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100% Pure Beeswax Taper, Pillar, Tea Light & Votive Candles!

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I love a good candle.  They offer light and warmth, enhance ambiance, and inspire relaxation.  They can be placed in just about every room of the house. They make amazing gifts, and deliver a comforting atmosphere. Candles can do it all!  I used to love those essential oil scented candles you find everywhere…but then something changed.  I am now 100% on board with 100% Pure Beeswax Candles from Mohawk Valley Trading Company!

Why would I give up my yummy smelling candles with seasonal scents?  Because I learned about these magical, natural candles. First of all, they smell heavenly on their own – naturally!  They have a beautifully sweet and naturally warm honey scent. And because it’s natural and 100% pure, that smell lasts for the entire time the candle burns.  Plus, Mohawk Valley Trading Company beeswax is all natural, filtered, unbleached and a product of our beehives in the USA.  Their candles are hand-poured and hand-dipped with 100% cotton wicks. Yep – there’s a lot of love in these candles.

Benefits of 100% pure beeswax candles

The benefits of these natural are amazing, and numerous.  Some might even really surprise you!  In fact, once I started burning Mohawk Valley Trading Company’s candles, I don’t know if I can ever go back! Check these out:

  • Beeswax has a higher melting point than common waxes. That means it emits a brighter flame, and burns longer because the wax is so dense.
  • The slow burning beeswax means they are virtually drip-free, and when burned correctly, they are also smoke-free and soot-free.
  • They burn clean because they are 100% natural.
  • Burning beeswax can purify the air because it emits negative ions. This makes them perfect for those with sensitivities, allergies, and asthma.
  • Choosing these candles helps to support beekeepers!

Are you convinced yet?  Maybe once you see the amazing selection that Mohawk Valley Trading Company offers, you’ll realize just how versatile they are!

Types of Beeswax Candles

100% Pure Beeswax Pillar Candles
Beeswax pillar candles come in a wide range of sizes in both width and height and which will determine the burn time. Beeswax pillar candles can be burned on a flat, heat resistant surface and not in a specific candle holder, making them extremely versatile.

100% Pure Beeswax Taper Candles
Beeswax taper candles are a timeless staple in home décor and with an approximate 12 hour burn time they will provide a memorable luminance to even the longest of celebrations. Beeswax taper candles are made by either dipping or using a mold and must be placed in a specific holder to ensure that they stand straight to burn properly. Because they are one of the oldest types of candles it is easy to find a holder that will suit your needs.

100% Pure Beeswax Birthday or Celebration Candles
Beeswax birthday candles (celebration candles) are small taper candles that are usually made by dipping and sold in packs of 12. Because they are so small and have such a short bun time, there are not many candle holders made for them. Beeswax birthday candles are usually stuck into a cake to celebrate a birthday, milestone or event.

100% Pure Beeswax Menorah Candles
Beeswax Menorah Candles are larger than birthday candles but smaller than taper candles and are usually made by dipping.

100% Pure Beeswax Votive Candles
Beeswax votive candles are small free standing candles that are about 2.5 inches tall and need to be placed in a votive holder to contain the melting wax. A beeswax votive candle will burn for about 15 hours and when it has burned to the bottom of the holder, the flame will extinguish itself.

100% Pure Beeswax Tea Light Candles
Beeswax tea light candles although small, create an ambiance that is warm and inviting. They are perfect for table
settings at home and for large events such as weddings and banquets. Even in the largest of spaces, the compact candle creates an intimate glow that will not be forgotten. Beeswax tea light candles burn for about four to five hours making them a perfect addition to your relaxation time.

100% Pure Beeswax Novelty Candles
Novelty beeswax candles are striking, original, unusual or unique candle shapes that are most commonly made with molds. Although candles are meant to be burned, some novelty candles are used mainly for household adornment and not burned. Novelty candles cover a wide variety of objects such as; turkeys, pinecones, pumpkins, bears and carved eggs are just some of unique candle shapes made by candle makers.

Beeswax Candle Burning Tips

Here’s how dedicated Mohawk Valley Trading Company is to their craft of these candles – they offer amazing tips for you! From the experts in honey, honeycomb, and beeswax, these are great things to remember:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep burning candles away from pets and children.
  • Keep burning candles away from flammable materials.
  • Remove paper label from candle before lighting.
  • Burn candles only in a draft-free environment away from open windows, fans, air ducts, etc. This will help to prevent any smoking or dripping.
  • Light the candle wick from the base of the wick, where the wick comes out of the candle. This allows the
    beeswax to be absorbed into the wick.
  • Keep the wick trimmed to about 1/4″ when burning.

Switch to natural, 100% pure beeswax candles, and you’ll immediately notice a difference. No matter the shape or size, Mohawk Valley Trading Company can make it for you! Candles make beautiful gifts for the holidays. They are amazing centerpieces for your parties and gatherings. And filling a gift basket with candles really makes it so much classier.  Be sure to check out the other amazing and natural products that Mohawk Valley Trading Company offers, too!


  1. These candles are such high quality. They make a wonderful and thoughtful holiday gift

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  3. I’d love to try all of these candles! It feels as though I’d forgotten about beeswax candles, in a way— and that’s so unfortunate! I wish they would be more widely available, as they really are so nice.

  4. Tracie Cooper Reply

    I would love to try these candles! They would be perfect for holiday gifts!

  5. Oh my gosh, I have never seen anything like these! I have to try them! I love burning candles!

  6. gloria patterson Reply

    I love beeswa candles……………… they always burn so nice. All of this sounds like something I need I like all the different types

  7. Mary Gardner Reply

    These look like great quality beautiful candles. Thanks for the review.

  8. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    These are so lovely. I am a big fan of quality candles!

  9. My sister loves to burn candles — she has little lanterns and votive holders everywhere. I would love to get her a Mohawk Valley candle!

  10. While I do like my essential oils. these candles have so much going for them.

  11. I like scented candles, but beeswax candles smell so good without added scent.

  12. Let’s find good ways to help the bees survive so they can make more beeswax.

  13. Hannah Chase Reply

    I love beeswax candles. These look like really good quality candles.

  14. shelly peterson Reply

    These look like great candles. Candles make great gifts.

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