Best of 2022 – Gifts with Game

These clever, innovative products have some serious game! If you’re searching for the perfect gift with a little edge to it – something that sets the standard and then goes beyond it-  this is the section for you!

  • Smarter-Seal: This GENIUS  little creation  is a life-saver for anyone who drinks from canned beverages!  The innovative lid fits over every can, protecting it from spills, bugs, debris, and germs. Plus, it keeps your drinks  carbonated for days!  Awesome addition to gift baskets!
  • Backpod: Tight upper back? This super strong, truly effective and super convenient little gadget is the solution! It helps with flexibility, tension release, & posture. This genius innovation makes a perfect gift for anyone with back pain or tightness!
  • Drinkmate: This super versatile machine carbonates any liquid – without dilution! That means you can add bubbles & fizz to your cocktails, juices, lemonade, wine, water, iced coffee… plus no electricity is required. SO FUN!
  • PuffCuff: I’m LOVING these products!! They smell amazing, and come in everything from beard wash to body butter – made just for men! They were designed to reduce irritation & breakage while increasing manageability & rejuvenation!
  • Three Peaks Manuka Honey:  Created in the heart of New Zealand’s Manuka forests, this superior quality honey is much more than you’d expect! I put their products in gift baskets every year – the different varieties are always a hit!
  • Nirvana Water: This incredible water is so much more than meets the eye! HMB-infused to boost muscle performance, reduces recovery time, & even helps with immunity! Plus, the new HMB + Vitamin D3 is perfect for athletes!
  • The Duty Mitt: If your little buddy hates baths – this genius pet grooming products will help! It is a single use, disposable product that offers a gentle, cleansing formula and mild deodorizer – essential for maintaining a clean and healthy coat!
  • Enviro-Log: Ohhhh yeah! Check out the Enviro-Log Color-Flame – my latest obsession! These are such a fun way to add color to fire, making them magical. They can be used in your fireplace or outdoors, and last for up to an hour.
  • Once Upon a Book Club: For the adult and young adult readers in your life – THIS is the subscription box they need! The boxes are filled with books & wrapped gifts that they open once they reach a specific page. Individual boxes are available, as well.
  • Fire Dept. Coffee: Fire Department Coffee is a veteran-owned, firefighter-run business that handcrafts freshly-roasted coffee! Enjoy classic coffees like Medium Roasts, Dark Roasts, and Espressos, Ready-to-Drink Cold Brews, or their signature Spirit Infused Coffee. Best of all Fire Department Coffee gives back to sick and injured first responders.
  • Electrolit: Refuel & rehydrate your body quicker! Whether you’re feeling under the weather, a little hungover, spent too much time in the sun, or had a rough workout – these  yummy beverages are PACKED with electrolytes & flavor!
  • Lugz: Struggling to find the perfect gift for the guys in your life this year? LUGZ! Sneakers, loafers, boots… these are the shoes guys will WANT to get for Christmas! New styles added every season – check out the Stagger LX!
  • SofaStud: Calling all couch potatoes! The Sofa Stud and Mugworthy Sofa Stud are couch cup holders that keep drinks within reach without spilling. It just uses the space between cushions for stability – which is pretty genius!
  • SpoofThis new family party game is CRAZY fun! It’s for just about everyone in the family – ages 10 and up – but the littles can team up with an adult to play! It’s a silly bluffing game that will have everyone laughing til they cry!
  • Double Ditto: This quick thinking and matching game is for anyone 10+. Be clever and quick, because knowing your family or friends & anticipating their answers will score you MORE points! Perfect for family trips or the game closet!
  • Peepers: Screentime causes strained & tired eyes… but this company makes the cutest blue light glasses to protect your eyes AND help you stay stylish! In fact, they even make them for kids! Check out the amazing selection they have!
  • Aleph Beauty:Aleph is intelligently crafted makeup that is as nurturing as it is flattering. A professional, high-performance, minimal makeup range, Aleph is transparent about every ingredient as well as the complete packaging process!
  • reVive Light Therapy Sonique Mini: This 3-in-1 tool is a gentle cleanser, serum massager & light therapy spot treatment! It has 2 treatment heads for the perfect cleansing and massaging that your skin needs and is super easy to use!
  • Ulta-Lit ScenTree: This holiday fragrance home diffuser is AH-MAZ-ING.  Hang it from the tree or let it stand on the tabletop base. Plus, the tree & tabletop base are made from recycled sugarcane! It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!
  • The Dearest Grey Mini Bento Boxes: These silicone bento boxes make meal prepping SO much easier! They are unbreakable, reusable, freezer & microwave safe, and look really cute, too. Great for kids or adults for lunch, snacks, or anytime!
  • Superio: This cleaning and organization brand is right up my alley! The Ribbed Collection containers are absolutely perfect for organizing every room of your house. Plus, their cleaning tools are absolutely amazing! Check them out!
  • Zoop: These pet solutions for fur babies and their homes are incredible! Their grooming products are the best – they have towels, wipes, between bath spray and so much more. If you’re a fury pet owner, Zoop is your new go-to brand!
  • Basquettes: Calling all grillers & cookers! These awesome Basquettes go in the oven or grill to air-fry, crisp, roast, rotisserie, dehydrate, grill, smoke & cool….they do it all! Plus, they give off 50% less grease! Cool cook gift idea this year!