Best of 2023 – Gifts with Game

These clever, innovative products have some serious game! If you’re searching for the perfect gift with a little edge to it – something that sets the standard and then goes beyond it-  this is the section for you!
  • CrunchCup: Need your cereal but in a rush? That’s where the CrunchCup comes in! It’s cereal reimagined – because there are separate chambers for milk & cereal, making it EASY for you to eat cereal on the go! Talk about a game changer & awesome gift idea!
  • gosili: These 16oz. reusable, silicone, stylish, comfortable travel cups are amazing! I love that my drinks stay cold or hot for longer, and since it’s silicone, it’s lightweight & easy to carry anywhere. There are lots of great color options & more awesome gosili silicone products to check out!
  • DrySee Bandages:  These are pretty genius & amazing! First, they are waterproof so moisture doesn’t compromise the healing process. Plus, they are color-changing, so you know when it’s time to change your bandage for quicker healing! Pretty smart, right?
  • Enviro-Log: Ohhhh yeah! Check out the Enviro-Log Color-Flame – my latest obsession! These are such a fun way to add color to fire, making them magical! They can be used in your fireplace or outdoors, and last for up to an hour. This is a GREAT way to celebrate the season!
  • Handzies: Sticky hands from cookie decorating & baking get EASY clean up with Handzies! Individually packaged & great for entertaining, gift baskets & stockings! These are soap + water wipes with none of the bad stuff. They even have tangerine scent now! As a preschool teacher, I use these DAILY in my classroom!
  • The Sun and The PlanetsFor any kiddo obsessed with the solar system, this book is for them! It’s filled with pop-ups, pull-outs, sliders, & foldouts. Plus, it’s super interactive & offers amazing information so kids learn & play at the same time. It’s REALLY fun!
  • Dreamroo: Silicone home & kitchen accessories make GREAT gifts, and Dreamroo has it all! Meal prep items, travel gear, kitchen accessories, even super unique & cute bath toys for the kiddos! These silicone products also help the planet – so it’s win-win!
  • OnePear: LOVING THESE! Premium, no-show socks with that are heeless! This helps keep your feet happy, and your socks from always sliding down in back! I tried some out and I won’t go back to other socks – these are SO comfortable & honestly magical!
  • Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? The Ultimate Collection of Curious Questions & Intriguing Answers: The title pretty much sums up this SUPER fun book! Some of the answers blew my mind & had me questioning more!  What a great stocking stuff idea for dad!
  • neuLASHLash Enhancing Serum: Weak lashes? In just 30 days, this awesome serum can help give you stronger, longer-looking lashes! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and already notice a little difference. It’s like magic in a bottle & every woman would love it!
  • Bluapple: Fruits & veggies stay fresh LONGER with these amazing products – and they REALLY work! They use packets that absorb ethylene gas (that’s what ripens the food) so it stays fresh longer. Plus, they have FreshMats for your fridge drawers, and more!
  • Dignity Coconuts: This smart company produces organic & fair-trade coconut products with a clean beauty kit that would make an awesome gift for her! They are handcrafted with traditional techniques & sustainability. Loving this companies ethical approach!
  • CordBrick: This genius gadget weighs down & gathers cord ends with a weighted brick of silicone! You can wrap cords for travel, hold items in the channels, & keep your cords where you need them. If you’ve ever dropped your cord behind your bed – this is for you!
  • The Small & Mighty Book of Knock Knock Jokes: This book is SO fun! Great stocking stuffer for dad, or the kid that always needs to be center of attention – it’s 192 pages in a small book, and a new, hilarious joke on every page! Get ready to giggle!
  • Around The World in 80 Dogs: What is the oldest breed of dog? Can dogs sniff out illnesses? Which breed has six toes? If you’re a dog lover, this book is for YOU! Go around the world, it reveals dogs with the most important jobs, breeds with unusual features & more!
  • Lid Pocket: If you’re a crock pot/slow cooker fan – you NEED this! This simple gadget holds your lid so you don’t get a messy counter! It’s so genius and SO convenient. I have a pot of cider in mine now, and this allows me to serve it so easily! LOVE IT!
  • Bootleg Bath: Organic bath & hair products? Yes, please! Clean beauty is in, & I’m here for these handcrafted soap bars! USA-made, sustainable, vegan , natural & they smell amazing, too! I love the solid shampoo – it’s SUPER hydrating!
  • StickyJ Medical:  Stylish & fun medical alert bracelets? YEP! These personalized bracelets are made for adults AND kids – they even have a Minecraft line! They are affordable, durable, comfortable & seriously stylish. What a genius idea!