Best of 2019 – Gifts with Energy

The holidays are a time of festive fun, family and friends…..but one of our favorite parts of the holidays is giving gifts!  These gift ideas represent the best of 2019. We’ve compiled this roundup of our favorite ideas for gift giving this year, for everyone that’s on your list! Be sure to browse each of the sections (see the rest below). We placed ideal gift suggestions in categories, however, you might find the perfect present in any of them!

Want their eyes to light up when they open their gifts? These products can do just that! Energy comes from creativity, imagination, thought, and a little bit of soul.  Gifts with “oomph” – that’s what you’ll find here.

  • ZeroWater: Why use bottled water to get your H2O every day?  ZeroWater offers a filter like no other. You’ll even be able to find out how healthy the tap water in your area is!  Plus the filters are totally  affordable and easy to install in the sleek pitcher!
  • Smart Art Box: Are you a creative, artsy type? Does your imagination shine through on a canvas?  Grab this incredible monthly subscription for the creative people in the world.  Learn a new form of art with a themed box filled with everything you need to complete amazing projects!
  • HubPlus Universal: This portable charger for both Apple AND Android is amazing! It plugs into the wall, making it super convenient.  Plus, it’ll charge up your devices with up to 4 times the juice in about half the time of a regular charger!
  • LuminAID: These packable, versatile solar tech items are incredible! The PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger is a portable solar phone charger and lantern that packs flat to 1″ thick, but expands to a full-sized lantern and solar phone charger!
  • Kafina Energy: This delicious concoction is an organic energy elixir that helps to fuel, awaken & focus you, with the healing power of plants! Ingredients include maple syrup, schisandra berry, coffee, cardamom and fenugreek seed. If you drink coffee, Monster or Red Bull – try  Kafina and you’ll LOVE it!
  • heYou Towels: These towels are too cool! They double as a travel blanket, fit two people, has pockets, and folds into an easy carry bag with a shoulder strap! The designs are super fun, and the material is extra soft and comfy!
  • Airhook: This unique in-flight and in-vehicle travel device is genius! It supports any tablet or cell phone, plus a bottle, cup or can. It’s hands-free, great for in-flight tray tables or vehicle headrests. What a convenient way to travel!

  • Cubii Jr.: This compact, under-the-desk elliptical trainer will change the way you work! While seated, you can get in your workout time and keep your body in motion, without taking the time to go to the gym! It can even track your workouts!
  • Amazing Grass: This  neat company has an effervescent line that’s perfect for gift baskets and stockings! Drop their flavored tablets into water to enhance it with flavor AND give you over 30 antioxidant superfoods plus vitamins!
  • Counter Culture: Grab toxic-free probiotic cleaners. Yep, probiotic! They proudly do NOT kill 99.9% of bacteria, but rather replace harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria (probiotics) creating a happy and healthy home. Great for ec0-friendly families!
  • Piano in a Flash: Scott Houston is an 8 time Emmy Winner, and the creator of an online piano method for adults to learn to play the piano! There are also easy to follow physical books to help you learn the proper way. If you’ve been wanting to learn to play- now you can!
  • Block Island Organics: If you wear makeup or have needy skin – this is for you! Their Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser features reship, chamomile, sunflower, burdock, avocado, olive and more. And it honestly makes your skin feel absolutely fresh, cleansing and soft!
  • Zak Designs: From kids’ character mealtime sets to durable water bottles, to great place settings and kitchen storage – Zak Designs has it ALL! All of their products are BPA-free, too, and their fun, contemporary designs can fit any taste!

  • Moxie Socks: These adorable, comfortable and functional socks are awesome! They are hand-designed novelty grip socks that are great for lounging around, doing  yoga, or wearing with your favorite shoes or boots.  And yes, they are super duper comfy!
  • Mountaineer: If the guy in your life needs a new facial haircare routine – this is the product line to start him off with! Their all natural pre-shave oil & post-shave balm make awesome stocking stuffers. The natural scents are super fresh & manly!
  • Flashion Statement: From LED dog collars to Sound Activated LED t-shirts, Flashion Statement makes flashy, LED, unique products that are sure to put a smile on every face! Plus, you can even make your own custom light up products!
  • Freaky Healer Books: Author Jacqueline really knows how to put a smile on your face! Check out her Best Selling 365 Days of Happiness book – a step-by-step guide!  And her latest – Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops – focused on enjoying parenthood more!
  • Kapro Tools: If tools are on a wishlist, make sure they are Kapro! They have the market leader in levels and measuring tools in Europe already – but it’s growing in the US now! And that’s no surprise, because they are excellent quality at great prices!
  • KNIPEX Tools These super high-quality (made in Germany!) tools for are perfect for DIY-ers. They have a complete line of crafting tools like every possible type of plier, strippers and dismantlers, tweezers, tool kits and much, much more!
  • Blenders: This is some AMAZING eyewear!  From glasses to ski goggles, every outdoor adventurer needs Blenders! Their eyewear comes with a ton of style, UV protection, and polarized lenses. Plus, they are built to last. Gift Blenders, and hear get “thank you” all year!

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