BerryCart Healthy Foods Subscription Box Review! Get Cash Back on Organic, Gluten-Free & Natural Foods!

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The Binder Ladies was sent a BerryCart Food Subscription Box to facilitate this review.

BerryCart Subscription Box Review

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always very easy. In fact, buying the foods to keep ourselves healthier can be pretty expensive!  Whether you prefer organic choices, need gluten-free options or just want some good all-natural alternatives, finding great bargains on those products seems impossible!  And what happens if you purchase something that you later realize just doesn’t meet your expectations?  That’s where BerryCart wheels in for the rescue!  BerryCart’s subscription boxes not only offer a box FULL of organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher foods and snacks, they also give you the chance to earn cash back on the full-size products in your favorite stores, for the exact same items!  On top of that awesome perk, you may even find coupons for the products in your subscription boxes, to lower the out of pocket cost, as well!

BerryCart Subscription Box Review

I (Jeni), received a BerryCart box to review.  First of all, I love that they don’t bother with a lot of fancy packaging and fluff. Inside a USPS box, were NINE natural products, all nestled nicely inside of a beautiful pink polka dot cellophane.  BerryCart figures that the more attention that’s placed on the inside of the box, the better the box will be!  I can definitely uses the cellophane for wrapping a gift later this year, too!  I was really impressed by the amount of treats I found in my box.  There are always 8-10 items in every box, and a minimum of 4 of those items will be full-sized.  This is such an amazing way to test out all of the new products that are hitting the shelves, BEFORE purchasing them in the store!

Here’s what was included in my BerryCart Subscription Box:

BerryCart Subscription Box Review

  • IPS Chips w/ Protein – 6 grams of protein are packed into these yummy corn snack made with whey and egg whites.  They offer 1/2 the fat of potato chips, but don’t taste like it!  No artificial color, flavor or preservatives are in these kosher chips that will definitely have you snacking healthy.
  • Santa Barbara Ranch World Peas  – These were a surprisingly crunchy green pea snack that offer a fun, ranch flavor, without the unhealthy additions.  These are gluten-free, cholesterol free, trans fat free and simply delicious!
  • I Heart Keenwah – I’ve never been a Quinoa fan, but these Peanut Butter Cacao, crunchy sweet snacks are SO good!!  They are naturally nutritious and have a super crunch with a chocolate drizzle on top.  I was really surprised at how much I like these!
  • Hemp Hearts – Raw shelled hemp seeds that I can sprinkle on yogurt, cereal or salad.  I got 2 of these little sample packs that offered enough in each for several uses.  They have a nutty flavor that I really enjoyed!
  • Pyure – I received 10 packets of this organic stevia sweetener that were wonderful in my iced tea!
  • Simple Squares – These organic snack bars are seriously amazing.  Made with nuts, coconut, sea salt, vanilla & honey, they are gluten-free, organic, kosher and have ZERO wheat, refined sugar, dairy and soy.  Simple ingredients gave these yummy bars exactly what you need when you get a sweet tooth.
  • Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips (Nacho) – YUM!  These corn-free, vegan, all natural chips are made with no peanuts and Non GMO all natural ingredients.  They crunch like a chip and offer 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber.
  • Kutoa Chocolate Espresso Bar – This was Kyle’s favorite.  After trying this, he ran out to buy several of these yummy bars to take with him on hikes.  They feature chia and flax seed, are gluten-free, vegan, Non GMO, have no preservatives, no added sugar and pack 6 grams of protein in each bar.  We love that Kutoa (ku-toa – Swahili for “to give”) donates a meal to a child in need for EVERY BAR purchased.  Wow!
  • Laughing Giraffe Organics Chocolate Snakaroons – These were my favorite.  This 3-pack of gluten-free, Non GMO, raw, vegan treats are super high in fiber and very nutrient rich. The best part was that they tasted just like a chocolate macaroon from my favorite bakery!

BerryCart Subscription Box Review

I also had a manufacturer’s coupon for 50¢ off Hemp Hearts, which doesn’t expire until November of this year! On top of that, when I purchase the Hemp Hearts, and use my coupon, I’ll be saving a total $1.25, because of the 75¢ cash rebate from BerryCart that I can also use!  Here’s how it works:


  • Get your BerryCart Subscription Box and download the app HEREEach month, you’ll receive 9-10 healthy new products to try out!
  • Watch for coupon in your box, so you can save money when you purchase these items in-store
  • Download the BerryCart App (Android or iPhone) so you can get cash back on the same products you received in your subscription box, and get rebates just for learning  an interesting fact about a product or its ingredients!  Snap a picture of your receipt after purchasing the items, and BerryCart will credit your account within 24 hours!  Cash out with Paypal or various gift cards.  You’ll even get a bonus rebate for fresh produce, with your offers.  The app is SUPER easy to use, and you’ll be redeeming your rebates really quickly!

BerryCart Subscription Box Review

  • The next month, you’ll receive a brand new box, packed with yummy snacks and treats to suite your healthier lifestyle!

Sound good to you?  This amazing subscription box program is more than just new treats every month.  BerryCart wants you to lead a healthier lifestyle, and eat GREAT foods while you’re doing it.  Not only that, they want to offer you new and popular products to try out, and give you great savings on those products when you buy them in-store.  What a unique and wonderful idea!  Head over HERE to check out BerryCart!




    • The Binder Ladies Reply

      Absolutely, Chloe! It’s a wonderful way to test out natural, organic and gluten-free products, without having to purchase them first!

  1. What a great way to try new things! Sometimes, I look at natural and organic snack and wonder how they taste. I don’t really like paying a lot of money for a new snack for fear I might not like it. This looks like a great option!

    • The Binder Ladies Reply

      I totally agree, Naomi! This company really puts their heart into it, too, and finds some amazing products! If you don’t like it, you’ll know not to purchase those full sized products….but you’ll still have plenty of options in your BerryCart box to try!

  2. Stephanie Keeping Reply

    These sound yummy! I personally would love to try the chips.

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