Incense: Hand-dipped, USA-based, incredible scents, and my absolute FAVORITE incense company! Their incense stays fresher longer, smells better, and burns cleaner than any other I’ve experienced. You definitely want to check them out!
  • My Recordable Storytime:  40 recordable pages! These make an awesome gift from grandparents – or anyone special in a kid’s life. These keepsake books can be passed on, and come in great titles. I love the idea of a recordable story heirloom!
  • Celestial Silk: Comfort, elegance & better sleep? YES! These 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases are absolute Heaven! They even contain 20-30% more silk than other brands. AND they donate 10% of all proceeds to charity – how cool is that!?
  • Cusa: If you’re a tea or coffee fanatic – this is for YOU! This environmentally friendly company sources handpicked, organic leaves, Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans, & makes the smoothest, most delicious coffees & teas for on-the-go!
  • SoulKu: This gorgeous, affordable, handmade, genuine gemstone jewelry is definitely made with a lot of heart. Gift with the intention of offering peace, love, & light to the recipient with many designs! Plus, they donate proceeds to help women & children!
  • Candier: SO CUTE! These adorable candles feature sassy & fun messages with INCREDIBLE scents, all wrapped up in a gorgeous, themed candle! They are USA made with sustainable soy wax & the scents – ya’ll I’m in love…. they last forever!
  • Once Upon a Book Club: This subscription site sends adult & young adult packages filled with books & wrapped gifts! As you read the book, you’re prompted to open gifts when you get to specific pages. It’s SO fun & a great teen gift idea!
  • Heart Blaster: This kids & young adult brand brings a visual representation of friendship, love & equality into their clothing. They collab with graffiti artists & graphic designers to create truly unique products perfect for preteen & teen gifts this year!
  • Stronger Than She Thinks:In her first book for children, two-time Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan shares scenes from her childhood as she learns how to work hard, to believe in herself, and to land her first axel jump. It’s really inspiring & cute!
  • Nana and Me: Special Poems Just for UsA beautiful collection of 19 poems about grandmothers from around the world! Whether you’re a Mimi, Baba, Bibi, Nana, Abuela, Bubbe or Oma, this book is for you and your little treasures! The illustrations rock, too!
  • Well Gifted: Beautifully wrapped, suitable price ranges, & the come in boxes, baskets & bundles! Local artisans & specialty vendors create these amazing gifts for every occasion with unique items. I’m obsessed & will use them year-round, for sure!
  • Text Messages to My Sons: This book is for the mamas that feel disconnected from their kids. Technology makes communication easy, but less meaningful. This book helps you communicate in ways your children can relate to & cherish.
  • My American Dream: A Journey from Fascism to Freedom: Written by a refugee girl from Nazi Germany, she uses details from her father’s journal kept during the passage. It’s riveting, heart-warming, and absolutely incredible!
  • ButterTree Blanket: These are SO SOFT! With multiple gorgeous color options, these “I Love You Mom” blankets make a huge statement! They are extra big, have a 5-star rating on Amazon, & are the perfect super snuggly gift!
  • Out of the Darkness: In this inspired by a true story book by David Jacinto, he chronicles the journey of a ninetieth century child coal miner as he rises fro the ashes of poverty to reach for his dreams! I’m on chapter 1 and ADDICTED!