Best of 2022 – Gifts with Energy

Want their eyes to light up when they open their gifts? These products can do just that! Energy comes from creativity, imagination, thought, and a little bit of soul.  Gifts with “oomph” – that’s what you’ll find here.

  • Eat Me Guilt Free: I’m obsessed with these Protein Tortillas!! The Protein Brownies are incredible, and pack some serious protein in them, too. This awesome company offers healthier foods that also taste GREAT. I’m excited about their holiday promotions!
  • Blendjet 2The awesome colors, patterns, & accessories really set this handheld blender apart from other brands. It’s super powerful & great for busy mornings, protein shakes at the gym, or on-the-go people! Powerful portable blender for the win!
  • Pickle Juice: Pickle juice to stop muscle cramps, prevent dehydration, help with circulation, and aid in recovery!? YES! It’s got so many awesome benefits, this cool company bottles it into shots for easy, quick, & convenient recovery!
  • Mental Health Uncensored: 10 Foundations Every Parents Needs to Know: this book by Keri Cooper, a holistic therapist, is a great gift for any parent struggling with their teens’ mental health. It’s an absolute eye-opener!
  • Naked Nutrition Fire Shot: Naked Nutrition is totally transparent about the ingredients they put in their nutritional products. And this new Fire Shot will rock your world! You’ll get NATURAL energy from  lots of superfoods – all in a yummy shot!
  • Heat Holders:  Know someone who is always cold?  The creators of the world’s warmest socks have you covered for gifts! These socks are 7x warmer than regular cotton socks – plus they have a lot of other fun accessories like beanies & more for the fam!
  • Ooh La La Skincare: Made with nature, Blessed by God! That’s their motto at this company that makes skincare products for tons of skin conditions. Plus, they even have custom scented products to make it your own & more giftable!
  • Essential Elements: Hydration can be tough, especially when water tastes like water. But these new hydration sticks make hydrating taste DELICIOUS & get your body to a good place faster! Check out their tummies & hair growth products, too!
  • Swedencare: These new holistic soft bites for dogs & cats help with dental care in a tasty way! They use the PlaqueOff System – which reduces plaque & tartar buildup & reduces chances of dental disease! We <3 furry friends!
  • LightKeeper Pro & LED Keeper: When the holiday spirit is dimming because of a broken tree light – these amazing light fixers come to the rescue! Whether it’s an incandescent light or LED light, these tools keep the holiday spirit alive with ease!
  • KURU: LADIES! Tired of working out in expensive sneakers that don’t offer support? I can’t get enough of my KURU Pivot shoes, plus they make causals, boots & more, too. Every pair I own feels like my feet are snuggled up with pillows!
  • Crossrope: This is no ordinary jumprope! This one, weighted, super smart rope can help you burn over 1,000 calories in an hour!! This is an amazing fit for the fitness folks in your life – with a really cool app to offer motivation, workouts, and more!
  • A New Day for Cray: This amazing book was written by a grandpa that came out of retirement to create a sweet series of stories for the local children. This book is the first, and OMG it’s so cute! Rhyming, awesome pictures, & life lessons all in one!
  • Fungies: Give the gift of mental & physical wellness with Fungies mood-boosting, digestive repairing Lion’s Mane mushroom gummies! Middle-age is kicking my $%@, but I have hope with Fungies! Plus, they taste DELICIOUS – blueberry & strawberry!
  • Bloomers IntimatesThis mother-daughter company bridges the generational gap between old-fashioned granny panties & modern women’s undies. These high-waisted, full coverage, seamless & stretchy panties are incredible!
  • Brondell: After the toilet paper shortage of 2020, folks switched to the much more economical & dependable bidet! This was my first experience with a bidet, and I have to admit, I won’t go back. SO easy to assemble & absolute magic!
  • Sprout World: SO COOL! These pencils (writing & makeup!) can be planted to grow into veggies, flowers, herbs & even trees! It’s the complete circle of life. Once your pencil gets too small to use – just plant it to grow something beautiful!
  • L’Zur: This skincare line is simple, organic, and natural – and best of all, it was created to help empower women of all skin tones! They want you to embrace your uniqueness & love your skin – and their ingredients help you do that!
  • doTERRA: Essential oils and beautiful diffusers are definitely a must-have for every home. Plus, they make awesome gifts! doTERRA has THE best selection, including holiday-themed items & highly rated oils. Perfect for gift baskets, too!
  • Ask Yourself This: Ultimate Life Lessons From And For My Girlfriends: Find connection, confidence, and happiness with the 60 powerful questions featured in this awesome 60-day journal challenge! It’s deep, fun & definitely fulfilling!