Best of 2023 – Gifts with Energy

Want their eyes to light up when they open their gifts? These products can do just that! Energy comes from creativity, imagination, thought, and a little bit of soul.  Gifts with “oomph” – that’s what you’ll find here.
  • KURU: LADIES! Tired of working out in expensive sneakers that don’t offer support? I can’t get enough of my KURU workout shoes! Plus they make causals, boots & more, too. Every pair I own feels like my feet are snuggled up with pillows!
  • Brooklyn Bound: A Coloring Book: Escape into the very best parts of New York City living! Relax & color your way through the streets of Brooklyn with detailed illustrations of gorgeous neighborhoods like Red Hook, Bed Stuy, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, and more.
  • The Unofficial Guide to The World of Studio Ghibli: This awesome hardcover book details the popular World of Studio Ghibli! Kids can enjoy reading maps, learning new Ghibli recipes, exploring maps and more in this awesome book!
  • OOLY Vivid Pop!:  This whimsical & colorful arts, crafts & school supply brand has amazingly creative items for kids & adults! These products elicit creativity & opening the imagination with super high quality yet affordable artistic tools!
  • Mobo Cruisers: These are the coolest! Made for toddlers up to adults, these fun outdoor products get you movin’! The Mobo Explorer X is made for kids around 4-6 and acts as a balance bike to get them ready for real bikes. Definitely check out the entire line!
  • Magical Planners: These 2024 planners will help you center yourself, manifest good, and illuminate the positives in life for you! There are several options, but I picked “Manifest Your Dreams 2024″ and absolutely LOVE the prompts, quotes & vibe!
  • J’s Natural Beauty: Real ingredients make for the BEST natural, organic beauty products! They use 100% natural ingredients with non of the bad or chemical-based stuff. I’ve used the God’s Gift Day & Night Collagen for a week & see a difference already!
  • LITTIL Selfie Mini: TikTokers and IG posters – this is for YOU! If you are known as the selfie queen, the LITTIL should be in your purse! This lightweight ring is perfect for phones, tablets & laptops, when you’re on the go and NEED that selfie!
  • Peepers: Eco-friendly & naturally sourced, these glasses are AWESOME! They are lightweight, made for men & women, and made from recycled plastics, bottles, wheat & wood! Grab readers, sunglasses & even progressives with AMAZING styles!
  • Bonne et Filou: If your furry friends are more like fur family – treat them to Bonne Filou! Macarons, cookies, biscuits… all wrapped up with gorgeous presentation! The Advent Calendar is AMAZING, and the Treats Gift Box will make any dog drool!
  • Bee Cups: These awesome watering stations for thirsty little pollinators are brilliant! Made of porcelain in the USA, they use zero plastic & strive for zero waste. How cool to be part of the solution for butterflies & bees with these beauties in your garden!
  • Body Music: Powers About the Noises Your Body MakesIt’s just a fact that our bodies make a LOT of funny noises… so it just makes sense to laugh about it with this silly book! There are 15 awesomely funny poems about everything from farts to sneezes!
  • Morning Glamour: These satin pillowcases are incredible! They are vegan, cruelty-free & USA made. Did you know silk can help you get smoother hair & healthier skin!? They have amazing color & pattern options, & you’ll definitely sleep better!
  • Art for Self-CareCreate Powerful, Healing Art by Listening to Your Inner Voice: The title says it all! This book helps you breathe, relax, & do some soul searching while create magical art! It’s for artists AND non-artists alike – it’s a unique gift idea!
  • Brown Sugar by Kesha Janaan: I’ve never smelled a more inviting soap – this is amazing! They use organic, fair-trade ingredients & their bars even contain caffeine & coffee to get blood circulating! I’m SO impressed & want more!

  • All Inclusive: Simple, elegant, sassy, & absolutely gorgeous, these circle stud earrings make a bold statement! Each is two-toned, signifying how we all look different from the outside, but shine bright from the inside. I’m in LOVE!