Best of 2021 – Gifts with Energy

The holidays are a time of festive fun, family and friends…..but one of our favorite parts of the holidays is giving gifts!  These gift ideas represent the best of 2021. We’ve compiled this roundup of our favorite ideas for gift giving this year, for everyone that’s on your list! Be sure to browse each of the sections (see the rest below). We placed ideal gift suggestions in categories, however, you might find the perfect present in any of them!

Want their eyes to light up when they open their gifts? These products can do just that! Energy comes from creativity, imagination, thought, and a little bit of soul.  Gifts with “oomph” – that’s what you’ll find here.

  • Manly Man Co.: This veteran-owned small business is one of my go-tos every year for gifts for the men in my life. They have the COOLEST beef jerky and meat gifts you’ll find anywhere. Want something unique? How about  Beef Jerky Flower, or a Meat Card? You’ve got to check this site out for the hard to shop for men. Plus, they offer military discounts!
  • TEN Alkaline Spring Water: Why does water need alkaline minerals and electrolytes?  Because that’s the water that will replenish AND hydrate you  at the same time! This amazing water is zero calories and hits 10ph – way higher than other alkaline waters. Plus, they now use aluminum cans, which is environmentally friendly! 
  • Enviro-Log: Ohhhh yeah! Check out the Enviro-Log Color-Flame – my latest obsession! These are such a fun way to add color to fire, making them magical. They can be used in your fireplace or outdoors, and last for up to an hour. These help create a beautiful, relaxing, and engaging holiday ambiance, and make amazing gifts, too!
  • SubminimalCALLING ALL COFFEE FIENDS! You need this NanoFoamer as much as I did. This is different from most foamers, because you get interchangeable screens, which help you achieve the perfect level of foam. Plus, you can easily get a velvety textured coffee drink in just 20 seconds – even blending the foam with the espresso. I LOVE mine!

  • Salonpas: Chronic pain? Athletic injuries? Aches & Pains? Salonpas to the rescue! These topical ointments, sprays and patches are pretty legit – and after trying some, I realized why they have such an amazing reputation! They have a solution for every problem, on just about every part of your body.  These would be GREAT in a gift basket!
  • Lugz: Need an awesome gift that will keep on giving for the men in your life? Look no further than Lugz! These classic shoes and boots are always stylish, comfortable, and versatile. They have new styles each season, and highlight their most popular styles all year. Be sure to check out the Men’s Convoy Moc – these are some sexy boots!
  • Boom Again: Need a FUN & unique game for your parents or older friends this year!? The creator of Taboo, Outburst, and Super Scattergories made the perfect game – Boom Again! It’s a pop-culture trivia board game directed at the Boomer generation. They’ll answer questions from the 50s, 60s &  70s about advertising slogans and jingles, politics and social movements, movies, music, and television. 
  • Loloma: This pure virgin coconut oil is something else! It’s sourced and made in Fiji, and won the Eco Excellence Awards this year for Best Skin Care For Kids!  The packaging is extraordinary – so fun & unique! And this coconut oil is absolutely out of this world. It’s so different from other oils I have used, and I’ll definitely gift it this year!
  • Mixology and Murder: Cocktails Inspired by Infamous Serial Killers, Cold Cases, Cults, and Other Disturbing True Crime Stories: This seriously unique and fun book is definitely for the cocktail and true crime loving friend in your life! It’s filled with such delicious cocktail recipes, partnered with chilling tales of murder. What more could a girl want for Christmas!?

  • The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot: Talk about ENERGY!  These tarot cards come with absolutely breathtaking illustrations, and a very detailed, easy to follow & understand 144-page companion book to help guide you through the journey! These are so much fun and so enlightening – it would be an awesome gift for the energy-conscious friend in your life!

  • Sculpt Skin Bar: This is too cool!  Beauty lovers will freak out when they open a gift with the Sculpt Skin Bar!  This LED facial rejuvenation mask combines technology and skincare for a non-invasive treatment that uses low level light energy to help improve the skin! It comes with everything they need, and would definitely make a great gift.
  • Sun & Moon Journal: Struggling to stay organized and focused? These amazing journals will help with both! They are beautifully designed, and feature moon phases, zodiac insights, natal charts, new and full moon reflection pages, notes &  goals pages and so much more. Plus, they are absolutely gorgeous and allow for peaceful coloring, as well!
  • Buddha Board: Adults and kids can all enjoy these genius little kits!No paint, no mess, no electronics – just pure zen and relaxation. Sounds pretty awesome, right? These are simply brush, board, and water, which makes for some serious creativity flow, and big time stress relief. I love mine and use it when I need to refocus and regroup. Works every time!
  • Allay LampMigraine? Anxiety? You NEED The Allay Lamp! It’s a revolutionary new therapy lamp that’s a game changer for anyone needing better sleep, as well as get non-pharmaceutical relief from headache/migraine pain, and stress/anxiety, making for a wonderful wellness gift this holiday season.  I’m absolutely impressed, and shocked it doesn’t cost more!
  • HUZZAH:  Love seltzer? What if a seltzer could taste amazing with super delicious unique flavors, offer low sugar content, be packed with probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut, AND be low calorie? I would drink that every day – wouldn’t you? I discovered HUZZAH this year and I’m hooked – it really is ALL of those things & I can’t get enough now!
  • KGC Koreselect: These Korean Red Ginseng products naturally boost immune systems, energy levels & provide antioxidants for overall wellness. All of the products offer healthy solutions for positive well-being, a natural energy boost and immune support. They are GMO free, caffeine free, vegan and all natural. Give the gift of health!
  • Alfy: Loved one suffering from lack of confidence due to hair loss? There are a lot of products on the market (and a lot of it is junk!) – but Alfy is different. Instead of promising hair growth, they guarantee that your hair will look fuller with their products. It’s super affordable, really works, is really easy to use, and has amazing reviews!